Gleefully Giving Away Glee Folders

It’s quite a gleeful time isn’t it?

First you got to watch the series on TV..Then I was giving away a Glee notebook not long ago..Just last week, RA had a Glee Dance Flashmob thingy at The Gardens..

After we have Glee : The Music (Volume 1), now we have Glee : The Music (Volume 2)..

*Glee : The Music Season One (Volume 2)*

I pretty much like the Volume 1 and so what do we have in Volume 2?

1. Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)
2. Endless Love – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross
3. I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
4. Don’t Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl – The Police
5. Crush – Jennifer Paige
6. (You’re) Having My Baby – Paul Anka and Odia Coates
7. Lean on Me – Bill Withers
8. Don’t Make Me Over – Dionne Warwick
9. Imagine – John Lennon
10. True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
11. Jump – Van Halen
12. Smile – Lily Allen
13. Smile – Charlie Chaplin
14. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – Jennifer Holiday
15. Don’t Rain On My Parade – Barbra Streisand
16. You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones
17. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

So that’s the list of the compilation album and its songs and their original singers..

As usual, Glee casts would be covering those songs and I bet it would be great..

In conjunction with this Volume 2 album, Sony Music Malaysia and Starworld is giving me the honor to give away 5 exclusive Glee folders..

*Glee Folder #1*

*Glee Folder – front*

*Glee Folder – back*

How to win it? Easy..

Pick a Glee character and tell me why is he/she your favourite character..

Most creative comment(s) wins! Give me your shot with everything you have..There’s NO word limit, say all you want..

Although there’s no word limit but there’s a dateline..Submit it before tonight, Saturday, 15th May 2010, 11:59pm..

Yes, you only have time until tonight before the needle strikes midnight..So be quick and creative..

Anything after that will not be entertained..Everything is final..Make sure you are residing in Malaysia..

Owh, don’t forget to include your (valid) email address, blog address (if any) and twitter handle (if any)..

Just like the Glee notebook give away, make sure you “Like” the Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fanpage and submit your name as of your Facebook name as well..

i.e – Comment – Aku Hensem..Facebook display name – Aku Hensem..

It’s as easy as that..

So good luck to all of you out there..Remember the dateline! :D

Robin Hood 2010 Review – Non Spoiler

Robin Hood, from my understanding of Mr. Robin is that he’s an outlaw hero..He robs from the rich and helps the poor..

That’s all I know about Mr. Robin Hood..Owh, not to forget he’s good in archery and he stays in the forest..

If I’ve watched Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) that might help a bit but unfortunately I didn’t watch the whole thing..So I know nothing about it..

The new Robin Hood (2010), actor Russell Crowe team-up again with director Ridley Scott (they did it for Gladiator) and I bet most people expect something as epic as Gladiator..

*Taken from*

Honestly, I didn’t watch the whole movie of Gladiator so I wasn’t expecting any epicness from Robin Hood..

Read some reviews on papers and it’s said that this Robin Hood movie is the one with the oldest pair-up of Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) and Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), age 46 and 41 respectively..

*Robin Longstride and Lady Marion – taken from*

Statistics aside, I was quite anticipated when I was watching the trailers before the movie started..Movie ticket thanks to UIP..And so the movie started, so am I with a bit of story-telling..

Being an ancient-background movie, set in the late 12th century England, we can expect a lot of knights with steel chains and armors and wielding swords and shields..

*Taken from*

The script is somewhat humorous ala Pirates of The Caribbean, which I don’t really find it amusing but I don’t hate it..

Plot wise, I like it a lot because it depicts the life of Robin Longstride on how he became the legendary Robin Hood..

Well, I’m a history kinda person so yeah..King Richard the Lionheart, check..Robin Hood, check..Battle of the knights, check..

So if you enter the cinema thinking you already know who is Robin Hood, I guess you better think twice..

*Taken from*

The climax, expect a lot of Legolas (LOTR) shooting arrows..Okay, not that many but it’s part of the story-telling of Robin Longstride’s highly skilled archery..So you’ll still see quite a number of it..

Other than that, it also depicts the unification of the English knights when Phillip of France attacked England..And of course why Robin Hood is exiled in the forest..

Although the story is a bit slow-pace but it’s my type of movie..I like drama..LOL~!!

By the way, from the look of the ending, I’m expecting a sequel from it..Well I can’t be sure and I’m just speculating..

I would give it a 7/10 because I like the plot but minus the epic..But then again, it’s just me..

Like how people like Pirates of The Caribbean but I’ve never liked it..So yeah, watch it and rate it yourself ;)

FLOW – Sign

FLOW, a Japanese rock band which is no stranger to anime fans, for their contributions in opening and ending songs of a few anime including Naruto and Code Geass..

The group’s base started off in 1993 with two brothers Koshi (elder, vocals) and Take (younger, guitar) began playing music..

They then joined by Keigo (vocals) and Goto (bass) in 1998, and Iwasaki (drums) in 2000..

Their notable songs include “Go!!” (Naruto 4th OP), “Days” (Eureka Seven 1st OP), and “Colors” (Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion 1st OP)..

“Sign”, Naruto Shippuden’s 6th opening, is quite an energetic song just like their other singles..

If you watch Naruto Shippuden, the opening clip of the anime for this song is quite thrilling and it’s also where Jiraiya died in the battle against Pain..

Where as the music video for the song itself, the concept of light-painting is being used in the simple video..

So here is FLOW’s “Sign” music video and also lyrics..

*FLOW – Sign, Naruto Shippuden Opening Clip*

*FLOW – Sign, Music Video (Promotional Video)*

FLOW – Sign

I realize the screaming pain
Hearing loud in my brain
But I’m going straight ahead, with the scar

(Can you hear me) x3
(So am I)

Wasurete shimaeba ii yo kanjinakunacchaeba ii
Surimuita kokoro ni futa o shitanda

Kizutsuitatte heikidayo mou itami wa nai kara ne
Sono ashi o hikizuri nagara mo

Jibun jishin ga
Oto o tatete

Kizukeba kaze no oto dake ga

Tsutaeni kitayo kizuato tadotte
Sekai ni oshitsubusarete shimau mae ni
Oboeterukara namida no sora o
Ano itami ga kimi no koto o mamotte kureta
Sono itami ga itsumo kimi o mamotterunda

(Can you hear me)
(So am I)

Kizutsukanai tsuyosa yori mo
Kizutsukenai yasashisa o
Sono koe wa dokoka kanashisoude

Botan mitai ni
Kokoro karada
Mou ichido kokoro o tsukande

Tsutaeni kitayo kizuato tadotte
Sekai ni oshitsubusarete shimau mae ni
Oboeterukara namida no sora o
Ano itami ga kimi no koto o mamotte kureta
Sono itami ga itsumo kimi o mamotterunda

(Can you hear me) x7
(So am I)

Ano nakigoe wa
Machigainaku sou
Jibun nodatta

Subete wa kono toki no tame ni

Kitto hajime kara wakkatetanda
Mou ni do to jibun dake wa hanasanaide

Kizuite kureta
Kimi he no aizu
Ano itami ga kimi no koto o mamottekureta

Tsutae ni kitayo kizuato tadotte
Sore nara mou osoreru mono wa naindatto
Wasurenaidene egao no wake o

Ano itami ga kimi no koto o mamottekureta
Ano itami ga kimi no koto o mamottekureta
Sono itami ga itsumo kimi o mamotterunda

(Can you hear me) x3
(So am I)

Theobroma Chocolate “Sweet Essentials” Campaign @ The Curve

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge recently culminated their very own campaign Theobroma “Sweet Essentials” Campaign which ran from 1st of December 2009 till 31st of January 2010..

theobroma chocolate lounge the curve

The “Sweet Essentials” campaign was jointly supported by PrimaNora Medical Centre and managed to raise RM20,000 for the Pride Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhance breast cancer awareness and improving accessibility to treatmeant and care amongst Malaysian women..

Throughout the campaign period, RM1 from every transaction made at all Theobroma Chocolate Lounge outlets was being accumulated to be donated to the Pride Foundation..

theobroma chocolate lounge the curve
*Datin Azrene Abdullah and Ms Chi Oi Meng*

Executive chairperson of Hing Yiap Group Berhad, Ms Chi Oi Meng announced the figure and presented the cheque to Pride Foundation chairperson Datin Azrene Abdullah..

theobroma chocolate lounge the curve
*Salina & Associates PR too contribute RM2,000*

Salina & Associates PR also jumped on the wagon and contributed RM2,000 to Pride Foundation in support of breast cancer awareness..

theobroma chocolate lounge the curve
*Customize our own crepe*

Apart from the cheque presentation ceremony, Theobroma Chocolate Lounge also treated the guests with their latest menu and also to a chance to customize our very own crepes..

We got to choose the ingredients, such as chocolate chips and strawberry, to go with the crepe..

Continue on to see Felicia had her hands on the pan to make the crepe and something new in their menu..

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A Quick Double Roti Telur Lunch

If you are a full-time student having holiday a.k.a semester break like me (a week ago), most of the time you’ll sleep very late, or perhaps VERY early in the morning..

As a result, waking up a bit too late for lunch coz day-time stalls/shops close around 3-4pm and night-time  stalls/shops haven’t fully operating yet, some not until 5pm..

Even if you still haven’t eaten your lunch at 5pm, something big portioned is not too good coz it’s nearing to dinner time already..

What’s the best lunch when this situation kicks in? Double roti telur from a nearby mamak stall is good enough..

roti telur
*Two pieces of roti telur*

You can make it double roti telur or a piece of roti telur and a piece of roti kosong..

It’s good enough to hold you til dinner at about 7-8pm..

The Final Friday Performance By The International College of Music (ICOM)

Are you a fan of music, especially local talents? Well I am one..I like local music, started way back to my Primary school time where OAG and Butterfingers pioneered the local scene..

Not to mention I’m in love with contemporary and classical after watching Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile..

Now that local talents are diversified and in abundance, it’s good to see them taking a step further like how homegrown talent Zee Avi did with her ukulele..

The International College of Music is offering you some of its best talents in The Final Friday Performance on 7th May 2010, 4pm at ICOM’s Recital Hall..


The Final Friday Performance, a finals among the finalists for Friday Performances which is held on Friday weekly in every semester..

It’s a culture that has begun many years back in ICOM and now it has became a Tradition..

icom the final friday performance

The Finals is a competition among the weekly winners through the semester..

The 9 finalists are Irma Seleman, Feri Lau Widjaja Bong, Jesica Yap,Terry Tim, Eugene Yeo Yu Chuan, Cliff Wong, Kelly Phoon and Khoay Vern Hanz..They’ve made it to the finals thus the competition is now amongst the best..

Now a little bit of intro of the musicians..All photos courtesy of ICOM from Joanna Marie Gough..

The performance is proudly sponsored by Nokia and Star Mount Studio..Do check out their Facebook Event Page..

icom the final friday performance
*Irma Seleman – Vocalist*

This young lass hails from Penang and she’s a vocalist..Her style of R&B and Funk music style is influenced by the great vocalists such as Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige, Rachell Farrell, and many more..

She sings a lot for public gigs in cafes/pubs, numerous of weddings and corporate events too..

Experience wise, Irma was a sessionist for one of the Malaysian’s Vocal Group ‘Quadrose’, performed for Tan Sri Ahmad Merican’s 81st birthday, and sang at the F1 cocktail party 2009..

She was involved in one of the reality show for TV3 which is Mentor 3 as a back up vocalist for both Fira’s semi final and final round..She did session as a back up vocalist for Malaysian band ‘One Buck  Shot’ at Hennessy Artistry 2009 (HALO) Party..

Title of Song to be performed : Getaway by Earth Wind & Fire
Genre of Music : Funk

Read on to find out who are the other 8 musicians and how to get to ICOM at the end of the entry if you don’t know the place..

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