Shrek The Final Chapter 3D : Forever After – Non Spoiler

Shrek franchise is back and in its Final Chapter called Shrek The Final Chapter : Forever After..

Was telling some friends that I was going to watch Shrek 4, most of them went “What Shrek 4?? it’s the 3rd only right??”..

Even I got confused myself after..One thing for sure, I could remember the trilogy has finished and I was surprised when I saw the trailer for Forever After..


And so, it’s confirmed it’s the 4th instalment and perhaps the last one in Shrek franchise..

To be honest, I’ve never really sat down and watch the first 2 Shrek movies before, where the first two movies said to be the most successful in its franchise, let alone the 3rd one..

Shrek The Final Chapter is about Shrek living happily with Princess Fiona and their 3 children..

For Shrek being an ogre, he’s not used to the peaceful life of the fairy tales and nursery rhymes where the “live happily ever after” quote is applied..

So Shrek wanted to experience his ogre-life once again and that’s where Rumplestilskin (or just Rumple) comes into play..


And so the main plot starts from Shrek trying to get his life back, in a way or another..Hehe..

I’ve watched this Forever After in 3D (thanks to UIP), unfortunately I couldn’t really feel much of the 3D effect..Or maybe I was expecting too much? It’s my second 3D movie anyway, first one being How To Train Your Dragon..

I can’t really compare this with the first 3 since I’ve never really watched those but as Shrek is concerned, it’s always a good family movie..

I would rate it at 7/10..See for youself for your own rating ;)

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