Puffy Lab – New Platform For Independent Designers

In recent years we could see more independent designers have emerged in the local fashion industry and at the same time received much attention and also support from the public..

Not to mention I’ve few friends doing pretty well in this line and there’s still a lot of room of improvement in this field especially among youngsters..

So now there’s this new platform for independent designers to showcase their work called Puffy Lab..What they have to say?

  • Puffy Lab (http://puffylab.com) is website selling tees from local designers. Designers submit their designs to us. We will then pick the design that we like, print it and distribute it in on Puffy Lab.
  • In the second version of Puffy Lab, we will let our community (designers and customers) to decide what design to be printed. In the second version, designers will submit their designs on our website. Then, our members will vote on those designs. The design with the highest number of votes will then be picked.
  • We do revenue sharing with designers. We will pay each designer up to RM1000 for each design. It depends entirely on the sale of the tees.
  • For now, we are having a launch event. Anyone who joins Puffy Lab at http://puffylab.com will have the chance to win an Awesome Red launch tee from the lucky draw (20 pieces).
  • If he/she invites more than 15 people to join Puffy Lab, he/she will get the Awesome Red launch tee.


  • If he/she invites more than 50 people to join Puffy Lab, he/she will get the Ocean Blue launch tee and VIP status for 6 months.


  • As a VIP member, he/she will be entitled for 5% discount on every item on Puffy Lab.
  • There is also an Ultimate Mystery launch tee only for the one who is on the top of the Leaderboard (bottom page of puffylab.com).
  • We need designers now. Is it possible for you to ask on your blog, if there is any designer interested on tee design, please contact us at team[at]puffylab.com.

*Design #1*

*Design #2*

Besides, once you sign up, you will be given a link where this is mine http://puffy.cc/dacBRW . Please do use it on your website, we use the link to track your invite count, so that’s how you can win/get the tees!

What are you waiting for? Join Puffy Lab and follow them on Puffy Lab Twitter and Puffy Lab Facebook now!

Shiina Ringo – Gibusu

Shiina Ringo, born Shiina Yumiko, a familiar to most Japanese-influenced people and might be a stranger to those who doesn’t really follow Japanese culture..

Not to say that I’m an avid follower of Japanese culture but I see myself as a person who knows numerous Japanese artistes from my interest of listening to anime songs..

Even I haven’t heard of Shiina Ringo until recently heard a friend sang a song of hers in Redbox and I was mesmerized..

At some extent, Shiina Ringo is considered as a cult rather than a true iconic singer such as Utada Hikaru or Ayumi Hamasaki..

Shiina Ringo‘s popularity is no less than the both said-to-be queens of pop in J-Pop, just that Shiina chose not to be in the mainstream, hence the lacked of publicity..

She’s a solo musician, singer-songwriter, and her songs have her own style..She’s also a member of Tokyo Jihen..

Most of her songs contained complex lyrics and she also used varied of instruments with each album..

No doubt she’s a “cult” in Japan and her love towards music would never stop her from producing more and more art piece that would make you go WHOA!

I bet this song, “Gibusu” (or “Gibs” in English) is a familiar piece to those who’ve heard of Shiina Ringo and is also one of Shiina’s favourites..

*Shouso Strip album cover – taken from Google Images*

“Gibusu” is taken “Shoso Strip” album, Shiina’s 2nd album, released in March 2000..

If you have some free time to spare, do head over to Shiina Ringo’s Wiki Page and have some good read..I think it’s kinda rare to have a Japanese artiste to have such long entry in Wiki..

So here’s a live video of Shiina Ringo performing “Gibusu” and “Gibusu” song lyrics..


Shiina Ringo – Gibusu

Anata wa sugu shashin wo toritagaru
Atashi wa itsumo sore wo iyagaru no
Datte shashin ni natchaeba atashi ga furuku naru ja nai

Anata wa sugu ni zettai nado to iu
Atashi wa itsumo sore wo iyagaru no
Datte samete shimatchaeba sore sura uso ni naru ja nai

Don’t you think? I wana be with you

Koko ni ite zutto zutto zutto
Ashita no koto wa wakaranai
Dakara gyutto shite ite ne
Gyutto shite ite ne daarin

Anata wa sugu ni ijikete misetagaru
Atashi wa itsumo sore wo yorokobu no
Datte kaato mitai dakara atashi ga kootonii ja nai

Don’t you think? I wana be with you

Soba ni kite motto motto motto
Kinou no koto wa wasurechaou
Soshite gyutto shite ite ne
Gyutto shite ite ne daarin

Mata shigatsu ga kita yo
Onaji hi no koto wo omoidashite

Don’t you think? I wana be with you

Koko ni ite zutto zutto zutto
Ashita no koto wa wakaranai
Dakara gyutto shite ite ne
I wana be with you
Soba ni kite motto motto motto
Kinou no koto wa wasurechaou
Soshite gyutto shite ite ne
Gyutto shite ite ne daarin

Toy Story 3 – Non-spoiler Review

To infinity, and beyond~!!!!

That’s the famous phrase from Buzz Lightyear when I first heard it in 1995..It’s already 15 years and it’s still one of the most catchy phrase till now..

I still remember it’s the first full-fledged animation movie that I have watched, Toy Story..

Well I can’t really remember what was the first installment about and all I can recall is Buzz Lightyear is a new toy in Andy’s place..That’s it..

Never mind bout Toy Story 2 coz I didn’t watch that..

First off, thanks to Kate for giving out her Nuffnang tickets and I was the beneficiary..

Toy Story 3 in 3D, I think it doesn’t really matter because I didn’t really felt much of the effect in it but I won’t restraint you from watching it..

Furthermore, before the movie starts, there’s a short film by Pixar called “Night and Day”, very interesting and enjoyable in the 3D effect..I like that short film very much..

Anyhow, the whole plot of Toy Story 3 is about Andy (toys’ owner) moving on to college life..

toy story 3
*Taken from Google Images*

Even though he’s quite grown up, got rid of some of his toys, he still kept few of his favourites, just like me..

I still have some of my old toys with me, including Transformers, M.A.S.K, StarCom, Lego, etc etc..I like my things a lot, hence all the rubbish in my room :P

Andy is contemplating whether to throw them away or keep them in the attic..

So all these talking and self-walking toys ran from Andy’s crib, thinking Andy doesn’t want them anymore and ended up in Sunnyside, with pun intended, I think..

The whole drama in Sunnyside is laughable, emotional, and, horror..Yes, no kidding, in the kid’s way, think Chucky..

Every moment of Barbie and Ken is simply hilarious, in a way or another, because we all know both of them are a couple but in the movie itself they have never met before..

toy story 3
*Taken from Google Images*

If you grew up with Barbie around you (yes for me too coz my sisters played them!) and if you roughly understand the relationship between Ken and Barbie you would totally laugh your ass off!

Buzz Lightyear showed his manly split Latino personality and he’s a great dancer too! Not to forget Mister Potato Head, damn funny moment when he’s on a piece of prata..

Who could ever forget Sheriff Woody, the supposed protagonist in Toy Story franchise..

The whole movie is about the toys having faith in their owners and the love showered from the owners to their toys and all..

I actually teared at the ending part coz it makes me think of my toys :(

Character development (not all of it) is pretty good..I love movies with decent character development..

Overall it I give it an overwhelming 9.5/10 for a fun, hilarious, and adventurous family movie that would bring back lots of flash backs of your childhood :D

It’s also a nice wrap-up for the franchise and I don’t see any reason for Pixar to come up with another sequel that might spoil the whole thing like what I feel towards Shrek 4 : Forever After..It’s good to stay what it is now..

Glutinous Rice Dumpling aka Ham Yuk Chung For Dragon Boat Festival

Okay I have no idea what Dragon Boat Festival is and all I know is there is a Dragon Boat Festival/Competition going on at Putrajaya every year..

Little did I know this Dragon Boat Festival thingy is actually related to the Tuen Ng Jit (???) and of course zongzi, the “rice dumpling festival”..

For all I can remember there’s no publicity on anywhere on printed media, online media, social media, or any kind of media..

Suddenly in 2010 everyone and everywhere is talking bout Dragon Boat Festival and indirectly linking it with “rice dumpling festival”, instead of the Dragon Boat Festival in Putrajaya :P

Anyway, back to glutinous rice dumpling (ham yuk chung)..Found a pack of ham yuk chung in the fridge and I’ve decided to steam it for supper..

glutinous rice dumpling ham yuk chung
*Glutinous rice dumpling aka ham yuk chung*

For someone with big appetite like me, one dumpling is never enough..As the saying goes, two is better than one :D

glutinous rice dumpling ham yuk chung
*Drop it like it’s hot*

Instead of really steaming the dumplings, boiling them in the hot-boiling water is more efficient than steam..

Steam is a bit waste of time for a quick supper and boiling a nicely wrapped ham yuk chung is never a problem..It doubles or even triples to speed!

One might thought that water might get inside or the leaves might fall off and all but rest assure that it’s very safe to boil the dumplings..

glutinous rice dumpling ham yuk chung
*Hot-boiled glutinous rice dumpling*

Boil for about 10-minutes (or any time depend on your preference), poke with chopsticks to check if it’s good to eat..

glutinous rice dumpling ham yuk chung

Once you have opened the leaves, you can’t throw it back into the pot of boiling water because it will ruin your dumpling..

Take one out at a time so that you can reheat or keep the second one hot if your first dumpling isn’t hot enough..

By the way, turn off or lower down the level of the stove when you are eating the first one..Save gas!

glutinous rice dumpling ham yuk chung

A home made glutinous rice dumpling is always good because of the generous amount of fillings..This one was done by my sister’s boyfriend’s mom..

Instead of the usual pork meat and lard and mushrooms, generous amount of chicken meat and floss and lots of shrimps is used..It’s pretty good too..

glutinous rice dumpling ham yuk chung

Now when you’ve finished the first one, second dumpling is still hot when you take it out from the hot-boiling water..

Here’s a bit of Dragon Boat Festival facts from Wiki..

Tuen Ng commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan..He was a loyal minister serving the King of Chu during the Warring States Period in the third century BCE..

Initially his sovereign favored Qu Yuan, but over time, his wisdom and erudite ways antagonized other court officials..

As a result Qu Yuan was accused of trumped-up charges of conspiracy and ejected by his sovereign..During his exile, Qu Yuan composed many poems to express his anger and sorrow towards his sovereign and people..

In the year 278 BCE, at the age of 37, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the Milo River..He clasped a heavy stone to his chest and leaped into the water..

Knowing that Qu Yuan was a righteous man, the people of Chu rushed to the river to try to save him..The people desperately searched the waters in their boats looking for Qu Yuan but were unsuccessful in their attempt to rescue him..

Every year the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated to commemorate this attempt at rescuing Qu Yuan..

When it was known that Qu Yuan had been lost forever, the local people began the tradition of throwing sacrificial cooked rice into the river for their lost hero..

Here’s the full page of Duanwu Festival (Tuen Ng Jit)..

Have a great ham yuk chung everyone! :D

SONY Music Facebook Page

I’m not much of a radio listener nowadays after I’ve gotten my FM Modulator, a bit of CDs, and of course Youtube..So in a way I’m pretty much disconnected from current hits and top-chart songs..

I’m more of an “oldies” guy but not like very old songs like Elvis Presley and the likes but something of my era, the 80′s and 90′s where rock and alternative bands just entered the mainstream and boy bands were controlling the whole world!

You can check out the some of my favourites which I’ve blogged about in my Lyrics & Musics category..

It’s not the end of the world if you are not listening to the radio (which I know plenty of my friends don’t!), all thanks to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, for example..

I would say so far the most interactive Malaysian-based music company in using social media tools is Sony Music Malaysia..

Sony Music Malaysia has its Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage..

Well if you think that nothing is free in this world, you are wrong, in this case..

Just hover around Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage when you are free and you might stumble upon freebies give away!

Sony Music MY Facebook Fanpage have weekly prizes includes CDs, premiums, movie tickets, movie premiums, showcase passes and even “Meet & Greet” passes..

I’ve got CDs like Kasabian and Chris Brown from Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, and also showcase passes to Kris Allen’s Showcase @The Gardens..

kris allen showcase the gardens

If you have been following my blog for the past couple of months you would have noticed that I had been giving Glee merchandises, the note book and folder..


All this merchandise I got it from Sony Music and good thing is SONY Music not only giving out Glee merchandises, but many more!

Here’s another catch..If you write a blog entry about this Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage, you’ll get to win 2 complimentary CDs of your choice courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia..

YES! Any CD of you choice but of course CDs from Sony Music and not from others ;)

Here’s a list of artistes under Sony Music umbrella if you need some references, Sony Music Artistes Wiki Page..

They have Alicia Keys, Boys Like Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Dido, Flow (Japan), John Mayer, Kat Deluna, Ken Hirai (Japan – OMG I want this!), L’Arc~en~Ciel (Japan – OMFG I want this too!), Lin Yu Chun (Taiwan), Rainie Yang (Taiwan), Tata Young (Thailand), Yui (Japan), and a long list of artistes from Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US, UK, and many more !

Oh, it’s not copy-paste of my blog post but something of your own, something from yourself that shows you really like to be in the community of Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage to win freebies and all..

Once you have done that please leave your blog entry’s hyperlink/permalink in this entry’s comment section or in my blog (not the Sony Facebook Fanpage) and a VALID e-mail so that Sony Music Malaysia can contact you regarding your CDs..

And please, be a fan or “like” the Fanpage first before you go any further ;) All the best in getting freebies and so far, I’M LOVING IT!

Sorry “contest” is closed..Thanks for your participation :D

Boycott BH Petrol Taman Pertama, Or Something Else?

So there was the news where a female student died in a tragic accident where her MyVi burst into flame and of course, burning her alive for being trapped in the car..

The main essence of the news is focused on the cause of the death, the BH Petrol kiosk at Taman Pertama, which is just outside my house..LOL..Okay not like outside outside..It’s nearby my house..

The NEWS goes with “A man’s desperate attempt to save a woman from her burning car was in vain because petrol kiosk attendants refused to lend him their fire extinguishers despite his pleadings.”

And so the said petrol kiosk is the BH Petrol at Taman Pertama, right further down from Taman Pertama KFC or before the Cheras Cemetery..

In this case, BH Petrol’s attendants were at fault just because they didn’t want to lend the fella (Teo Chai Yong) their fire extinguisher..

Like some letters people have wrote in to newspaper columns and all, you can say that because what you read from the newspaper is the end result so your mind is being manipulated..

I bet the attendants were doing the right thing for not opening the door despite the pleadings and all..Robbers/Thieves nowadays are very good actors..

If the news is the other way round, saying, “petrol kiosk being robbed after attendants opened door to Mat Rempits robbers after being tricked for wanting to borrow fire extinguishers”, what’s your thinking?

I bet you would be laughing and feeling angered at the same time thinking that the attendants must be stupid to believe such lies and all..Aren’t we blinded by our hypocrisy?

Rakyat has even created a Facebook page to boycott the BH Petrol station and to be honest, I dun really see cars flocking that station anymore..It’s kinda quiet..So I guess they’ve accomplished their mission?

Back to the incident, why don’t you say the fella (Teo Chai Yong) is to be blamed because there were other operating outlets as well, Shell Station and 24-hours McDonald’s for example..

Both Shell and McDonald’s is just less than 1-minute drive from that BH Petrol station..

Of course we cannot blame him because he’d tried his best to save a live but to no avail..

So who we should blame?

I must say, the authority..Our security concern is so weak that the BH Petrol’s attendants were afraid to open the door to save a live..

If only the people’s safety and security is well maintained, such incident wouldn’t have occurred..

Not to mention bout fires and all..Let’s take another example..

Just say a person trying to hitch a ride on a road side with his hand bleeding..Well he might claim that he got robbed and wanted to make a police report so he needs a lift..

Good Samaritans aside, any Malaysian with a right mind will NOT stop for the man, in fear of getting robbed instead of helping the guy..

Our fearsome mindset is being set by our beloved Government, or should I say authorities because the people’s safety are at risk!

You can’t even guarantee that you would be fine if you are at a crowded place..

Once you are surrounded by 20 Mat Rempits, you are done for..If you are a female, pray hard that you don’t get raped..

All we hear all day and all night long was policemen taking bribes, giving summons for no valid reasons, etc etc..

I know not all policemen or authorities are like that, there are bound to be some good ones but the bad ones are giving them a bad image!

Worst of all, these complains and news fallen on deaf ears..Not like actions will be taken against those who take bribes and all..

Okay bribe is another thing..What I’m trying to say is that the authorities can’t even provide a proper security to the people that the rakyat have to live in fear!

Do you feel safe even when you are walking alone in broad daylight? NO~!!! Let alone night time!

So people please, look at the broader picture and think carefully whether you are doing the right..There are more to it than what you see with your naked eyes..

Think wise :)