Langkawi Trip – Cable Car, Sky Bridge, Black Sand Beach, and Waterfall

Okay here I’m picking up where I have left of like, some time ago..It’s my trip to Langkawi yay wtf..

It’s on the final day of our Langkawi trip and we have plenty of time until our flight at 7pm, which we need to be at Langkawi Airport by 5pm..

We checked out rather early, had our breakfast, and started to wander off to the places that we’ve missed on the first 2 days..

We were also trying to finish up as much fuel as we can because we over-pumped, thinking that we might travel alot..

langkawi harbour
*The yachts at Telaga Harbour Park*

langkawi telaga harbour park the loaf mahathir
*The Loaf, bakery owned by Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir*

I’ve heard much about this bakery, The Loaf, owned by our ex-Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr Mahathir, and this is my first time seeing it..I heard there’s a branch outlet in KL as well..

After a short visit at Telaga Harbour Park, we proceeded with Langkawi Cable Car in Oriental Village, which is about 5-minutes drive from the harbour..

langkawi cable car
*Langkawi Cable Car*

This is where we took off on the cable car to reach to the top of Mat Cincang Mountain, where 2 stations are built up there..

The Langkawi Cable Car fare is RM30 for adult and RM20 for children..They are offering 50% for Mykad users aka Malaysians..

langkawi cable car
*Animal Farm*

This is the entrance to the mini animal farm where they have rabbits and deers..

Nothing much in there as the rabbits were kept in cages when we were there at that time..There are certain times where the farmkeeper will let them out in the farm..

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*Cable Car – Station 2*

This is the Station 2, where we saw from Station 1..

Earlier on before we went up, the management had closed the operation of the cable cars due to heavy rain and strong wind..

Lucky enough, operation resumed not long after the rain stopped and the sky was quite clear after that..

More photos after the jump *toink*..

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*Sky Bridge*

This is the Sky Bridge that is built on top of the mountain..When we step our foot on the bridge, the strong wind blew and the bridge was shaking quite hard..

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*The middle beam*

Okay this is the stand or beam in the middle, pun intended..LOL

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*Dale and the Cable Car Station*

If only my lens is wide enough, this would be one nice wide photo..Save money time tralalala~~

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*2 Austrian girls*

Had a little chat with these 2 Austrian girls..They were backpacking around South-East Asia for more than a month already..

And one of them is carrying an A700 with a Tamron 17-50! I’m so intimidated.. :(

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*The top station from the other side*

Since the weather was quite clear after the morning downpour, we decided to travel to more places such as beach and all..

So we went back downhill and went to the nearest place, Black Sand Beach a.k.a Pantai Pasir Hitam..

langkawi black sand beach pantai pasir hitam
*Black Sand Beach – Pantai Pasir Hitam*

When we were there, 2 Chinese nationality ladies walked over and asked us whether we want to go to Mangrove or not..If only they found us one or two days earlier and we might have had some sexy time..

langkawi black sand beach pantai pasir hitam
*Blue sky and white cloud*

The scenery is too good to be missed, not to mention I’m a person with cloud fetish..Suits me right!

The wind was so strong and yet the sea looked kinda calm..But the beach was too empty and the scenery was kinda plain, too..

Then we headed to the Kolam Air Panas but to our disappointment that place in under renovation..

Looked at the map, there’s a waterfall very near to Air Panas..Without further ado, we headed over to Durian Peranging Waterfall….

langkawi durian perangin
*Air Terjun Durian Perangin – Durian Perangin Waterfall*

The entrance looks nice but of course, not many visitors were in-sight..Something wasn’t right..

We went-in to check out the place..The waterfall actually is quite high up..So Dale and I decided to give it a pass and ended up snapping pics at the foothill..

What’s waterfall shooting without slow shutter?

langkawi durian perangin waterfall
*Water slow-shutter #1*

langkawi durian perangin waterfall
*Waterfall slow shutter #2*

langkawi durian perangin waterfall
*Waterfall slow shutter #3*

That’s all and I still have a little bit to talk about and I promise you it will be the finale of my Langkawi trip, in the next Langkawi entry :P

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