Langkawi Trip – Part 3, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant @ Pantai Tengah

It’s on the first day that we were deprived of food after some long hours of landscape shooting..

Then I remembered that Wilson told me there’s a restaurant called Fat Mum but he didn’t tell me where’s the restaurant located..

Upon driving around Pantai Cenang and back and forth from Awana Porto Malai, we stumbled upon Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant in the middle of Pantai Cenang and the road on the way to Awana Porto Malai..

If not mistaken it’s called Pantai Tengah where you will see lots of Javanese influenced restaurants or spas and some Western restaurants plus resorts along the way..

Do spot the Sunday Bistro and Restaurant, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant is just nearby and you need to drive/walk in a bit..It’s not quite visible from the main road..

map to fat mum seafood restaurant langkawi
*Map to Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant*

I know it’s a bit simple and nonconstructive but I hope you understand the map and that’s one of the reason I took up engineering wtf..LOL

*The dodgy-looking restaurant is the best hidden gem*

Yes, believe it or not, this dodgy-looking restaurant is by far the best hidden gem in Langkawi, IMHO..

It’s quite well-known to some but it’s still not that famous, which I’m quite glad..Why so? You’ll know later on..

fat mum seafood langkawi
*The restaurant’s main area, the upstairs*

The main area is on the upstairs, so do proceed to the upstairs instead of sit at the lower level waiting for no one to come to take your order..

Like I said, it’s quite well-known to some but it’s not THAT famous, just yet, hence the emptiness you see in the photo above..

*Alcohol feast in duty-free land*

What’s more to drink in Langkawi if not the alcohol? How can you miss out the alcohols or chocolates in Langkawi, right?

Dale and I were very hungry at that time coz we had our lunch quite early, that’s in KL..

Even though there are just two of us, but we ordered enough portion for 3 pax..We were surprised as well..LOL..

fire on noodle fat mum langkawi
*Noodles On Fire*

What we had ordered? That’s for you to find out after the jump..

fire on noodle fat mum langkawi
*Noodles On Fire*

Yes, this plate is called Noodles On Fire, no kidding..It’s in the menu..

It has 3 sizes, small (RM6.00), medium (RM12), and large (RM18)..Small for 1 pax, medium for 2 pax, and large for 3-4 pax..

The plate of ‘sang min’ is braised ala ‘man yee mee’, wrapped in aluminum foil, then burned to create the sensation, and also to cook the noodle a bit..

It’s one of their specialties..Taste wise, love it! It might taste a bit bland but since they are doing tourists’ business, I can say it’s quite safe and you can always add-in some black soy sauce to match your palate likings..

The noodles are quite smooth too.

fat mum's special steamed prawn langkawi
*Fat Mum’s Special Steamed Prawn*

Next we ordered Fat Mum’s Special Steamed Prawn..It sells for RM6 per 100 grams..

I have to applaud for this dish because the prawns were all so fresh and succulent! The taste was very good as well, we ordered it to be steamed a bit spicy..I definitely recommend this dish if you were to eat there..

I especially like the blended garlics and onions..It’s so crispy..

fat mum's spicy garlic squids langkawi
*Spicy Garlic Squids*

The Spicy Garlic Squids, also selling at RM6 per 100 grams..

The style is almost like ‘kung pou’ but it’s nothing like it..The squids were very soft and tender..I’ve never liked to eat squids like this before..

Usually squids I will only eat ‘butter milk’ (lai yau) style, but this is stimness..It’s quite spicy and I mean really hot..A warning to those who can’t take hot and spicy food..

fat mum's fish curry grouper langkawi
*Fish Curry, grouper*

We also ordered a Fish Curry, with few varieties of fishes to choose from..We chose grouper (sek pan), as recommended by the boss, Mr Chong..

The curry has lots of santan in it and it’s very fragrant..The curry was quite an appetizer, I can eat the rice with the curry as gravy, just like that! It’s that nice..

I planned on having a second bowl of rice with just the curry but I held back, which is a wise decision..LOL~!!

fat mum langkawi

Both of us actually finished up the food for about 3 pax..By the way, on top of the noodles, we actually had rice as well..

It’s a very sinful-filling dinner which it feels like it’s been long time since I last had one..

Now I’m craving for them again..Damn!

fat mum langkawi
*Mr Chong and the clean kitchen*

As I’ve mentioned earlier on, Fat Mum is quite well known but not THAT famous, but the owner feels glad at the same time..

The main point here is, there are only two workers, the boss aka waiter (Mr Chong), and the wife, Ms Jenny (Mrs Chong) as the chef, the dish cleaner, the kitchen cleaner, and also the one who prepares the ingredient..She also does all the ingredient-shopping all by herself!

It’s almost like one-leg kicking business..

That’s why I said they were glad if the business is not that good..They will be really busy when there are lots of customers but they serve the food real quick!

On a side note, they have once served 50 tables for a function, that’s 500 people!

They have been operating for 13 years and being mentioned by a UK journalist in his article few years back..

fat mum langkawi

We were lucky that she offered us her home made agar-agar ala cendol, with brown sugar, santan, and of course cendol..

It’s like her “free-time” interest, making kuih and also baking cakes, if not mistaken..

fat mum jenny langkawi
*Me and Fat Mum, Jenny*

Our bill came to about RM104 for just the two of us wtf ahahaha..But I must say it’s definitely worth it!

fat mum langkawi
*Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant*

Take note of this sign board (which is not very big) and you’ll find the best hidden gem in Langkawi for seafood..

20 thoughts on “Langkawi Trip – Part 3, Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant @ Pantai Tengah

  1. Yums! All those food look really delicious! Sigh..if only I had done more homework on Langkawi before I went there last year.. :( But I’m most probably gonna order all non-spicy food. ahah..

  2. Did you try wonderland at Langkawi? It’s the best… not the best but taste good with cheap price.

    BTW u was at 1U yesterday? U was with Eugene right? Hehehe! Next time I will come by and say HI! =)

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  4. Ive been meaning to read this and just never got a chance. Its an issue that Im quite interested in, I just started reading and Im glad I did. Youre a good blogger, 1 of the very best that Ive seen. This weblog definitely has some facts on subject that I just wasnt aware of. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light.

  5. Thanks for good write-up on fat mum’s food and great pictures. It really helps with my planning to langkawi. God bless.

  6. Before I go to Langkawi,I search the info from google and I find your website.. Thanks for you information about Langkawi island especially about Fat Mom.. I really love the food.. so delicious.. can’t wait to go there again next time.. Once again thankss..

  7. I went to Fat Mums just last month (Dec 2012) and I found it to be very expensive. The prawns were really overpriced and the food was just OK. The upstairs portion was closed. We thought we’d have a relaxed meal ordering dishes as we felt hungry but the owner was keen for us to order everything at once because he had a big party of 10 guests coming and he had to prepare their food. Didn’t really make us feel very welcome. This place is not value for money.

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