Ken Well Seafood Restaurant @ Batu 11, Balakong, Cheras

Few weeks back, the group of us went all the way to Balakong, Cheras for some seafood galore, thanks to Dale for inviting us..

The one restaurant that we were going is none other than Ken Well Seafood Restaurant, which has been operating for more than 3 years..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Ken Well Seafood Restaurant*

If you follow the Cheras-Kajang Highway, exit to Balakong at the Batu 11 toll plaza where you have to turn right at the underpass, then turn leftat the T-junction..

Go straight all the way until you see exit to Sungei Besi/The Mines/Semenyih, there’s a row of shoplots right before the exit where you can see Public Bank and Brothers Car Audio System shop on your right..

Ken Well is situated right behind the Brothers shop..

If you are coming from The Mines is much easier..Follow Kajang Silk Highway all the way until you see Jusco, then keep left exit to Batu 11/Balakong..Don’t follow Sungai Long/Semenyih..

Keep left all the way to Balakong and you will see the Brothers shop on your left as soon as you take the exit..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Sunny, Coco, Bok, Sid, Ken, Benjamin, Wingz, and Dale*

The usual foodie gang were there waiting to feast on the yummilicious dishes..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Braised Roasted Pork*

This is the Braised Roasted Pork ala “Tung Poh Yuk”, was nicely made, both pork meat and fat are well-balanced and the meat is tender too..

The gravy is never too much to go with the pork..And who doesn’t love the fatty fat?! It costs about RM23 only..I would say it’s worth it..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Claypot Steamed Fish*

Claypot Steamed Fish, I could only say the fish is very smooth and tender because I’ve only tasted a bit because the others were so fast that they barely left much for me..

Oh well, must be very good..The price is RM3/100gram..And sorry for the wrong white balance setting..LOL~!!

More mouth-watering dishes after the jump..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Tradisional Style Steamed Fish Head, taken from BBO*

It’s not like Curry Fish Head but the special sauce is very nice..A secret recipe by the chef that you can’t get anywhere..

The price is RM3/100gram..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Pan Fried Prawns In Soya Sauce*

Pan Fried Prawns In Soya Sauce, the prawns are very fresh that the shell can be easily removed from the meat..

The sauce is the chef’s special sauce too..Stimness..The price is about RM20..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Overnight Pan Fried Sliced Pork*

Overnight Pan Fried Sliced Pork, the pork is prepared a day ahead together with their special sauce again, and the meat is very tender!

Taste wise, it’s rather appetizing and it’s actually not red in color..It’s because my photo white balance is a bit off..LOL~!!

The price is about RM15..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Four Treasure Braised Tofu*

Like any other Chinese restaurants, Ken Well has their very own specialty tofu and it’s this Four Treasure Braised Tofu..

The price is about RM12..The outer layer is fried to crunchy perfection and the inner white is soft and smooth..It’s like a double standard!

And the gravy is very nice too..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Deep Fried Seaweed With Kai Lan*

This Deep Fried Seaweed With Kai Lan is something rather new to me..As many friends already knew I’m not a vegie person, let alone the salty and sticky seaweed slice..

But this dish, at only RM15 is quite an awesome dish! The Kai Lan leaves are cut to very very small pieces and then double deep fried with seaweed~!!

The small pieces of fried Kai Lan leaves and seaweed are very crunchy and can be eaten like a snack, without having any rice! I love this one, very much!

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Braised Tofu With Seafood Toppings, taken from BBO*

The Braised Tofu With Seafood Toppings is some tofu cooked ala “Japanese Tofu” style..

The price of Rm15 is something normal but the gravy is something to crave for..Although it’s quite a simple dish but not all places can cook it nicely..I’ve had bad experience in somehwere else..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Butter Cheese Crab With Curry Leaves*

Last but not least, the Butter Cheese Crab With Curry Leaves, the butter cheese sauce is simply awesome..

The others claimed they have tried somewhere else but not me..This is something very special! All of us like it very much and if not because of the high cholestrol, we could’ve ordered more..

The price of RM28/kg is kinda average if you compare to many other places..This is a must have!

Do call-in for reservation during weekends as the restaurants are usually packed..The restaurant opens from 10.30am for lunch business until 12-midnight..

You can contact the restaurant at 03-90756313 or 019-2180331 for reservations..

The exact address is B-G-7, Jalan Kasturi 6, Taman Kasturi, Batu 11, 43200 Cheras..It’s in Batu 11, not Batu 9..

This is a nice place for some family dinner especially during Chinese New Year..I’m gonna make a booking for my birthday with my family though :P

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