Endorsement of GE Monogram by Chef Martin Yan @ Benova, TTDI Plaza

Chef Martin Yan was in Malaysia over the weekend for a 3 days cooking event, an endorsement for GE Monogram kitchenware at few selected kitchenware shops..

The one I attended was at Benova in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Plaza..Thanks to Sid for the invite..

benova chef martin yan
*Benova at TTDI Plaza*

Benova, this kitchenware shop is situated just opposite of Caltex, facing the main road..

I guessed it is one of the few selected kitchenware stores that is selling GE Monogram hence the presence of Chef Martin Yan in this place..

A bit of quick facts about Chef Martin Yan..

Martin Yan was born in Guangzhou, China in 1948, learned cooking at the age of 12, then moved to Hong Kong when he was 13..

He has his own cooking show called “Yan Can Cook” since 1978 and is still running in the America, which I remembered watching it when I was in Primary school..

His signature move is chop things with very fast pace that creates the sound of “tap.tap tap tap.tap tap.tap tap tap.tap.tap tap” on the chopping board..And the legacy still lives on til now, after so many years..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Chef Martin Yan and Chef Sun*

Chef Martin Yan invited Chef Sun to become his assistant..Chef Sun is a chef for a renown Chinese restaurant in Malaysia..

Martin Yan is a smooth and sweet talker..The way he conveyed his messages was very comedic and the crowd enjoyed every moment of it..

I was laughing through the whole cooking session..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Chef Martin Yan showing his skills*

Here Martin Yan showing his skills to rip off the bones of a whole chicken in a matter of few seconds to have a whole of boneless chicken..

He cooked about 3-4 dishes, and strongly promoting Lee Kum Kee when he used its oyster sauce and also soy sauce..

I have to agree with him that Lee Kum Kee is the best! My father is using Lee Kum Kee’s Light Soy Sauce and also Dark Soy Sauce..Slurps..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Chef Martin Yan introducing GE Monogram kitchenwares*

Among so many kitchenwares GE Monogram, Chef Martin Yan stressed on the air ventilator, refridgerator, oven, and few others..

At the end of the cooking session, few lucky draw winners got to bring home a Martin Yan’s cookbook, Culinary Journey Through China, with a on-the-spot-handwritten message and signature from the man himself..

Our fellow foodie Mei Yee and her husband won themselves TWO of that cookbook..Lucky couple!

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Group pic #1*

Here both Chefs in a group photo with the owners of Benova..The event ended with an autograph session and also a private interview session with some of the media..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*The endorsement board*

A token of proof of Martin Yan’s endorsement of GE Monogram..

Last but not least, I will not miss the opportunity to take a photo with the famous chef himself..

benova ttdi plaza chef martin yan
*Yours truly with Chef Martin Yan and Chef Sun*

He’s such a friendly and easy-going guy..It’s great to see him live in KL!

Now you head over to Benova for some kitchenware cravings..

Abingdon Boys School – Kimi no Uta (Tokyo 8.0 Magnitude OP)

It’s been quite some time since my last Japanese song review..I think it’s good that I put up a song from a not so new Japanese anime..

Abingdon Boys School, formed in 2005, named after the British independent school Abingdon School, in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, where the rock band Radiohead is established..

Led by Takanori Nishikawa, the vocal behind T.M Revolution, together with Sunao (guitar), Hitoshi Shibasaki (ex Wands guitarist), Toshiyuki Kishi (keyboard), Ikuo (bass), and Kozy Hasegawa (drums)..

I should have known by listening to their earlier tracks like “Innocent Sorrow” (D.Gray Man OP1), “Strength” (Soul Eater ED4), and few others, the voice is definitely very familiar..

T.M Revolution, best-known for their many tracks in some of the Gundam series especially Gundam SEED, the voice of Nishikawa is no stranger to me..

Now move back to the song Kimi no Uta by Abingdon Boys School, an opening song (OP) for Tokyo 8.0 Magnitude, an anime with lots of good reviews..

It’s about Tokyo fall into a chaotic situation where a 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit it and the story goes on from there..

It’s thrilling and touching and whatever it is..

I have the whole season but have yet to watch a single episode..

Anyhow, here’s the MTV and lyrics for Kimi no Uta by Abingdon Boys School..


Anime Opening Clip – Tokyo 8.0 Magnitude


Abingdon Boys School – Kimi no Uta

kimi no tame ni ima subete o sasage you
tsunaida te o hanasanaide

shimeta ASUFARUTO sabita ame no nioi ni
suikomarete ikisou de
zutto obie nagara chiisaku hiza o kakaete
hikui kumo o nagameteita

ano hi kimi ga kureta yasashisa sae
nakushite shimau hodo yuganda kono sekai de
utsumuku sono toki wa
itsudemo boku ga soba ni iru kara

kimi no tame ni ima subete o sasage you
kanau no nara
motometa no wa tashika na nukumori dake
tsunaida te o hanasanaide

zawameku machinami ni moreta kimi no himei ga
kaki kesarete yuku you ni
doushite bokutachi wa onaji hoshi ni umarete
chigau basho e tadoritsuku no

futari mita keshiki ga iroasete mo
kowarete shimau kurai ibitsu na kono sekai no
wazuka na kagayaki de
hagureta kimi o boku wa sagasu yo

doko made demo kono omoi o todoke you
afureta mama
haruka tooku kimi o tsurete yuku kara
sono hitomi o sorasanai de

kimi no tame ni kono inochi o sasage you
deaeta kara
sugita hibi wa nido to modoranai kedo
tsunaida te o hanasanaide

Ken Well Seafood Restaurant @ Batu 11, Balakong, Cheras

Few weeks back, the group of us went all the way to Balakong, Cheras for some seafood galore, thanks to Dale for inviting us..

The one restaurant that we were going is none other than Ken Well Seafood Restaurant, which has been operating for more than 3 years..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Ken Well Seafood Restaurant*

If you follow the Cheras-Kajang Highway, exit to Balakong at the Batu 11 toll plaza where you have to turn right at the underpass, then turn leftat the T-junction..

Go straight all the way until you see exit to Sungei Besi/The Mines/Semenyih, there’s a row of shoplots right before the exit where you can see Public Bank and Brothers Car Audio System shop on your right..

Ken Well is situated right behind the Brothers shop..

If you are coming from The Mines is much easier..Follow Kajang Silk Highway all the way until you see Jusco, then keep left exit to Batu 11/Balakong..Don’t follow Sungai Long/Semenyih..

Keep left all the way to Balakong and you will see the Brothers shop on your left as soon as you take the exit..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Sunny, Coco, Bok, Sid, Ken, Benjamin, Wingz, and Dale*

The usual foodie gang were there waiting to feast on the yummilicious dishes..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Braised Roasted Pork*

This is the Braised Roasted Pork ala “Tung Poh Yuk”, was nicely made, both pork meat and fat are well-balanced and the meat is tender too..

The gravy is never too much to go with the pork..And who doesn’t love the fatty fat?! It costs about RM23 only..I would say it’s worth it..

ken well seafood restaurant balakong
*Claypot Steamed Fish*

Claypot Steamed Fish, I could only say the fish is very smooth and tender because I’ve only tasted a bit because the others were so fast that they barely left much for me..

Oh well, must be very good..The price is RM3/100gram..And sorry for the wrong white balance setting..LOL~!!

More mouth-watering dishes after the jump..

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Langkawi Trip – Cable Car, Sky Bridge, Black Sand Beach, and Waterfall

Okay here I’m picking up where I have left of like, some time ago..It’s my trip to Langkawi yay wtf..

It’s on the final day of our Langkawi trip and we have plenty of time until our flight at 7pm, which we need to be at Langkawi Airport by 5pm..

We checked out rather early, had our breakfast, and started to wander off to the places that we’ve missed on the first 2 days..

We were also trying to finish up as much fuel as we can because we over-pumped, thinking that we might travel alot..

langkawi harbour
*The yachts at Telaga Harbour Park*

langkawi telaga harbour park the loaf mahathir
*The Loaf, bakery owned by Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir*

I’ve heard much about this bakery, The Loaf, owned by our ex-Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr Mahathir, and this is my first time seeing it..I heard there’s a branch outlet in KL as well..

After a short visit at Telaga Harbour Park, we proceeded with Langkawi Cable Car in Oriental Village, which is about 5-minutes drive from the harbour..

langkawi cable car
*Langkawi Cable Car*

This is where we took off on the cable car to reach to the top of Mat Cincang Mountain, where 2 stations are built up there..

The Langkawi Cable Car fare is RM30 for adult and RM20 for children..They are offering 50% for Mykad users aka Malaysians..

langkawi cable car
*Animal Farm*

This is the entrance to the mini animal farm where they have rabbits and deers..

Nothing much in there as the rabbits were kept in cages when we were there at that time..There are certain times where the farmkeeper will let them out in the farm..

langkawi cable car sky bridge
*Cable Car – Station 2*

This is the Station 2, where we saw from Station 1..

Earlier on before we went up, the management had closed the operation of the cable cars due to heavy rain and strong wind..

Lucky enough, operation resumed not long after the rain stopped and the sky was quite clear after that..

More photos after the jump *toink*..

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Miss Hypertune – Semi-Finals @ Mist Club

Last weekend I joined the fellow Alphanatics to the semi-finals of Miss Hypertune, an annual model search made popular by the car magazine, Hypertune..

SONY Xplod was one of the sponsors so we Alpharians got to get some “media” passes and went to the event as photographers and all..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*Participants from all over Malaysia*

IMHO, some of the girls really cannot make it, as in their appeal..But I should applaud them for their courage to join such events..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club
*The 2009 Miss Hypertune candidates*

In the crowd there were one Japanese, one Russian, one Kazakh, one Indonesian Chinese, one Korean, and the rest were Malaysian Chinese..

Like many other events, most of these girls are student and/or freelancers..

*Group pic of 33 participants*

So the models were all posing in front of Mist Club before they went on stage to be judged by the panel judges, who half of it were previous winners or runners-up..

miss hypertune 2009 mist club

I’ve found my new love among the contestants..My favourite contestants of all is no other than Evonne..She’s the tallest among, standing at 172cm if not mistaken..

She’s a tad bit skinny, but it’s okay..She’s sweet, tall, and thin..My love~~

Look who is my new found second love..

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Hainanese Curry Rice @ Maxwell Food Court, Singapore

After our URA visit, we went to Maxwell Food Court which is just across the road for a quick lunch..

Been hearing how sucky Singaporean food is if compared to Malaysian food and all, I had a hard time deciding what time eat..What’s more in a food court!

Walked around and scouted around, bingo! The stall with one of the longest queues..

There was only 2 stalls with the longest queue, at the time we (CheeChing, Jade, Jian, and I) arrived..

One is a ABC-selling stall..Another one is this stall, Hainanese Curry Rice..

hainanese curry rice singapore maxwell food court
*Hainanese Curry Rice @ Maxwell Food Court*

So I queued up..It’s actually some kinda mix-economy-rice kinda buffet style..

While queuing i can already heard people ordering their food in Mandarin and all *gasp*..

My turn, the boss asked in Mandarin, “Dine-in or take away?”..

I replied, “Two rice, dine-in”..One for me and one for Jian..

Then I just pointed at the things that I wanted..Looked at the price board, so I chose prawns, eggs, and pork chops if not mistaken..

Costs around SGD 3.50 each..Okay, not bad..Around the same price as in Malaysia if you don’t convert, that is..

hainanese curry rice

This is my garlic egg with fried prawns..

hainanese curry rice singapore maxwell food court

This is Jian‘s garlic egg and pork chops..

Taste wise, quite good! Perhaps it’s my initial expectation is being set to a very low standard, the rice is actually very nice..

Okay the curry is very nice and very appetizing..Made me want more of it..Okay I just got a big appetite..

Asked around other people what’s nice and what’s not..So I ordered carrot cake..

carrot cake
*Carrot Cake*

There is white and black carrot cake..Logically, black means with black soy sauce and white maybe lesser..

So I thought black would be nicer..Ordered a big one, costs about SGD 3.00..

Shared with the others..Umm, not THAT nice coz I expected something nice since I’ve asked around already..

It’s a tad bit sweet, perhaps it’s the black soy sauce..The girls didn’t really like it..Jian was full..Ended up I finished like 80% of the plate..

Now you know what to order? *winks*