Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge 2009

Okay this is one very delayed post happened in November 2009 :P

It’s the 3rd Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge in Taiping, Perak..Obviously it’s in Perak because Laut Hill (Bukit Larut) is in Perak..

Well I was pretty busy back then with my job and all and long story short here it is..

Thanks to Wilson who invited me to join his camera crew for this expedition..It’s quite an experience..

When we reached Taiping, we settled down at Flemington Hotel, very near to Taiping Lake Gardens..

Flemington Hotel is also the official hotel for accommodating the VIPs, officials, participants, and some of the media people..

flemington hotel taiping perak
*Flemington Hotel*

It sure is a beautiful hotel in such a place and its rooms are pretty luxury too..It also has a swimming pool on the rooftop..

So let’s have a look at some of the 4WDs..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak suzuki vitara oris
*Oris Team*

This 4WD is one of the sponsored cars by Oris, the official sponsor for the Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak suzuki vitara oris
*Oris Ladies Team*

The first ever all-ladies team in Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge, also sponsored by Oris..

The ladies team actually consisted Wilson’s wife Rachel Ting and his younger sister Adeline..

Both ladies and guys team are Suzuki Vitara and tuned to perform better..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Team from Johor*

Other than the Oris Team, other participants are either they are true 4WD enthusiasts whom joined on their own or some rented a car..

Some of them went by the same method as F1, like Brawn GP team, Brawn is the name of the “owner” and tuned up with Mercedes engine

Same goes to this 4×4 Challenge..Some “owners” rent out their cars to enthusiast drivers just for this competition..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*4WD #102*

This 4WD owned by a British, or maybe German..Can’t really remember..Looks nicely maintained right?

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*The owner*

FYI, he built this car all by using only the chassis and perhaps the body, other parts were modified by himself, hands on from scratch..

He’s joined the previous 2 challenges and still remained one of the regular participants..

He performed some adjustment on the car right there and then..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Former Champion*

This was the former champion for 2 consecutive years and they were aiming to win it for the third time to keep the trophy worth thousands of ringgit..

Winners for 3 consecutive years get to keep the trophy and this competition is only in its 3rd instalment..

In another words this team is pretty much the favorite and almost everyone (officials and media) have had high hopes on them..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Other 4WDs*

Here are some of the 4WDs driven by participants and officials..

Some are nicely tuned and some looked scrappy but it’s pretty powerful..

Well that’s all for now and I shall continue what’s in for Day 1 of the competition in next blog post..

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