Street Photography – Jalan Ipoh

Two weeks ago went for a bit of so-called street photography session with the Alpha kaki comprising Wingz, Ho, and Tony..

Attended a Sony Alpha so-called workshop and our assignment was street photography, themed KL something something..Forgotten already..

So out we went shooting..Well, not something great or creative or unique because we were kinda lazy..

jalan ipoh

DBKL or not, I bet the people didn’t really feel their authority presence..

jalan ipoh
*Jalan Ipoh*

Was waiting for an empty street but it’s almost impossible on a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh
*Traffic congestion*

I guess it’s quite a norm, what’s more a Saturday morning..

jalan ipoh

Is it JT or something else? I’ve forgotten what does the JT stands for, for I know it won’t be Justin Timberlake nor John Terry :P

jalan ipoh
*Use the pedestrian bridge*

Use the pedestrian bridge or pedestrian crossing is always the better choice but in Malaysia, we do it the Malaysian way!

jalan ipoh
*A home*

Don’t you feel grateful albeit wherever you are living now?

jalan ipoh

And that wrapped up our lazy street photography..LOL..We only walked around the same area for not more than one hour I guess..

Yes indeed it was a very lazy one, but it’s good enough for me to get my gears working again..

The Cure – Lullaby Acoustic Version

The Cure, and English rock band formed Crawley, West Sussex in 1976..Their debut album “Three Imaginary Boys” was released in 1979..

That album had placed them as part of post-punk and New Wave movements in the pioneers of punk rock revolution in the UK..

Their current remaining members are the one and only constant member frontman Robert Smith (guitars), Porl Thompson (guitars, keyboards), Simon Gallup (bass, keyboards), and Jason Cooper (drums, percussion)..

Yes! The rock band is still around rocking the music scene..

The Cure has been tagged somewhat one of the pioneers in gothic rock and even alternative rock, before the latter broken into mainstream..

“Lullaby”, one of the most famous songs from their goth-influenced album “Disintegration” (1989), sounds quite dark and gloomy yet the tune is quite mellow..

From the original music video, it can be seen that the theme is so dark and all, and you can also see the gothic make-up on the band members, looking like Joker ala Heath Ledger..

Although both album and acoustic versions sounds almost alike, personally, I find the acoustic version of “Lullaby” quite addictive and actually nicer than the original album version..

Here’s The Cure‘s Lullaby lyrics and music video of both original MTV and acoustic version..

*The Cure – Lullaby, Original MTV*

*The Cure – Lullaby, Acoustic Version*

The Cure – Lullaby

On candystripe legs spiderman comes
Softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
Looking for the victim shivering in bed
Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and
Suddenly! a movement in the corner of the
Room! and there is nothing i can do when i
Realise with freight that the spiderman is having
Me for dinner tonight

Quietly he laughs and shaking his head creeps
Closer now closer to the foot of the bed and
Softer than shadow and quicker than flies his
Arms are all around me and his tongue in my
Eyes “be still be calm be quiet now my precious
Boy don’t struggle like that or i will only love
You more for it’s much too late to get away or
Turn on

Instant Noodles – PAMA Kua Teaw Segera

Instant noodles are my best friends during the midnight..

PAMA Kua Teaw Segera is definitely one of my favorite brands and flavors..Other than the Kua Teaw (Kuey Teow) PAMA also have Vermicelli (Bihun/Mihun/Mee Hoon), which is the only Bihun that I would buy..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*PAMA Kua Teaw Segera*

It’s not the clear chicken soup kinda flavor..It has curry powder to be added on..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*The finer kuey teow*

This kuey teow is of course firmer than those kuey teow you usually had for fish ball noodles or pork noodles..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*Hot boiling kuey teow and curry powder*

This kuey teow is almost same like vermicelli, you don’t have to cook it for too long if you want the firm texture to stay..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera
*Smooth slurpy kuey teow*

Add an egg into the noodles is a must for most of my instant noodles supper..

instant noodles pama kua teaw segera

Now you know you just have to try this, if you don’t dislike vermicelli :D

MASTravel Facebook Fanpage 1st Anniversary @ M.O.S Euphoria, Sunway

Few weeks back, MASTravel organized a birthday bash for its Facebook Fanpage at MOS Euphoria in Sunway..

It was quite a big event with performances by local artistes including Joe Flizzow, One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Altimet, Deja Voodoo Spells, and also Joanna & Co..

It’s been already 1 year since MASTravel launched their Facebook Fanpage with lots of goodies to be won, as well as low fare tickets to grab..And it’s time to celebrate their success..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria ruirui
*Me and Ruirui*

Brought Ruirui as my guest and of course the few regulars were there too, include Kristine, Flora, Wingz, Hsu Jen, and Wenpink..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria joanna & co
*Joanna & Co*

Joanna & Co kicked start the event with their mellow yet energetic songs..The one and only female artiste of the night..Hehe..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria one buck short
*One Buck Short*

Next was One Buck Short, been in the music industry for some time and have gained successes in the local scene..One of the many local bands that I like :D

mastravel facebook mos euphoria altimet
*MC Altimet*

Altimet, a member of Teh Tarik Crew gave his best and it was a very entertaining one..Love his lovey-dovey rap songs talk about slice of life and Malaysian culture..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria deja voodoo spells
*Deja Voodoo Spells*

Deja Voodoo Spells, one of the hard rock outfits in Malaysia and they were indeed rocking the house down! Their instrumental piece was kinda euphoric and their cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was rocking too..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria joe flizzow
*Joe Flizzow the Mr President*

Joe Flizzow made the crowd moved with his “Bergerak” and also a cover of “Isabella”, in hip-hop style..

mastravel facebook mos euphoria pop shuvit
*Pop Shuvit*

Last but not least, one of the most successful Malaysian bands playing abroad, Pop Shuvit, closed the curtain with their “Marabahaya”..

It was quite a rare scene to see so many top notch local artistes together in an event and it’s FREE~!!! Well let Rock The World alone coz you have to pay for it..LOL..

Kinda enjoyed myself and I didn’t have to push around and they gave out so many freebies including air tickets to abroad, including Bali, Phnom Penh, and few more destinations..

Though I didn’t won any but I’m looking forward for more low fare tickets! :D

Shrek The Final Chapter 3D : Forever After – Non Spoiler

Shrek franchise is back and in its Final Chapter called Shrek The Final Chapter : Forever After..

Was telling some friends that I was going to watch Shrek 4, most of them went “What Shrek 4?? it’s the 3rd only right??”..

Even I got confused myself after..One thing for sure, I could remember the trilogy has finished and I was surprised when I saw the trailer for Forever After..


And so, it’s confirmed it’s the 4th instalment and perhaps the last one in Shrek franchise..

To be honest, I’ve never really sat down and watch the first 2 Shrek movies before, where the first two movies said to be the most successful in its franchise, let alone the 3rd one..

Shrek The Final Chapter is about Shrek living happily with Princess Fiona and their 3 children..

For Shrek being an ogre, he’s not used to the peaceful life of the fairy tales and nursery rhymes where the “live happily ever after” quote is applied..

So Shrek wanted to experience his ogre-life once again and that’s where Rumplestilskin (or just Rumple) comes into play..


And so the main plot starts from Shrek trying to get his life back, in a way or another..Hehe..

I’ve watched this Forever After in 3D (thanks to UIP), unfortunately I couldn’t really feel much of the 3D effect..Or maybe I was expecting too much? It’s my second 3D movie anyway, first one being How To Train Your Dragon..

I can’t really compare this with the first 3 since I’ve never really watched those but as Shrek is concerned, it’s always a good family movie..

I would rate it at 7/10..See for youself for your own rating ;)

Launch of Delicious Times & D’lish New Menu @ D’lish, Bangsar Village 1

D’lish, one of the restaurants under the Delicious Group umbrella – including Delicious, Reunion, and Delicious Ingredients -is somewhat a fast-food concept joint where you get to have a quick meal if you are in a hurry..

Instead of dine-in like in Delicious and others, D’lish has cooked food to be taken away..


Delicious Group is now introducing their very first issue of its own in-house magazine, Delicious Times, an issue every quarter of they ear..

Delicious Times aims to appeal to a wide variety of readers by featuring a broad range of topics guaranteed to be of interest to its base of sophisticated customers..

Its maiden issue boasts an array of articles on culinary experiences, emerging trends and sensations and up-to-date information relevant to KL-lites..

Delicious Times stands out with its tastefully written feature articles accompanied by lush use of color, sharp design and layouts..

*Chef in action*

Of course bakery is not the only thing on their shelf..They are introducing new menu and it has quite a variety..

Chef Ravi and Chef Mimi injected some new and refreshing flavors to the menu, namely Spanish, Greek, and Middle Eastern inspired delectable dishes..

Their new signature dishes include salt beef and ox tongue sandwiches, roast lamb, and mint salad..A new dedicated dinner menu is also served from 6pm daily..

The sausages and burgers are pretty nice to my liking..The steaks were pretty good too but I was a bit too full after that..


*L>R – Jessy, Me, Carole, Mike (back), Leonardo (front), Joshua*

They even had a frame section for some syok sendiri moment for the guests..So we had a few too, and had them printed out on A3 sheets..

It’s an interesting and simple concept..I like the “frame” thingy..Other guests can’t get enough of it..