The Uma, Authentic Balinese Food @ The Strand, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Few weeks back Ken invited the few of us for a makan session at The Uma, located at The Strand at Dataran Sunway in Kota Damansara, near Giant..

The location is somewhere HERE, behind Onking store, next to Nikonian Academy..

the uma
*The Uma, pic taken from Wilson’s*

If you are not quite familiar with that place you might miss the restaurant coz it’s a bit dark from the outside and with its Balinese deco one might think it’s not a restaurant..

No pet is allowed in this restaurant, it’s NON-HALAL, and it has Wi-Fi..

the uma
*Up on 1st floor*

the uma
*Tatami concept*

The whole restaurant is very true to its original concept, Balinese deco and everything is fully imported from Bali, the tables, statues, etc etc..

The 1st floor can accommodate about 50 people, on my rough estimation..I even think of doing a small function like a reunion gathering here..Sweet!

the uma yau chan
*Owner-cum-chef, Yau Chan*

A little bit of fun facts about Balinese food..As according to the owner-cum-chef, Yau Chan, you can never really find authentic Balinese food even in Bali itself..

The true authentic Balinese food can only be eaten in temples during festive seasons or occasions like important prayers or something like that, you get the drift..

Chef Yau Chan, not even a cook to begin with, learned how to cook Balinese food from his Balinese friends..He has stayed in Bali for more than 8 years..

the uma
*The Uma menu*

Their menu has been changed few times to test the market as the dishes are still very broad in term of varieties..

I had a hard time when I go through the menu as the name of the dishes are in Indonesian, with some English description, which I think is very helpful indeed!

The choices are too vast that I advice you to ask the staff there directly..It’s easier, unless you want to be a bit adventurous, make a random order then..Hehe..

Please bear in mind that the portion is actually quite big that a person with big appetite like me actually satisfied with it..

So girls, I think you can order like 2 sets for 3 pax, or so..

the uma be siap memanggang
*Be Siap Mepanggang – Balinese Grilled Chicken With Beans Rice Set – RM18*

The set of Be Siap Mepanggang comes with the chicken and served with minced fish satay, shredded chicken salad, stir-fry long beans, spiced potato fries, sambal mbe (embok), and black-eyed pea rice..

The grilled half chicken marinated with Balinese spice is very tender that I couldn’t stop eating it..Definitely on my recommended list!

Oh a friendly reminder from the chef, never ask for the chicken to be chopped! Eat it the KFC way yo, finger licking good..

Continue on for more delicious authentic Balinese food!

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Singapore Trip – Part 1, Nuffnang Awards, URA, And Mint Toys Museum

About 2 weeks ago, 23rd til 25th of October 2009, I was in Singapore thanks to Nuffnang Singapore for the sponsored trip and also thanks to Tourism Singapore for the collaboration..

I know I’m a bit jakun but it’s actually my somewhat first time in Singapore..I’ve been to Singapore very very very long ago, that’s when I was in kindergarten and it’s my dad’s company trip..

Okay never mind bout the history and all..Back to Singapore trip..Here’s a bit of summary..

We left Asian Heritage Row, KL at about 9am..Reached Singapore at about 2.30pm if not mistaken..Waited at the hotel lobby of Link Hotel at Tiong Bharu..

Then off we went to Pan Pacific Hotel (if not mistaken) for the grand gala awards dinner..

nuffnang awards singapore akiraceo ginny
*Me, Ginny, Akiraceo..We lengchai and lenglui or not? :P *

Well if you ask me now, I couldn’t remember a thing except for Xiaxue winning the Region’s Best Blog, Most Influential Blog, and Best Original Blog Design..Congrats..

You can check out the other winners HERE..

IMHO, the Best Original Blog Design should go to Akiraceo because the whole layout is very original and is done by the blogger himself..

But I bet Xiaxue’s fans did a lot to make Xiaxue win every category which she’s nominated for and I doubt she designed the layout all by herself..

Anyway, the dinner was great and performance was good too..I quite like the magic show..The female magician was hot!

I think the rock band was a bit out of place, nevertheless I quite like their music..

Overall the event is nicely done considering the award it’s the first of its kind in this region, if you exclude Project Petaling Street previous dinners..LOL~!!

So the next day came, I reckoned that I should stick with the tour since it’s my first time in Singapore and most of the places that needed entry fees have been waived..So it’s a good idea to follow them..

singapore trip chinatown

Our first stop is Singapore’s Chinatown, very much cleaner and better looking than our very own Chinatown..

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #1*

Took some random photos to test out my street photography skills..Never tried before and it’s quite fun!

singapore trip chinatown
*Random pic #2*

This is one of the lots that I pretty like..

singapore trip chinatown
*Christine, WeiZhi, and Akira’s palms*

We went to the Chinese Heritage Museum or something like that..It’s actually in one of the shoplots in Chinatown..

The museum tells the story on how the Chinese ended being in Singapore and their olden days culture..

It also has a scary kitchen..Go check it out yourself if you want to know..Continue on for more interesting places wtf..

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Chris Brown Is Back With Graffiti

I always got mixed up between Chris Brown and the make up product Bobby Brown..I always thought to myself why would Chris Brown come up with a make up product of his own name?

So I realized I made a big mistake on that everytime I passby Bobby Brown at Midvalley..

Chris Brown‘s fame came to light in 2007 with #1 smash hits “With You”, “Forever”, and “Kiss Kiss” (featuring T-Pain)..

With such hits, he was the most nominated artist at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards (with eleven nominations) five of which he won including Choice Music Male Artist..

Here are Chris Brown‘s other outstanding feats during his fame reigns..

  • Three 2008 American Music Awards (Favorite Male Artist-Pop, Favorite Male Artist-Soul/R&B Music Artist of the Year – also named by the same title by Billboard Magazine)
  • Four 2008 BET Awards (including Best Male R&B Artist and Best Collaboration with T-Pain for “Kiss Kiss”)
  • MTV Video Music Award (Best Male Video for “With You”)
  • 2008 NAACP Award for Outstanding Male Artist
  • 2008 World Music Award for World’s Best Male R&B Artist
  • Two more Grammy nominations including Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for “Take You Down.”

During his reign as in before the hoo hah regarding him and Rihanna..I’ll say, so what? Even P. Diddy and Eminem carried a gun and went to court..That’s about it..

Internationally, they are still famous and getting songs into the top music charts..I don’t see Malaysian Government banning their songs on local radio stations..

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Croatian Cuisine Dubrovnik @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Well, last month in October, a bunch of foodie bloggers gathered at Dubrovnik for a Croatian food feast, thanks to Alice George Communication for inviting us to such event..

Also, thanks to Dina Djumic, the General Manager of Dubrovnik Restaurant for opening the opportunity for the bloggers to do the food review session..

Dubrovnik is situated beside Soho KL in Solaris Mont Kiara..

dubrovnik solaris mont kiara
*True Traditional Croatian Restaurant, Dubrovnik*

A little bit of fun facts about Dubrovnik..The name “Dubrovnik” comes from the actual named city of Dubrovnik which boasts great historical and cultural values that used to be the centre of Mediterranean trade and heritage, very much like our olden days of Malacca..

In the Dubrovnik area, there was a lot of focus on healthy food  using organic vegetables and fresh seafood..

Different from typical Western restaurants, culinary multiculturalism has been practiced in Dubrovnik for centuries..

Enough of fun facts, let’s get down to real business..

dubrovnik solaris mont kiara
*The foodies*

There were a number of food bloggers there but I only know a handful of them, namely Wilson, Rachel (not Wilson’s wife), Rebecca, and Bok..

dubrovnik solaris mont kiara
*In-house red and white wines*

If you want some house pouring wine, they have wine imported all the way from Croatia, if I’m not mistaken..

dubrovnik solaris mont kiara
*Assorted Drinks*

Well if you ask me, I got no idea what drink were those, nevertheless they are all quite good..But some of it were a bit too sour for my liking..

dubrovnik solaris mont kiara
*Spaghetti ala Buzara*

Spagetthi ala Buzara, which I reckon is actually aglio oglio, or something like it..Ingredients like fresh prawns, garlic, parsley, a dash of white wine, olive oil, salt, and pepper are being used..

I’m an aglio oglio lover and this pasta can never go wrong for me!

Continue on for MORE mouth-watering photos~!!!

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Langkawi Trip – Part 6, Buffalo Park, Pasar Malam, and Lang Square [Day 2]

Right after our lunch at Nasi Kandar Tomato, we decided to search for the Buffalo Park, where they use buffalo milk to make cheese, yogurt, and many other things..

After some thorough research and looking through the map, we finally found the buffalo park somewhere deep in the island..

langkawi buffalo park
*Buffalo Park Langkawi*

This is the so called Buffalo Park in Kampung Nyior Chabang, quite a secluded place in Langkawi..

By the way, an entrance fee of RM 3 is being charged wtf..

langkawi buffalo park
*The buffalo park*

We thought that we could have a look at the process on how the cheese are made by using these buffaloes milks but the processing team were off that day..

It’s said that they don’t process them everyday due to limited demands and also to maintain the freshness of the milk, hence the off day..

I reckon that you should not come here if you think you could not stand the strong stench of the buffaloes and their dungs..

It’s not your average playground..

langkawi buffalo park
*Buffalo milk products*

We tried the ice-cream, made of buffalo milk, I must say it’s very nice..The strong smell of milk is there but it’s not that bad because I can’t stand the smell of milk..But this is nice..

langkawi chocolate
*Haji Ismail Group – Chocolate heaven*

After the Buffalo Park we went on to search for more hidden gems but to no avail, a lot of places were either under construction or renovation..

So we decided to call it a quit and headed to Kuah town instead..We stopped by at this Haji Ismail Group shop, a chocolate heaven..

If you are looking for halal chocolates, they definitely have it..Or maybe there’s no halal chocolate but alcohol-free chocolates..

Then we proceeded to the pasar malam in Kuah town in Pandak Mayah..Just ask the people in town for the pasar malam and they will direct you..

What we bought at the pasar malam? Move on and it’s for you to find out..

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Sri Karak Restaurant @ PJ State

Few weeks back the foodie bunch went to Sri Karak in PJ State aka PJ Seksyen 7, nearby PJ Local Council (MBPJ) building..

Some might have already heard of this restaurant’s Durian Bomb or Durian Pancake, which is really the bomb!

In another word, they are quite famous for its durian dishes and products..

You don’t have to worry about the on and off season of durians because Sri Karak has its own durian plantation/estate..Hence they have durians whole year!

To be able to dine in this hidden restaurant is thanks to Wilson for the invitation..

sri karak pj state
*Sri Karak Restaurant at PJ State*

I must say this restaurant doesn’t has the best location which is situated at quite a secluded corner..

It took me some time and a bit of twist and turn before I managed to reach there..But then again, I’m a KL local, maybe PJ people would find it easily..

sri karak pj state
*The varieties*

Other than normal Chinese dishes or food, they also sell desserts such as cakes, muffins, and even ice-creams!

sri karak pj state
*HALAL certified*

This restaurant is not only pork free but it is truly HALAL certified..According to the owner, some Malays are known to have lunch/dinner in this restaurant..

sri karak pj state
*Cape Ostrich Koay Teow*

First off, we had the Cape Ostrich Koay Teow, which is actually better known as Kong Fu Chau or Wat Tan Hor, but with ostrich meat imported from Cape Town, South Africa!

The koay teow was smooth and the ostrich meat was tender as well..The gravy was well cooked with the eggs..I quite like this dish, and it’s the first one we were trying..

More surprising and wow-factor dishes up ahead..

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