Boycott BH Petrol Taman Pertama, Or Something Else?

So there was the news where a female student died in a tragic accident where her MyVi burst into flame and of course, burning her alive for being trapped in the car..

The main essence of the news is focused on the cause of the death, the BH Petrol kiosk at Taman Pertama, which is just outside my house..LOL..Okay not like outside outside..It’s nearby my house..

The NEWS goes with “A man’s desperate attempt to save a woman from her burning car was in vain because petrol kiosk attendants refused to lend him their fire extinguishers despite his pleadings.”

And so the said petrol kiosk is the BH Petrol at Taman Pertama, right further down from Taman Pertama KFC or before the Cheras Cemetery..

In this case, BH Petrol’s attendants were at fault just because they didn’t want to lend the fella (Teo Chai Yong) their fire extinguisher..

Like some letters people have wrote in to newspaper columns and all, you can say that because what you read from the newspaper is the end result so your mind is being manipulated..

I bet the attendants were doing the right thing for not opening the door despite the pleadings and all..Robbers/Thieves nowadays are very good actors..

If the news is the other way round, saying, “petrol kiosk being robbed after attendants opened door to Mat Rempits robbers after being tricked for wanting to borrow fire extinguishers”, what’s your thinking?

I bet you would be laughing and feeling angered at the same time thinking that the attendants must be stupid to believe such lies and all..Aren’t we blinded by our hypocrisy?

Rakyat has even created a Facebook page to boycott the BH Petrol station and to be honest, I dun really see cars flocking that station anymore..It’s kinda quiet..So I guess they’ve accomplished their mission?

Back to the incident, why don’t you say the fella (Teo Chai Yong) is to be blamed because there were other operating outlets as well, Shell Station and 24-hours McDonald’s for example..

Both Shell and McDonald’s is just less than 1-minute drive from that BH Petrol station..

Of course we cannot blame him because he’d tried his best to save a live but to no avail..

So who we should blame?

I must say, the authority..Our security concern is so weak that the BH Petrol’s attendants were afraid to open the door to save a live..

If only the people’s safety and security is well maintained, such incident wouldn’t have occurred..

Not to mention bout fires and all..Let’s take another example..

Just say a person trying to hitch a ride on a road side with his hand bleeding..Well he might claim that he got robbed and wanted to make a police report so he needs a lift..

Good Samaritans aside, any Malaysian with a right mind will NOT stop for the man, in fear of getting robbed instead of helping the guy..

Our fearsome mindset is being set by our beloved Government, or should I say authorities because the people’s safety are at risk!

You can’t even guarantee that you would be fine if you are at a crowded place..

Once you are surrounded by 20 Mat Rempits, you are done for..If you are a female, pray hard that you don’t get raped..

All we hear all day and all night long was policemen taking bribes, giving summons for no valid reasons, etc etc..

I know not all policemen or authorities are like that, there are bound to be some good ones but the bad ones are giving them a bad image!

Worst of all, these complains and news fallen on deaf ears..Not like actions will be taken against those who take bribes and all..

Okay bribe is another thing..What I’m trying to say is that the authorities can’t even provide a proper security to the people that the rakyat have to live in fear!

Do you feel safe even when you are walking alone in broad daylight? NO~!!! Let alone night time!

So people please, look at the broader picture and think carefully whether you are doing the right..There are more to it than what you see with your naked eyes..

Think wise :)

3 thoughts on “Boycott BH Petrol Taman Pertama, Or Something Else?

  1. yea.. no one should be blamed on this matter.. but why did fire extinguishers need to be kept inside the kiosk since they would never open the door when someone need it. fire extinguishers should be put if the petrol station on fire? will they still stay in there and think that it’s kinda drama by those robbers/thieves? just ma opinion..

  2. daphne >> owh this is actually quite interesting..what you said is true but then again, fire extinguishers in kept inside the premise because if they were to put outside, it will be stolen..

  3. yatz, agreed wit u, sharing the same thought too. wondering those criticise are willing to help anot whenever there is people asking help from them. myself…probably not :(

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