Steamboat @ Tony’s House

Close to one months ago which is during the Hari Raya holiday, some of the ex-Form Sixers gathered around for a steamboat feast cum gathering at Tony’s house..

Thanks to Lay Koon and Tony for organizing this gathering..

I know one month is a long way but I was busy so yeah..Here’s my post..LOL~!!

wah kei steamboat
*Wah Kei the poser*

One of my buddies back in Form 6 times, Wah Kei..He is currently working in Intel Penang..Don’t play play..

A lot of them were unable to attend and a lot more weren’t invited due to the constraint time frame..

Those who attended were Poh Hong, Pay Shuen, Tai Chee, Xinyee, Lay Koon, Waimin, and few others whom I can’t really recall as I was busy eating my heart out..

*Cock tails and balls*

Yes, we have cocks, balls, and tails..How can steamboat be completed without the balls..

*So-called Abalone mushroom*

This is the ‘bao yu ku’, which I directly translate it to abalone mushroom..Is that the correct name for it? Please correct me if I’m wrong..

*More balls, crab sticks, and fishes*

Other than the balls, it would be nice if you want to feel healthy and grab some vegetables..

Steamboat is quite heaty so it’s also good to go with some cool such as carbonated drinks or beer..

*Kingsley and Wah Kei showing the right way to do it*

Boil the soup before you put in the stuff..Then throw in all of the balls and what not and let them cook for few minutes..

*Feasting time!*

While waiting for the food to cook it’s best to chit chat around..

When you see smokes coming out of the pot or electrical cooker, lower the heat/fire level to let the stuff cook/boil for a while to make sure they are really cooked..

After about 1-2 minutes you can start your meal right away..

*Time to get sloppy*

To feast on steamboat one doesn’t has to care image and all..Just reach out with your chopsticks and start to get sloppy..

*Wii : Rayman Raving Rabbids*

We played Wii, Rayman Raving Rabbids..A violent game which is strictly NOT for animal lovers, especially rabbits..

I reckon the creator must have had bad experience with rabbits hence the creation of this game..

It’s somewhat full of angsty, towards rabbits only, that is..

*Steamboat time = Happy time*

After our makan session, we had some brainstorming session as well..

It was quite a night to remember and I think we should do more this kind of gathering in the near future to reminisce out past..

Guess the ex-Form 6 Council President none other than yours truly will have to do the job again..

We shall see if I’m free to do another gathering before the year ends..

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