Langkawi Trip – Part 5, Pulau Beras Basah And Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato [Day 2]

Right after the eagle feeding activity, our last destination for island hopping was Pulau Beras Basah, a place for some seaside activities..

langkawi pulau beras basah dale

That’s Dale posing for some nice shots..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*The jetty*

Boats of tourists were flooding the island in and out..Fortunately the beach stretch long enough to accommodate the people..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*The beach side*

Lots of people were swimming with their shirts on, which is not really a good sight for me and Dale..They should show more flesh and all, instead of clothes..

If you are bored of swimming, you can pay extra money for Banana Boat or Paragliding..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah banana boat
*Banana boat*

The banana boat is a torpedo-shaped tube that can accommodate 4-7 people..

There’s a trick to play this banana boat in order to stay put on the boat without falling int the sea..

When the boat swerve to the right, the person at the back most should give instruction to its crew to pressure the left side to make-balance the boat..

More photos of the beach and also nice mamak food..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah banana boat
*Off they go*

The banana boat costs RM20 per pax with a minimum of 4 people..Expensive or not I’m not too sure..I played it once back in 2004 in Redang and that’s the first and last time I’ve played..

There is also paragliding costs RM100 for 2 km ride..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*China girls*

Met some mainland Chinese and man, were they there to look for partners or happy ending?

I should’ve walked over and ask, that’s if I can speak Mandarin, let alone the China accent..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*Chi Kee and the Grace*

Met a lovely couple there, they are from KL as well, if I remembered correctly..

Should’ve hang invited them to hang out with us since there were just the two of us and the same to them too..

A piece of advice, if you are traveling in a group of 2 or 3, it would be fun to look for similar group and hang out together..

Like us, it’s hard for 2 people to have dinner so that’s why I said we should have had asked them for dinner together..

langkawi island hopping pulau beras basah
*So near yet so far*

So that’s our last stop of island hopping and back we went to Langkawi shore with empty and growling stomach..

We decided not to waste too much time on finding food and all because we have limited time to travel around, we have chosen this mamak shop call Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato along the stretch of Pantai Cenang..

langkawi restoran tomato mamak pantai cenang
*Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato at Pantai Cenang*

Because Pantai Cenang is somewhat the main tourist attraction in Langkawi for its food, pubs, restaurants, and souvenir shops, most food joints are closed during the day..

Not wanting to eat Western food for our lunch, we decided to have some local flavour, mamak food..

And the good thing is, it’s operating 24-hours a day!

langkawi restoran tomato mamak pantai cenang
*Nasi Goreng Kampung*

So I ordered a Nasi Goreng Kampung because I was drop dead hungry..Rice is the way to go for me..

I’m not sure whether I was hungry or what but the rice was pretty good..It’s all plain like normal nasi goreng kampung but of course the taste wouldn’t be the same at all..

The taste of nasi goreng kampung varies from place to place..In that sense, I’m satisfied with my plate of fried rice..

langkawi restoran tomato mamak pantai cenang
*Maggi Goreng*

Dale ordered his favourite Maggi Goreng..

One might think that you couldn’t go wrong with maggi goreng, then you are totally wrong..

Maggi goreng can be real bad and IMHO, there’s only a few mamaks in KL that I really love their maggi goreng..

As for this Tomato’s Maggi Goreng, the noodles are boiled to perfection where we can still feel the springy texture of the noodles..

langkawi restoran tomato mamak pantai cenang
*Ayam Tandoori*

Then we ordered an Ayam Tandoori (Tandoori Chicken) to share..

The meat was tender and the spices are just nice, not too salty..Well I don’t really know how does a real tandoori chicken should taste like, but I love this one already..

langkawi restoran tomato mamak pantai cenang
*Cheese Naan*

We also ordered a Cheese Naan..The first few bites were horrible as we thought there’s no cheese in it..

But after a while, we can feel the cheesiness somewhere in the naan..I guess it happens to many other shops as well where the cheese are not thoroughly spreaded over the naan..

The bill came about RM 25, somewhere there, I could not remember..

I would recommend Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato for some midnight supper as there is very little shops that opens until midnight, let alone 24 hours..

Most of the shops there close around 9pm and most of the restaurants close around 11pm..

Til my next entry, take care..

12 thoughts on “Langkawi Trip – Part 5, Pulau Beras Basah And Restoran Nasi Kandar Tomato [Day 2]

  1. Why was the Banana boat experience the first and last time? Was it terrible? Or too scary? :P Btw, the tandoori and cheese naan are making me salivate! But cheese naan is too fattening, I must not! :P

  2. iamthewitch >> nola..what i meant is that’s the only time i’ve tried..nothing to be scared of :P never mind la..u quite slim also ma :D
    taufulou >> no time to blog ma..all dragged >.<

  3. Cheap, the ride. But the swerve together thingie doesn’t always work lah. :)
    Paraglided before in Penang, for about RM35 only, I think. After some serious bargaining.

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  5. Leona >> well it’s not really THAT bumpy but to bring a baby along, i guess you have to think twice..just don’t let the baby slip out of your hands :)

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