Korean Food Festival @ Prince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Last week I’ve attended the launching of Korean Food Festival held in one of Prince Hotel & Residence in-house restaurants Eccucino, a collaboration with Lotte Hotel World Seoul Korea, happening from 11th-21st of March 2010..

I was with the foodie bunch and I would say it’s my first time having a proper Korean meal, which usually I don’t frequent Korean restaurants like everybody does..

korean food festival prince hotel

Some of the desserts being served for the night..Now everyone please get high on sugar please..

korean food festival prince hotel
*Korean seafood cuisine*

Here are some seafood and also a bit of desserts as well..The guests just can’t get enough of it..

Other than that, the main courses being served are Bim Bap, Sauteed Vegetable with Potato Noodles, Chicken Bulgogi, Korean Fried Rice, Sauteed beancurd, and Kim Chi Rice..

*Speech by Prince Hotel new GM*

The Korean Food Festival is jointly supported by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Korean Chamber of Commerce Kuala Lumpur, The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia, Samsung Malaysia, LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor Company..

It is officially launched by Mr Choi Dong Gou, Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea on 11th March 2010 in front of 80 VIP Guests and media/press invited for the event..

*Prince Hotel Management Staffs and the 3 guests chef from Korea*

The invited guest chefs from Korea which lead by Chef Han Chang Soo and his culinary team, Chef Kim Song Ki & Chef Yun Jong Hwan were to bring in exotic Korean cuisine..

A video of the Korean Drawing Show below..It’s simply awesome!

korean food festival prince hotel
*Chef preparing ingredients for the wrap*

korean food festival prince hotel
*The bits for the wrap*

Like buffet, it is up to your own choice as to choose which one to wrap in it..

After that, we have Korean Dancingshow.com to hype up the function with a bit of drawing skills with special effects with lightings, and some clown-ish performances..

korean food festival prince hotel drawing show
*One of the drawings*

3 professional drawing actors, Kyu Jeong, Kim Jin-Kyu & San Lee put up quite a performance ala non-verbal Charlie Chaplin style..

They drew it with their hands and that’s a result from just a plain black paper..

Then the master of the quadruplet, came out to show more skills..

korean food festival prince hotel drawing show
*A Napoleon inspired drawing*

He drew that with a charcoal-like stick on a plain white paper..After he has finished it, the lighting effect plays the role..

korean food festival prince hotel drawing show
*Awesomesos lighting effect*

It’s like the artist knew where the lights were or vice versa, it’s simply incredible..

Watch the video recorded by Ken..


korean food festival prince hotel

The usual foodie bunch we have Witch, Ken, Sid & Sunny, Bok, Xin, and Coco..

It was quite a night and it seems like Korean is filling the air now with Super Juniors concert is just around the corner..

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