Langkawi Trip – Part 2, Bright Sky At Awana Porto Malai And Sunset On The Beach At Pantai Cenang

After we stepped down at the airport, it’s a wise choice for us to look for room from the ‘agencies’ at the airport..

There are tonnes of them shouting at you and basically their prices are almost the same..

Else, you can always rent a car first, then drive around Pantai Cenang to look for a hotel/motel/resort/chalet that you feel comfortable with..

*We rent a Potong Proton Saga*

Since we arrived Langkawi quite late, we decided to not waste much time anymore, we rent a car, rent a room, and even paid for the island-hopping package with the very same agency instead..

We got ourselves a Proton Saga..Wanted to get a Nissan Sentra, if only we have more people, like 4 or 5..

We chose Malim Resort as it’s just in front of Cenang Beach (Pantai Cenang)..

If you want something more comfortable or could accommodate more people, you can check out Aseania, Landcons, or the nice Awana Porto Malai..

langkawi dale malim resort jenkinyat yatz paddy field
*My current header image*

As you can see, this is my current header image for my new blog layout..The effect is still lacked a bit coz the paddy field doesn’t really look that wide..

The camera should’ve placed furthere away to the back..

This is a paddy field in between airport and Pantai Cenang..

langkawi dale malim resort
*Our room at Malim Resort*

After Dale and I had settled down in our room, we decided to go out to take a stroll before dinner..

Equipped with our guns DSLRs, we drove around Pantai Cenang and airport area..

We ended up at Awana Porto Malai Resort due to its nice sea view with a bit of islands under the bright sky..

So here I’m sharing some of my favourite photos..No major post processing been done..Only resizing and watermark..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*One of my fave photos*

This photo actually looks quite symmetrical with the natural cloud shape, the two yachts, and the island..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*Deep blue sea*

My camera was set to aperture-mode (A-mode), I’ve been playing with its shutter speed to adjust a photo’s brightness..

By taking advantage of that, I’ve focused on different area to get  a mid-range shutter speed, then pull down the size of the frame to make the photo looks as shown..

As much as I want to share the whole folder, I can’t be serious to make a long post full of photos..Maybe I’ll upload into my Facebook soon while you enjoy with the few photos here first..

Continue on for sunset at Pantai Cenang ahead..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*Power sockets and birds*

Somehow the contrast color of the power socket make the photo looks something different rather than a plain photo of birds and yacht..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*Seaside at Awan Porto Malai*

If only I could take a closer angle at the row of woods..

A more tensed and piled up construction would be quite nice with a slight sea as the background..

langkawi dale awana porto malai resort sea view
*Awana Porto Malai Resort in Langkawi*

Choose your road wisely in Langkawi and you’ll never regret it..

langkawi pantai cenang dale jenkinyat yatz
*Sunset at Pantai Cenang*

After the session at Awana Porto Malai, we drove out from Awana and headed to Pantai Cenang for the sunset..

The cloud was quite heavy that day and caused it to be an improper sunset..

langkawi pantai cenang dale jenkinyat yatz
*What ya looking at*

When I was snapping around skodeng style, I saw this father and daughter were hanging around the beach looking at the sea..

I’ve seen many shots or angles like this in movies and all, I’m glad I’m able to shoot one myself here..

langkawi pantai cenang dale jenkinyat yatz sunset
*Couple of lovers*

Another shot of the same concept but on a couple of lovers..This photo tells more story because of the horizon that can been seen as compared to the previous one..

langkawi pantai cenang dale jenkinyat yatz sunset
*Walking on the beach*

This photo is actually quite blurry and I got none like this..After resizing the photo I think the quality is a bit acceptable so I just want to share the concept of this photo..

This photo gives a hint that the beach has no one and that the two girls are living in luxury in Langkawi..

langkawi pantai cenang dale jenkinyat yatz sunset silhouette

Lastly, among the many photos that I want to share (if possible I want to share all of them!) is this one that creates a silhouette efect..

I have few more with silhouette effect but I love this one the most as other than composition and exposure, the actions of the subject is very important as well..

After this we went for our dinner at Fat Mum Restaurant, a different kind of experience with seafood, and also friendly neighbours..

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