How To Train Your Dragon 3D – Non Spoiler

“Eh Yat, want to watch How To Train Your Dragon or not?”, said Kelli..

I was like, “What? How to train MY dragon??”..

“Ya, in 3D some more”..

Me, “What? 3P?”..Err, okay..

That’s how I reacted to Kelli’s invitation to the preview screening of How To Train Your Dragon 3D the other day..

So it was an animation from DreamWorks Animation, the very same creator for many other animations such as Shrek movies, Madagascar movies, and Kung Fu Panda to name a few..

*Poster taken from the official website gallery*

Not quite an avid fan of Western animations (I’m an Japanese anime geek), I went with very low expectation, and that’s after I’ve visited its Official Website..That’s how low my pre-expectation was..

And so I went for the movie  and I didn’t know it’s a 3D movie, so I was kinda surprised when the cinema staff started to give out 3D spectacles..

FYI, this is the very first movie I watch in 3D, never mind bout Avatar (coz I couldn’t find company) and never mind bout Alice In Wonderland (coz I’m still looking for company)..

The movie sets in a mythical world of Vikings and dragons, just like your typical Dungeons and Dragons kinda thing..

Main character, nothing-like-a-Viking-samll-sized boy Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), is quite a loser in his Viking tribe and feels the peer pressure when he has a tribe chief as his father, Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler)..

So all the things the tribe does is to find dragons and kill them, or wait for them to attack the village and counter-attack them like Warcraft..

And so, the main dragon character Toothless, a night fury (a kind of species), is the very one dragon that Hiccup got involved with and that sets the whole story..

*Picture taken the official website gallery*

Not spilling too much beans of the movie, the movie is quite funny with the tribe’s way of handling dragons and Hiccup’s sense of humor..It’s irresistible..

One important thing about this movie is, guys, bring your girls to watch this movie or girls bring your guys to watch this movie or whateva it is, I bet girls WILL LOVE this movie, as much as I do..

Not to mention that there’s quite plenty of “Awwwww” moments too..That’s why I said, girls WILL LOVE IT~!!!

And I guess the 3D effect has added the thrill to this movie as well..It’s quite an effect..Okay it’s my first 3D movie anyway, never mind bout me..

The story took a bit of twist and so the hero has got to do what a hero got to do, but with a surprise, not quite your typical hero-movie kinda ending..

It’s an awesomesauce movie for me as I was thrilled and my body trembled during the climax..

I’ve never felt like that before for watching a Western animation but Japanese animation, yes..

And I can see there’ll be a trend of Toothless plushies coming very soon, just like the Lilo & Stitch hype..

With that much of “Awwwwww” moments, the funny lines, the very-likely-plushie-trend, and I like Gerard Butler‘s voice on Stoick, I have to give this movie an awesomesauce 9/10 rating..

Here’s the trailer..


Definitely a must watch movie, IMHO..

Owh, you can also play games and many other things in How To Train Your Dragon Official Website..

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