Toy Story 3 – Non-spoiler Review

To infinity, and beyond~!!!!

That’s the famous phrase from Buzz Lightyear when I first heard it in 1995..It’s already 15 years and it’s still one of the most catchy phrase till now..

I still remember it’s the first full-fledged animation movie that I have watched, Toy Story..

Well I can’t really remember what was the first installment about and all I can recall is Buzz Lightyear is a new toy in Andy’s place..That’s it..

Never mind bout Toy Story 2 coz I didn’t watch that..

First off, thanks to Kate for giving out her Nuffnang tickets and I was the beneficiary..

Toy Story 3 in 3D, I think it doesn’t really matter because I didn’t really felt much of the effect in it but I won’t restraint you from watching it..

Furthermore, before the movie starts, there’s a short film by Pixar called “Night and Day”, very interesting and enjoyable in the 3D effect..I like that short film very much..

Anyhow, the whole plot of Toy Story 3 is about Andy (toys’ owner) moving on to college life..

toy story 3
*Taken from Google Images*

Even though he’s quite grown up, got rid of some of his toys, he still kept few of his favourites, just like me..

I still have some of my old toys with me, including Transformers, M.A.S.K, StarCom, Lego, etc etc..I like my things a lot, hence all the rubbish in my room :P

Andy is contemplating whether to throw them away or keep them in the attic..

So all these talking and self-walking toys ran from Andy’s crib, thinking Andy doesn’t want them anymore and ended up in Sunnyside, with pun intended, I think..

The whole drama in Sunnyside is laughable, emotional, and, horror..Yes, no kidding, in the kid’s way, think Chucky..

Every moment of Barbie and Ken is simply hilarious, in a way or another, because we all know both of them are a couple but in the movie itself they have never met before..

toy story 3
*Taken from Google Images*

If you grew up with Barbie around you (yes for me too coz my sisters played them!) and if you roughly understand the relationship between Ken and Barbie you would totally laugh your ass off!

Buzz Lightyear showed his manly split Latino personality and he’s a great dancer too! Not to forget Mister Potato Head, damn funny moment when he’s on a piece of prata..

Who could ever forget Sheriff Woody, the supposed protagonist in Toy Story franchise..

The whole movie is about the toys having faith in their owners and the love showered from the owners to their toys and all..

I actually teared at the ending part coz it makes me think of my toys :(

Character development (not all of it) is pretty good..I love movies with decent character development..

Overall it I give it an overwhelming 9.5/10 for a fun, hilarious, and adventurous family movie that would bring back lots of flash backs of your childhood :D

It’s also a nice wrap-up for the franchise and I don’t see any reason for Pixar to come up with another sequel that might spoil the whole thing like what I feel towards Shrek 4 : Forever After..It’s good to stay what it is now..

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