UK Four Seasons @ CapSquare, Dang Wangi

Last week we went to try out UK Four Seasons Restaurant at Capitol Square (CapSquare), somewhere near Jalan Dang Wangi..

Well, don’t look too far ahead..It’s just down the road, go straight from Jalan Ampang where Zouk is on your left and Renaissance is on your right..

This Chinese Restaurant is very famous in the UK and considered on par with Tai Thong, Overseas, etc..

We had something that are feasible during Chinese New Year (CNY)..And so, thanks to Richard and Edward for inviting us again..

uk four seasons capsquare*UK Four Seasons Restaurant*

This restaurant is facing the middle parking bays..It’s still accessible from the other side of the building..

Do check out CapSquare’s website..

uk four seasons capsquare

The interior design is not too far different from many other Chinese restaurants but Four Seasons is trying to accommodate smaller groups as you can see in the pic that most tables are for 2 or 4 pax..

For more people, bigger tables are available at the other section..

uk four seasons capsquare stir fried diced vege
*Stir Fried Diced Mixed Vege with Lettuce*

The Stir Fried Diced Mixed Vege is to be wrapped with a lettuce leaf and do dip with a bit of belacan chilli for a more flavorful taste..

Continue on for some drooling roast duck and siew yuk..

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House of Tang [Non-Halal] @ One Bangsar, Bangsar

It’s already mid-January and Chinese New Year (CNY) is just a month away, falling exactly on the Valentine’s Day, Febuary 14th 2010..

I bet everyone has been busy spring cleaning and shopping for CNY clothes a.k.a red clothes or anything that is bright..

But one must remember that in our Chinese custom, eating good food is considered as a fortune or luck because a lot of people died of hunger in every other part of the world..

Being able to eat good food is a kind of fortune to us Chinese, hence we must appreciate food more..

So here I’m giving you an option of a restaurant for your family dinner during CNY..

It’s House of Tang, situated in one of the stretch of restaurants along One Bangsar in Jalan Ara, Bangsar..

house of tang one bangsar
*House of Tang*

This is what you will see from the main road when you are going up the slope from the Bangsar mosque..

The Bangsar mosque is on your right, where it’s beside Bangsar Village 1 open carpark, go up the slope, you will see House of Tang on your right..

house of tang one bangsar
*Yumcha and Dimsum*

House of Tang opens from 10.30am-2.30pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm daily, except for Tuesday which is their off day..

You can choose to dine-in or out if you are a smoker..Both sections are pretty chilling..

The concept of House of Tang is to make you feel homely, with their homely decorations and also homely dishes..

One more thing, their food are all MSG-FREE~!!

house of tang one bangsar
*The usual foodies*

Thanks to Richard and Edward we are able to dine here and thanks to Sid for inviting us..

You can see the usuals of Ken, Bok, May Yee and her Saucer, Sloppy Chic and Chai, Chris Tock, Esther, Jess, Sunny, Jocel, and few others who I didn’t had the chance to talk to them..

house of tang
*Yours truly*

So before we start to eat anything, it’s good to take few sips of hot Chinese tea to clear your taste buds and also your throat..

house of tang one bangsar
*Salmon Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing*

To usher the CNY 2010, one must not left out the Chinese custom food for CNY which is Yee Sang..

For Chinese, Yee Sang is not a neccessity but it’s somewhat a practise with a hope to bring in fortune, wealth, and health..Yes, very typical Chinese indeed..

The restaurant has served this Yee Sang (?????) with the right amount of oil and sauce which is not too dry nor too wet..

I’m not really a fan of Yee Sang but the fresh salmon here makes me want more!

house of tang one bangsar shark's fin soup
*Shark’s Fin Soup with Dried Scallop in Winter Melon*

house of tang one bangsar shark's fin soup
*Richard doing his thang*

The Shark’s Fin Soup (?????  ???????) is quite smooth and it’s not very thick..A lot of people tend to take lesser shark’s fin soup during a meal because the thick broth makes one feel very full..

The texture is just nice which allows us to continue on with our feast..

Continue on with more than 10 awesome dishes for your CNY family dinner..Also do download the menu for CNY and regular days at the bottom of the entry..

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Chris Brown – Graffiti [Album - 2010]

After going to the recent breath-taking mini concert by Ne-Yo, I just can’t get enough of R&B stuff..

I’ve mentioned about Chris Brown few weeks back and yes, I’ve grabbed myself Chris Brown’s latest album Graffiti..

*Chris Brown’s Graffiti*

I’ve got myself the Deluxe edition, where it has 21 tracks in it! How often do you get an album with such numbers of tracks? Close to none!

I would say this album is rather amazing which left me forgotten that he had got himself in some abuse issue..Rihanna who?

The first single, “I Can Transform Ya”, which is the first track in the album, is quite catchy with Lil’ Wayne and Swiss Beats..

But I like the second single, “Crawl”, more than the first..It has a soft touch in its beat that I think it could be a hit on our local radio..

I’m not surprise if clubs are playing tracks like “Famous Girl” and “I.Y.A” over and over again as the rhythm makes you move to the groove..

Talking about clubs, I think “For Your Love” is a happy-going song that is very much suitable to be played as closers in clubs, instead of slow-mo songs..

In the entire album, I must say “Girlfriend” featuring Lupe Fiasco caught my ears the most with its catchy tune and lyrics..

It goes like..

I don’t want your girlfriend,
I don’t want your girlfriend,
She la la la la la la,
La la la la la la,

Now I bet you can imagine the catchiness of the track..

As for lovey-dovey songs, it has “Sing Like Me”, “Lucky Me”, “I’ll Go”, “Gotta Be Your Man”, “I Love You”, “Chase Our Love” which will definitely melt your girl’s heart..

The chorus of “Lucky Me” says..

I gotta pose for the cameras,
Even when my world’s falling down,
I still wear a smile,
Lucky me,
Even though im so damaged,
I gotta pick myself up and peform for the crowd,
Lucky me,

Shows that he’s putting himself in a some serious that he’s coming back albeit all the controversies surrounding for a year and he just has to do it!

With this great album, I bet he IS coming back to the music scene..

I would a good rating of 3.5/5 and I can assure that it’s a good album, considering I usually listen to rock albums..

Hari-Hari Mau Tiger Beer In Tiger Year With Feng Shui Master Joey Yap @ KL Live

It’s the Tiger Year in the the Lunar Calendar this year hence Tiger Beer organized an exclusive event to get its supporter to go “Hari-hari Mau”..Pun intended..

Thanks to Tiger for such event and of course thanks to Elaine for the media passes..

Other than media people and reps from Tiger, there were also some local celebrities and other VIPs, not to mention some pretty girls..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Group photo taken from Wilson’s*

My flash kinda gave me a hard time that night thus I have to leech other people’s photos..

So you see we have Chris Tock, Wilson, Thomas, Joshua, Jackie, Jess, Kate, Hikaru, Nadia, Flora, and Kristine with us..

tiger beer joey yap kl live tiger dance
*Tiger dance*

Since I was little, I’ve seen so many performances of lion dance, until somewhere Primary 6, that is..

After I’ve entered secondary, not much sight of lion dances during CNY in houses of the rich or so..

Only can see lion dances on new shops opening and/or big events with China-man bosses..And now, our local performers bring you the Tiger Dance, which is SOMETHING new..

tiger beer joey yap kl live tiger dance
*Tiger dance*

It brought back sweet memories, maybe due to my tipsiness after drinking few bottles of Tiger Beer..LOL~!!

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*The top people of Tiger giving a toast to the crowd*

Those were the top people of Tiger (M) giving a long “Yummmmmm Senggggggg” to the crowd and never fail, the crowd for sure would reply back with the same words..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*The exclusive crowd*

After the toasting and all, the organizer had some of the guests to go on stage and played some games..

They played a bit of trivia Q&A games involving Tiger Beer then went on with something nasty and sexy *roars*..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 3*

This is Team 3 with Thomas the sexy long legs tiger..LOL~!! *inside joke*..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 1*

This is Team 1 with Chris Tock and newscaster/host Will Quah in the same group..They were roaring into the year of Tiger..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 4*

Joshua was in Team 4 and they were toasting “Yum Seng” to the crowd hoping to win as the best team to roar their way into the crowd’s hearts..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Team 2*

And the winner goes to Team 2 with 2 members of local group Friends in it..They were doing beatboxing so yeah, it was kinda cool..

After the games event, Feng Shui Master Joey Yap went on stage to talk about adultery and relationships..

tiger beer joey yap kl live
*Joey Yap, taken from Wilson*

If you want to know whether you or your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse is or will be involved in affair with someone else or loyal to you, the signs are on your face, lips, side forehead, and scars or moles..

It’s pretty interesting..LOL~!!

Well, that’s all for the crap and if you want to see the Ti-girls (tigers), do check out Wilson’s blog at HERE..

Wish everyone has a prosperous Tiger Year and hari-hari mau minum Tiger Beer..