UK Four Seasons @ CapSquare, Dang Wangi

Last week we went to try out UK Four Seasons Restaurant at Capitol Square (CapSquare), somewhere near Jalan Dang Wangi..

Well, don’t look too far ahead..It’s just down the road, go straight from Jalan Ampang where Zouk is on your left and Renaissance is on your right..

This Chinese Restaurant is very famous in the UK and considered on par with Tai Thong, Overseas, etc..

We had something that are feasible during Chinese New Year (CNY)..And so, thanks to Richard and Edward for inviting us again..

uk four seasons capsquare*UK Four Seasons Restaurant*

This restaurant is facing the middle parking bays..It’s still accessible from the other side of the building..

Do check out CapSquare’s website..

uk four seasons capsquare

The interior design is not too far different from many other Chinese restaurants but Four Seasons is trying to accommodate smaller groups as you can see in the pic that most tables are for 2 or 4 pax..

For more people, bigger tables are available at the other section..

uk four seasons capsquare stir fried diced vege
*Stir Fried Diced Mixed Vege with Lettuce*

The Stir Fried Diced Mixed Vege is to be wrapped with a lettuce leaf and do dip with a bit of belacan chilli for a more flavorful taste..

Continue on for some drooling roast duck and siew yuk..

uk four seasons capsquare poon choi
*Special Four Seasons Hong Kong Style Poon Choi*

“Poon Choi” is loosely translated as “Bowl of Vege”, or I would say almost the same concept as potluck but everything is mixed up in one bowl..

The Special Four Seasons Hong Kong Style Poon Choi consists of braised mushrooms, sea cucumber, fish air bladder, garlic dried scallop, fried king prawn, dried oyster ball, sweet and sour fish, Four Seasons roasted duck, crispy pork, garlic chicken leg, tang hoon, Chinese white cabbage, dried beancurd, sweet peas, and broccoli..

Everything is mixed up with a special sauce..Make sure you mix them up thoroughly or the taste of the bottom part will be too strong for your liking..

uk four seasons capsquare siew yuk roasted pork
*Roast pork a.k.a Siew Yuk*

The siew yuk is very tender and the skin is roasted to crispy perfection that you just want to keep on eating..

The layer of fat doesn’t feel too oily so I would say it’s quite suitable for the elders because overall the dish isn’t very oily as compared to many other places..

uk four seasons capsquare roast duck
*Four Seasons Roast Duck*

One of Four Seasons famous dish, Roast Duck, never let me down..The duck is very tender that it feels like eating chicken..Okay it’s not like that but you get what I mean..

The skin is also roasted to crispy crunch that makes you want to eat all of the skin..Okay not as crispy as the siew yuk but still, it’s nice..

uk four seasons capsquare char siew
*Four Seasons Char Siew*

The char siew is of course very tender and succulent..I especially don’t like char siew to be dry and all, this has the right amount of moist in it..

The tip of the char siew is not over roasted yet tastes pretty good..Some people like the tip to be black burned as it’s more crunchy and fragrant..But this is just right..

uk four seasons capsquare claypot waxed meat rice
*Claypot Waxed Meat Rice*

The Claypot Waxed Meat Rice is very fragrant and it should be mixed up thoroughly like you are eating claypot chicken rice..

Some people like to eat the rice that is stuck to the claypot because of its crunchiness but most people don’t like it because it’s a bit hard..

Fret not, Four Seasons have prepared a bowl of chicken soup for you to eat it with the claypot rice, if it’s too hard..

uk four seasons capsquare double boiled sea coconut in soya bean milk
*Double Boiled Seas Coconut in Soya Bean Milk*

Last but not least, the dessert tasted pretty where the sweet sea coconut complements well with the not-so-sweet soya bean milk..

It’s a good combination I would say..

uk four seasons capsquare double boiled sea coconut in soya bean milk

I would go there for its roaste duck and siew yuk..They are pretty good..

The restaurant is located at Lot G16-G17, Capital Square Center, No.7, Persiaran Capital Square, Capital Square, 50100, Kuala Lumpur..

The restaurant opens for business daily and for the special Poon Choi set, 1 day advance booking is needed..

The restaurant is opened from 10am-10pm..You can contact them at 03-2698 939..

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