Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge 2009 – SS1

Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge is a 2-days event where the first day is somewhat a qualifying day..

By getting through all six SS (so-called circuit) without getting disqualified, participating team would get to take on the real challenge, going up Larut Hill..

There were about 22 teams or so participated in 2009..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak suzuki vitara oris
*Oris Ladies Team*

So the starting point was at Taiping Lake Gardens where the participating teams got to exhibit their cars to the public..

Well I kid you not, there were lots of people there early in the morning especially families..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*A classic MG TD2000 car*

This classic MG TD2000 car is owned by one of the organizers..It’s quite an eye-catching car especially when it’s in red color..

I have no worries looking at this car being driven around in Taiping but absolutely no in KL..I don’t think it’s a good idea for driving a convertible car in crime-prone KL..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Mitsubishi Storm*

One of the Mitsubishi Storms in this challenge..Some cars looked so nice just like a new car where some others look rugged due to dirt and mud..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*The Ng Family*

This is Wilson‘s family, from his parents to his wife to his younger sister and husband..All of them are rooting for the Oris Ladies Team..

Read on for more photos..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Me and Toyota Hilux from Thailand*

This is one of 2 teams came all the way from Thailand..

I heard they were the champions back in their homeland and that they were sponsored by their Government to participate in the challenge, or something like that..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Mitsubishi Airtrek Evolution*

This is the Zero Car (so-called safety car) where it leads the way for the participating cars..

Well it’s not really leading because participating teams were to drive to designated SS based on maps or what they called “Tulip”..

It’s not the responsibility or Zero Car if any of the team got lost..Zero Car was there to make sure all of the SS are safe to go..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Starting point*

So the 4×4 Challenge kicked off with the flag-off by VIP..

SS1 was solely just for exhibition purpose where no time is taken from the starting point to the next point..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Car approaching*

We were already waited at the check-point of SS1..Cars roaring their way to the check-point to get their time taken, although the time for SS1 is not important..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*SS1 Check-point*

Basically this Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge is a “time-attack” challenge where participating teams have to try to beat other teams’ time, instead of racing side by side..

From here onwards drivers have to depend on their co-driver’s instruction based on the “tulip”..Reading the tulip wrongly could end up taking longer time to reach the next SS and indirectly losing out in the title contention..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Team from Thailand*

The Thailand teams looked pretty good and said to be one of the title contenders because of their good records back in Thailand..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*On the way to SS2*

After few teams passed by check-point 1, we left the scene and moved on to SS2 for shootings..

Not all SS is accessible when the race is already on..We were only able to intercept in certain SS depending on its route..

More photos in next entry on other SS..

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