Stereophonics “This Feeling” Live Gig @ KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Stereophonics, a rock band hailed from Wales rocked Kuala Lumpur 2 days ago with their “This Feeling” gig/concert at KL Live at Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail..

First of all, gazillion thanks to Ginny for the pair of tickets that she bought but couldn’t attend due to high fever..THANK YOU! Makan and movie next time k :D

So I asked Dillon to join me coz he’s the only one who likes rock music and free to drive me to Mutiara Damansara during office-hour to pick up the tickets from her..Well my car was in the workshop, so yeah..

It was said that the door opens at 7.30pm and the gig starts at 9pm, so Dillon and I thought we could slack a bit because we were afraid if there’s no crowd and we got nothing to do there if we were too early..

We reached KL Live at about 7.35pm and we were shocked to see the crowd waiting in line..We’ve never thought that Stereophonics have THAT kind of fanbase in Malaysia..

One reason is Stereophonics is not a new band and it’s not quite a mainstream hits in local radio..I can understand those people who are of my era but some were pretty young..

I first heard of them in 1997 of their first ever single “Local Boy In The Photograph” from their debut album “Word Gets Around”..

Anyway, so we entered KL Live at about 8pm after waited for quite some time at the lower ground due to the packed crowd..

stereophonics kl live crowd
*The crowd waiting for the gig to begin*

Sorry for the photo quality but that’s all I have coz I was using my camphone only..Didn’t bring my gears..

So we entered and more waitings til around 9.25pm..The waiting had finally ended..

Owh, Hsu Jen, David, and Chris Tock were there too..And I’ve created a Twitter hashtag for it under #StereophonicsMY..

stereophonics kl live
*Stereophonics rock the house down*

The Welsh rock band now consists of Kelly Jones (vocal, guitar), Richard Jones (back up vocal, bass), Javier Weyler (drummer), Adam Zindani (back up vocal, guitar), and touring member Tony Kirkham (keyboard)..

And that night was Tony’s birthday, or somewhere around that day..We even sang birthday song to him wtf..LOL..

The gig lasted for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and another 15-20 minutes of encore..It was a great deal!

I’ve video recorded 2 songs on my phone, namely “Mr Writer” and “Have A Nice Day”..

*Stereophonics – Mr Writer*

*Stereophonics – Have A Nice Day*

The video quality was so so but the audio quality sounds pretty fine, not great..

So, enjoy! I hope those people who attended it enjoyed themselves too..

Fate/Stay Night Anime – Review

DISCLAIMER : This review is just based on my personal opinion on an anime as an anime fan myself..It’s totally based on my own amateur knowledge which I’ve accumulated by watching most of the anime that I owned, check HERE..

I bet most anime fans have heard of Fate/Stay Night, if have not watched it..It has 24-episodes..It’s a pretty old anime, released in late 2005 in Japan..


Fate/Stay Night is about a boy named Emiya Shirou, an adopted son of a Magician, Kiritsugu Emiya..After Kiritsugu died, Shirou has somewhat got his dad’s “power”..

Then he has got himself involved in a Holy Grail War, a war among 7 Magicians and their 7 “Servants”..The sole survivor of the Magicians with his/her “Servant” will be declared as the winner who can obtain the Holy Grail..

These 7 Magicians turned out not all of them are real Magicians, and they are called “Masters” to their “Servants”..By obtaining the Holy Grail both “Master” and “Servant” would have a wish granted..

So the protagonists are Emiya Shirou and his Servant, Saber, a female knight wielding a saber, just like her name..Actually she’s King Arthur in her past life, that makes it a bit confusing, gender wise..


So the whole story is about the 7 Masters and 7 Servants fighting each other..

Fate/Stay Night actually holds quite an interesting voice casts..

Ayako Kawasumi (Saber) whose voice could be heard in Nodame Cantabile as Nodame and Kanon as Kaori Misaka..

Noriaki Sugiyama (Emiya Shirou) also voiced for Naruto‘s Uchiha Sasuke, Bleach as Ishida Uryuu, and Code Geass for Rivalz Cardemonde..

As I’m not a gamer, what’s more of Japanese games, Fate/Stay Night is actually an adaptation of a Japanese hentai-game, a popular anime genre in Japan..

Not that I know of the game but from the storyline, the way the characters being animated, and some other factors got me thinking that Fate/Stay Night is a Japanese hentai-game adaptation..

First off, the male protagonist being swarmed by that few supporting female characters for liking the guy, one-sided, or teased/rumored to be fancied of the opposite sex..In this context, it’s also known as “harem”..Harem content, check..

Then, the male protagonist, a useless-emotional character whom always thought his stupidity/naivety would save the world eventually, and more often it won’t until he realized it..Another Japanese hentai-game details check..

Next, the eyes of the female characters..They have rather big-gloomy-multi-colored eyes for every character..Check..

Some friends who are much more of an avid anime fans, claimed that most “harem” anime are adaptations of Japanese hentai-games, if not all..Well I could agree with this..

According to Anime News Network (ANN), Fate/Stay Night has a median rating of “Very Good” out of 3447 votes where 1046 of it rated “Excellent”..

IMHO, Fate/Stay Night is overrated, for I heard of good reviews from other friends as well, and looking at the graph in ANN..

Like many other harem animes, the story is rather slow with a complex plot, but still can be expected if you have watched enough of harem anime..

I wasn’t thrilled at all, until Ep-14 where 2 Servants fighting each other, and do bear in mind that it’s a 24-Eps anime..

After that fight, nothing particularly interesting nor thrilling worth watching, until all the complex plot began to twist at the near end of the anime, somewhere Ep-20 onwards..


Not like other anime that I wanted to watch the next episode because I want to find out what’s happening next..This, I’m watching the next episode because I want to get over with it as soon as possible, just because I’m too free currently..

If it wasn’t for the good reviews, I wouldn’t have felt this disappointment..Not to mention the plot is actually a mess which I don’t want to think and figure it out because everything is half-assed..

You would see a lot of “half-assed” in the subtitles..

Moreover, I’m more of an OST person..A good opening song (OP) makes me want to watch the anime more..Fate/Stay Night OP isn’t very appealing to me..

If I were to rate, I would give it a heart-breaking 4/10 for wasting my time to go through it..Of course it’s just not my cup of tea so it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit you as well..

But if you actually like the anime, do check out its spin-off OVA, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, focuses on Tohsaka Rin, another Master who teamed up with Emiya Shirou, and her Servant is called Archer..

Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge 2009 – SS1

Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge is a 2-days event where the first day is somewhat a qualifying day..

By getting through all six SS (so-called circuit) without getting disqualified, participating team would get to take on the real challenge, going up Larut Hill..

There were about 22 teams or so participated in 2009..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak suzuki vitara oris
*Oris Ladies Team*

So the starting point was at Taiping Lake Gardens where the participating teams got to exhibit their cars to the public..

Well I kid you not, there were lots of people there early in the morning especially families..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*A classic MG TD2000 car*

This classic MG TD2000 car is owned by one of the organizers..It’s quite an eye-catching car especially when it’s in red color..

I have no worries looking at this car being driven around in Taiping but absolutely no in KL..I don’t think it’s a good idea for driving a convertible car in crime-prone KL..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Mitsubishi Storm*

One of the Mitsubishi Storms in this challenge..Some cars looked so nice just like a new car where some others look rugged due to dirt and mud..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*The Ng Family*

This is Wilson‘s family, from his parents to his wife to his younger sister and husband..All of them are rooting for the Oris Ladies Team..

Read on for more photos..

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Awesome Beer and Pork @ Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara [Non-Halal]

Craft Brews has become quite a significant name among beer drinkers, alongside many other what people called it beer cafe or restaurants nowadays..

If you have no idea what Craft Brews is, I bet you have directly or indirectly heard of Green Beer among your peers who like to drink..

Craft Brews is a brew house and restaurant located in Mutiara Damansara, right behind Tesco, The Curve..It’s at Menara Batu Kawan just right beside Lexus, or maybe Proton if I’m not mistaken..

The map is HERE and you can see it from the Petronas – Burger King joint..I love to hang out there for their Green Beer, Hoegaarden, and of course the ambient..

This time Craft Brews was the host and I was greeted by Ben, a young chap looked set to introduce Craft Brews to me and my guest Jackie with in-depth details..

craft brews mutiara damansara flying dog amber lager rogue amber ale
*Rogue and Flying Dog beers*

First off, we were introduced with bottled beers, namely Rogue and Flying Dog, both imported from the US..

Craft Brews is not your average beer cafe of sort, where serving uncommon beer is their trump card..

I bet you have never ever heard of Green Beer anywhere else in KL..Well at least I don’t..

craft brews mutiara damansara green beer
*Jackie with (from left) Czech Pilsner, Weizen, Monster Green Lager, and English Ale*

People come here is for its one of its kind beer, and I pretty like the concept..If I ever visit Craft Brews, I’m going for its not-so-common beer..That’s how special it is..

We’ve tried the Red Dot beers (namely the 4 beers in the photo on top) previously and actually Ben was pushing their US-imported beers, after much success of Red Dot (from Singapore)..

craft brews mutiara damansara flying dog amber lager rogue amber ale
*Flying Dog – “Old Scratch” Amber Lager*

This Flying Dog “Old Scratch” Amber Lager is just one of 6 other Flying Dog beers, which we would love to try next time..

I have never knew beer (or lager) can taste so good and smooth as this Old Scratch..If you want me to compare it with the likes of Heineken or Tiger or Carlsberg, there’s nothing to compare at all..

They are totally from a different league..Old Scratch is so smooth and not too thick that I wouldn’t mind to have it with my full meal..

It’s like a regular Hoegaarden drinker would tell you it taste nothing like the common beers..So does Old Scratch, it taste nothing like Hoegaarden as well..

The after-taste isn’t that hop-py or some people would refer it as the malt taste..I’m pretty fine with the “malt-taste”..

As for Rogue’s American Amber Ale, the hop is slightly stronger than Old Scratch but it has a strong fragrance of flowers..The after-taste is very complex in an interesting way..

For people who couldn’t stand the hop might be attracted to the flower fragrance as a sort of compensation to cover the hop taste..At that moment it made me think of pomelo’s after-taste, or maybe orange..

Both tastes great where I preferred Old Scratch to go with a full-course meal and Amber Ale for a plain football match..

Well it’s just me because it’s very subjective to one’s taste buds..Nevertheless, Jackie and I enjoyed both very much..

A little bit of fun-facts, Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager is an award-winning beer in the Great American Beer Festival where it was the 2005 Gold Medal Winner..

Nothing less from Rogue’s American Amber Ale as well..It was a gold winner in its class in 2006 World Beer Championship!

Okay enough of grandma story-telling competition..Great beers must be complemented with great food as well..

craft brews mutiara damansara complimentary soup
*Complimentary Soup*

First off, we were treated with a complimentary soup..No it doesn’t come with a set nor a “soup of the day” nor in the menu..It’s just plain complimentary soup and you could ask for it should you order anything from the “Mains” in the menu, if I’m not mistaken..

This one is no ordinary Bosch soup of sort though the concept is pretty look alike..It’s pretty thick with some diced carrots, tomato, pork, among other ingredients..It’s pretty good..

craft brews mutiara damansara spiced sausages in bacon skin
*Spiced Sausages in Bacon Skin*

This Spiced Sausages in Bacon Skin is totally one of my favourites in the “Savoury Grazing” page in the menu, alongside Caramelized Roast Pork which I’m going to tell later..

A bite of it will make the juicy fat of the bacon melt in your mouth..I definitely recommend this with a beer, perhaps Old Scratch or Green Beer..

Read on for more drooling pork galore that complements very well with your beer selection..

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Powderfinger – My Happiness

Powderfinger, an Australian band formed in 1989 and is breaking up after their “Sunsets” tour in September and October 2010..

They are currently on their 7th album is probably the last album from the band consists of Bennard Fanning (vocal), Darren Middleton and Ian Haug (guitars), John Collins (bass), and John Coghill (drums)..

My Happiness is taken from their most successful album or their 4th album, Odyssey Number Five, released in September 2000..

It’s one of my favourites of 90′s music..

Rejoice if you’ve loved this song ever since, and enjoy if you have not listened to it..

Here’s My Happiness lyrics by Powderfinger along with MTV..


Powderfinger – My Happiness

I see your shadow on the street now
I hear you push through the rusty gate
Click of your heels on the concrete
Waiting for a knock coming way too late
It seems an age since I’ve seen you
Countdown as the weeks trickle into days

So you come in and put your bags down
I know there’s something in the air
How can I do this to you right now
If you’re over there when I need you here

My happiness is slowly creeping back
Now you’re at home
If it ever starts sinking in
It must be when you pack up and go

It seems an age since I’ve seen you
Countdown as the weeks trickle into days
I hope that time hasn’t changed you
All I really want is for you to stay

I know I know I know what is inside

Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge 2009

Okay this is one very delayed post happened in November 2009 :P

It’s the 3rd Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge in Taiping, Perak..Obviously it’s in Perak because Laut Hill (Bukit Larut) is in Perak..

Well I was pretty busy back then with my job and all and long story short here it is..

Thanks to Wilson who invited me to join his camera crew for this expedition..It’s quite an experience..

When we reached Taiping, we settled down at Flemington Hotel, very near to Taiping Lake Gardens..

Flemington Hotel is also the official hotel for accommodating the VIPs, officials, participants, and some of the media people..

flemington hotel taiping perak
*Flemington Hotel*

It sure is a beautiful hotel in such a place and its rooms are pretty luxury too..It also has a swimming pool on the rooftop..

So let’s have a look at some of the 4WDs..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak suzuki vitara oris
*Oris Team*

This 4WD is one of the sponsored cars by Oris, the official sponsor for the Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak suzuki vitara oris
*Oris Ladies Team*

The first ever all-ladies team in Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge, also sponsored by Oris..

The ladies team actually consisted Wilson’s wife Rachel Ting and his younger sister Adeline..

Both ladies and guys team are Suzuki Vitara and tuned to perform better..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Team from Johor*

Other than the Oris Team, other participants are either they are true 4WD enthusiasts whom joined on their own or some rented a car..

Some of them went by the same method as F1, like Brawn GP team, Brawn is the name of the “owner” and tuned up with Mercedes engine

Same goes to this 4×4 Challenge..Some “owners” rent out their cars to enthusiast drivers just for this competition..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*4WD #102*

This 4WD owned by a British, or maybe German..Can’t really remember..Looks nicely maintained right?

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*The owner*

FYI, he built this car all by using only the chassis and perhaps the body, other parts were modified by himself, hands on from scratch..

He’s joined the previous 2 challenges and still remained one of the regular participants..

He performed some adjustment on the car right there and then..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Former Champion*

This was the former champion for 2 consecutive years and they were aiming to win it for the third time to keep the trophy worth thousands of ringgit..

Winners for 3 consecutive years get to keep the trophy and this competition is only in its 3rd instalment..

In another words this team is pretty much the favorite and almost everyone (officials and media) have had high hopes on them..

larut hill 4x4 challenge taiping perak
*Other 4WDs*

Here are some of the 4WDs driven by participants and officials..

Some are nicely tuned and some looked scrappy but it’s pretty powerful..

Well that’s all for now and I shall continue what’s in for Day 1 of the competition in next blog post..