Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (Misheard Lyrics aka Buffalaxed)

Now, have I told you that I really don’t like Korean songs, K-pop to be exact, and also their squint eyes..

Except for that I was interested in SNSD’s Gee song and MTV and am still, I don’t like any other of their songs unless it has the same impact like Gee..

That being said, I have somewhat hatred towards current K-pop..

Now you see, they have all these weird names for their groups and all such as 2AM, 2PM,2NE1, SS501, MBLAQ, and Rain, just to name a few..Here’s a whole list of it..

Well I’m quite a liberal person when it comes to music as I listen to all kinds of music, be it rock, sometimes pop, jazz, R&B, J-pop, Chinese songs, Malays, and many other genres that many might not be able to accept it..

But for K-pop, I just couldn’t stand it because most of the time they only dance and utter few words that sounded like they are moaning and groaning, then there goes the turntable-remix, then repetitive of moaning and groaning..

For some groups their dance moves might proved a slight point for their huge female fan-base but some are just ridiculous..

For one, here’s Super Junior aka Suju..Their latest hit song Sorry Sorry is, umm, I can’t seem to find a word for it, wtf?

I can understand females going crazy over them for their so-called cute face but guys getting excited about that MTV, is totally absurd..Worst case, gay..

Well I have no offense to gays as I have gay friends, yes read that it’s plural, but getting excited over their dance moves which a Primary kid could do as well, I don’t get their point or the hype of it..

The action of put your palms together and  position it in front of your face then start to move your head and hands to the left and right simultaneously, I’ve definitely seen it somewhere..

If you are a fan of HK-dramas, you would probably recall something..Yes, it’s the action that “Fei Mau” (Fat Cat), a down syndrome character played by Kent Cheng..

kent cheng
*Kent Cheng*

Yeah if you remember correctly he (Fei Mau) does that all the time..

But anyway, my point is their dance moves are very simple and easy that isn’t really worth getting excited..Try to compare with the likes of N Sync, Backstreet Boys’, etc etc..

Okay if you want to “cover-line” and say that you like their song instead of the dance moves, like I said, moaning and groaning..

Okay maybe a lot of you out there “understand” Korean after watching so much of emo Korean dramas like how I “understand” Japanese after watching so many Japanese animes and dramas..

I’ll still say fuck this shit! Especially for non-gay guys getting excited and all..

I always relate Korean language as being very rude because it sounds rude, to me at least..Sometimes Japanese do sounds rude but overall, their gestures showed their politeness..

I applaud for their effort in the recent concert at Bukit Jalil with a great platform set up and all but music-wise, definitely no no..

And due to that concert, I’ve created a Twitter hashtag for them called #sujusucks..From now onwards I’ll use the term “suju” to refer to something gay..

For examples, “You are so suju”, means “You are so gay”..

“You’ll definitely attract lots of male eyes with your suju look”, means “You’ll definitely attract lots of male eyes with your gay look”..

And this video here shared my exact sentiment on how gay Suju is..Read the lyrics..


You may hate me and say I’m biased but what I’ve stated are quite true and stop being gay please, guys!

I shall end it with “Sorry sorry sorry licka licka nigga nigga muncha muncha blowjob blowjob to you baby!”..

Okay this video and entry is just for laughs..The video I got it from Youtube and of course the lyrics wasn’t from me..Have a good laugh! LOL~!!!

SONY Alpha Pro Shop @ Pudu Plaza, KL

SONY Alpha has its first Pro Shop in Malaysia and that has to be in Kuala Lumpur..

Studio Zaloon took the initiative to change its camera shop into SONY Alpha Pro Shop..

The official opening was somewhere in January 2010 and every now and then Studio Zaloon‘s owner, Mr Chin has been organizing outings with the SONY Alpha community..

studio zaloon sony alpha pro shop pudu plaza
*Studio Zaloon SONY Alpha Pro Shop*

The objective of the photography outings initiated by Studio Zaloon is to bring about Alpha photographers and also to share their knowledge among users..

I have never really heard of any DSLR community before, at least in the name of Nikon or Canon..

I reckoned that the Alpha community is a good idea for newbies to learn from the pros..

SONY Alpha Pro Shop, is named for its almost-complete range of SONY Alpha accessories (if you were to exclude SONY Centre), including camera body, range of SONY lenses, and many others..

studio zaloon sony alpha pro shop pudu plaza
*Studio Zaloon in Pudu Plaza*

That’s where Studi Zaloon located in Pudu Plaza..

There are two main entrances in Pudu Plaza and Studio Zaloon is just right opposite of the Chinese primary school Pik Chi or something..

Do check out at the Pro Shop if you are looking for SONY DSLR..

How To Train Your Dragon 3D – Non Spoiler

“Eh Yat, want to watch How To Train Your Dragon or not?”, said Kelli..

I was like, “What? How to train MY dragon??”..

“Ya, in 3D some more”..

Me, “What? 3P?”..Err, okay..

That’s how I reacted to Kelli’s invitation to the preview screening of How To Train Your Dragon 3D the other day..

So it was an animation from DreamWorks Animation, the very same creator for many other animations such as Shrek movies, Madagascar movies, and Kung Fu Panda to name a few..

*Poster taken from the official website gallery*

Not quite an avid fan of Western animations (I’m an Japanese anime geek), I went with very low expectation, and that’s after I’ve visited its Official Website..That’s how low my pre-expectation was..

And so I went for the movie  and I didn’t know it’s a 3D movie, so I was kinda surprised when the cinema staff started to give out 3D spectacles..

FYI, this is the very first movie I watch in 3D, never mind bout Avatar (coz I couldn’t find company) and never mind bout Alice In Wonderland (coz I’m still looking for company)..

The movie sets in a mythical world of Vikings and dragons, just like your typical Dungeons and Dragons kinda thing..

Main character, nothing-like-a-Viking-samll-sized boy Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), is quite a loser in his Viking tribe and feels the peer pressure when he has a tribe chief as his father, Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler)..

So all the things the tribe does is to find dragons and kill them, or wait for them to attack the village and counter-attack them like Warcraft..

And so, the main dragon character Toothless, a night fury (a kind of species), is the very one dragon that Hiccup got involved with and that sets the whole story..

*Picture taken the official website gallery*

Not spilling too much beans of the movie, the movie is quite funny with the tribe’s way of handling dragons and Hiccup’s sense of humor..It’s irresistible..

One important thing about this movie is, guys, bring your girls to watch this movie or girls bring your guys to watch this movie or whateva it is, I bet girls WILL LOVE this movie, as much as I do..

Not to mention that there’s quite plenty of “Awwwww” moments too..That’s why I said, girls WILL LOVE IT~!!!

And I guess the 3D effect has added the thrill to this movie as well..It’s quite an effect..Okay it’s my first 3D movie anyway, never mind bout me..

The story took a bit of twist and so the hero has got to do what a hero got to do, but with a surprise, not quite your typical hero-movie kinda ending..

It’s an awesomesauce movie for me as I was thrilled and my body trembled during the climax..

I’ve never felt like that before for watching a Western animation but Japanese animation, yes..

And I can see there’ll be a trend of Toothless plushies coming very soon, just like the Lilo & Stitch hype..

With that much of “Awwwwww” moments, the funny lines, the very-likely-plushie-trend, and I like Gerard Butler‘s voice on Stoick, I have to give this movie an awesomesauce 9/10 rating..

Here’s the trailer..


Definitely a must watch movie, IMHO..

Owh, you can also play games and many other things in How To Train Your Dragon Official Website..

Hennessy Artistry Opera Club, Sunway – What’s The Hype

So the event is tomorrow, 19th March 2010, everyone especially those who has never attended one or is going to attend for the first-time wonders what’s the hype about Hennessy Artistry..

Most first-timers don’t know what is Hennessy Artistry and they pop up questions such as -

“What is it about?”..

“What to wear?”..

“Anything special about this event?”..

“What are we doing at this event?”..

More and more silly and noob questions being thrown when it comes to BIG events like Hennessy Artsitry..When I say BIG means only people with invitations could attend, exclusivity rocks!

So back to the questions, Hennessy Artistry is all about bring about party-goers and party together with a style of its own..

Hennessy Artistry, its tagline “Global Art of Mixing” is all about mixology of music where East meets West, visuals, and cognac into a single entity with its unique and unrivalled trend..

Hence, the vast genre of artistes being invited be it R&B, pop, hip hop, rock, DJ, Chinese, and lots more..

Basically, in Malaysian term, we called it a clubbing event..So, dressed in your killer dress or handsome shirts or whatever you usually wear to clubs..

hennessy artistry
*Dress to kill, not really*

For god’s sake, ALL of the Hennessy Artistry instalments held in clubs anyway, except for the big ones at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club but hey, they have a dress code that is casual smart! Shorts  are prohibited ok..

FYI, this will be my first ever Hennessy Artistry after I’ve cut my hair..I used to bump into so many friends at Hennessy Artistry events but I doubt if they will recognize me this time *pouts*..

And lastly for social-party-goers, where is Opera Club? It’s just right in front of Sunway Pyramid..

*Taken from runwitme*

If you are coming from NPE or Federal Highway or LDP or wherever, right where you turn into Sunway Pyramid from the main road, you will see this 4-storey glass building..

Now that is Opera Club, right before the bus stop or main entrance of Pyramid aka Starbucks..If you know where is Coco Banana, it’s right in front of it..

Once again, the artistes for the first instalment of Hennessy Artistry 2010 will be DJ Sarasa (Japan), rockers Bunkface (Malaysia), DVJ G Mix (Malaysia), and beatboxer Shawn Lee (Malaysia)..

I’ll be there for the press conference and of course the party irself..Do say hi if you meet me =D

If you still have doubt or blur about Hennessy Artistry, do check out my previous entries on my Hennessy Artistry tag..

Korean Food Festival @ Prince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Last week I’ve attended the launching of Korean Food Festival held in one of Prince Hotel & Residence in-house restaurants Eccucino, a collaboration with Lotte Hotel World Seoul Korea, happening from 11th-21st of March 2010..

I was with the foodie bunch and I would say it’s my first time having a proper Korean meal, which usually I don’t frequent Korean restaurants like everybody does..

korean food festival prince hotel

Some of the desserts being served for the night..Now everyone please get high on sugar please..

korean food festival prince hotel
*Korean seafood cuisine*

Here are some seafood and also a bit of desserts as well..The guests just can’t get enough of it..

Other than that, the main courses being served are Bim Bap, Sauteed Vegetable with Potato Noodles, Chicken Bulgogi, Korean Fried Rice, Sauteed beancurd, and Kim Chi Rice..

*Speech by Prince Hotel new GM*

The Korean Food Festival is jointly supported by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Korean Chamber of Commerce Kuala Lumpur, The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia, Samsung Malaysia, LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor Company..

It is officially launched by Mr Choi Dong Gou, Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea on 11th March 2010 in front of 80 VIP Guests and media/press invited for the event..

*Prince Hotel Management Staffs and the 3 guests chef from Korea*

The invited guest chefs from Korea which lead by Chef Han Chang Soo and his culinary team, Chef Kim Song Ki & Chef Yun Jong Hwan were to bring in exotic Korean cuisine..

A video of the Korean Drawing Show below..It’s simply awesome!

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We Can Has BlackBerry Messenger Conference

For the past few entries you have seen me talking bout BlackBerry and all because I just can’t get enough of it!

Now here’s a short clip (2-minutes plus) of me using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) conferencing with Jason and Eugene, where the former is just seated right in front of me!


I know the video is a tab bit long and boring and all but hey, I was too busy with my BBM~!! LOL~!!

Then I have created a BBM Group and planned for a meet up for Cheras BB users..

bbm group chat
*Group Chat – Adrie on the timeline*

bbm group chat
*Sharon on the timeline*

Too bad the #CherasBBmeetup is a failure due to tight schedules and busy weekend..

Now what are you waiting for? Get a BB for yourself and your partner so you guys can save MORE!

And do it with DiGi BlackBerry Internet Service for just RM58 with unlimited data transfer, including web surfing!

Not to forget to check out my #YatBBlog tweets..