DiGi Music Unlimited – All-American Rejects

In 2009, the international artistes in the local music scene have been tremendously improved in terms of line-ups, as compared to previous years..

Take a look at the line-ups in 2009 music highlights, Jamiroquai at F1 After-Party, DJs of Armin van Buuren at Zouk KL, Ferry Corsten at Freedom, and the recent Hennessy Artistry’s Fatman Scoop and Ying Yang..

*I was at
Zouk KL for Armin van Buuren*

That’s not all, Black Eyed Peas and Akon are scheduled to perform at Sunway Lagoon as well..

Music has never been enough in our daily life, what’s more that the most iconic singer on earth, Michael Jackson has passed away on 26th June 2009..

Now that music has become a part of our life, fret no more..

DiGi Music offers an unlimited music download via its phone or PC ..What’s offered and how to get it started?


With just RM5/month with first 30 days trial for FREE, you get to download unlimited songs every song!

Not only that, every month you get to keep 5 Digital Rights Management (DRM) free songs for unlimited time! Yes! Forever! You can check out songs available HERE..

Now that’s like at least a quarter of what I have to pay for a CD~!! And most importantly, it is LEGAL~!!!


Furthermore, you can download the songs in 2-ways, that is either to your phone or to your PC..You can listen to your favourite songs either on your powerful small ear-plug or blasting it on your surround speaker..

And to make it work, you can get it started via Web (PC) or SMS (Phone)..

For PC, just log on to DiGiMusic.com.my and subscribe to Unlimited Music, while for the phone, SMS ON MUSIC to 2000 and click on the WAP Link received..

Now that suits me very much..I can listen to my phone when I’m out, and also on my PC when I’m home..I guess I’ll listen to it more on my PC as I face my PC more..

I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night..That tonight’s gonna be a good good night~~~

That’s not all..I have some Dirty Little Secret for you guys..


Like I mentioned, RM5/month is all you have to pay for this DiGi Music package where there’s no extra charges for any data transfer for browsing and downloading at DiGi Music WAP..

I think I’ll be wasting my mobile phone batteries on browsing and downloading from DiGi Music WAP..LOL~!!!! Now I have to get an extra battery for back up..Sigh..

Besides that, you get to personalize your playlist and share it with your friends and make new friends in the web portal as well..

Now I can share my favourite songs with my friends on the portal..But I do hope there are songs from Marilyn Manson, System Of A Down, and maybe some of Dido’s newest tracks..Dido is just awesome..

Is this package only limited to listening to your favourite songs on the phone and PC players? The answer is NO~!!

DiGi Music not only gives you the lowest charges for WAP browsing and downloading for music but it also gives its subscribers  to obtain FREE exclusive passes to see your favourite artistes perform live at DiGi Music Showcases..

It’s money can’t buy exclusive passes as it’s a PRIVILEGE just for DiGi Music subscribers..

Now I do hope they will bring in artistes like Switchfoot, Dido, or how about some Japanese flavor, L’arc~en~ciel?

*Japanese rock band L’arc~en~ciel*

I really want some new flavor, can someone bring in a few Japanese artistes? I bet it would be the bomb..

Ayumi Hamasaki or Utada Hikaru would nice nice too..I don’t mind if it’s veteran anime singer like Megumi Hayashibara or Mika Nakashima..


On the Music tab, you get to see the songs available and you can even keep up to the latest songs without listening to the radio 24/7 as DiGi Music offers most hip and trendy songs around..

All these songs you can then put it into your own playlist..


Talk about playlist, you get to create your own playlist and save it in the portal to share it with your friends..

As you can see from the screenshot, those are some of the playlists shared by DiGi Music subscribers and divided into few categories, namely Most Shared, Most Recent, Most Loved, and Most Played..

Just click on ‘Create New Playlist’ setting, then Home > My Playlists > Create a New Playlist..It’s that easy..

I might sound a bit snobbish but, I don’t really favour mainstreams coz the music are repeating on the radio and I’m not going to listen to it on my personal playlist anymore~!! Muahahahaha~!!!

I would love to go back in time for some Air Supply, Backstreet Boys’, Firehouse, and maybe Bon Jovi..

Okay I’m not snobbish nor weird, just that I want to be unique and that’s what i called cool!

But that’s just me..I bet most people out there are addicted to the new tracks just to keep up with the ever changing world..

There’s also a Shout Out function where you can update your friends or strangers what’s new in your playlist and your opinion on the songs and all..


Now how do you make new friends and share playlists with other people in the portal?

In the People tab, you can look for Most Active users, Most Popular, and some other features as well..

In short, I would refer it as a music social-networking portal..Very interesting indeed..

How can I keep up with my social-networking sites??!?! First I have Plurk, then Facebook, then Twitter, and soon DiGi Music Unlimited..ARGH~!!!!

But on the brightside, I can make more friends and expand my social networks..Hmm hmm..

To start up your DiGi Music days, the very first privilege is DiGi Music Live offering you The All-American Rejects (AAR) concert, featuring local artistes Disagree, Pop Shuvit and One Buck Short as the opening act on 10th October 2009 at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama..


Like I’ve said, DiGi Music is giving its subscribers FREE passes and of course, it’s a money can’t buy concert tickets..

To enjoy the privilege, all you have to do is sign-up for Unlimited Music at DiGiMusic.com.my and each sign-up entitles subscribers the ticket to AAR concert on a first come first serve basis..

Other than that, there’s a referral program that will be launched on Facebook and Friendster called “What I’ll Do For Music” (WIDFM)..

Check out their Facebook WIDFM APPS and Friendster WIDFM APPS..

This WIDFM is the ONLY avenue for subscribers to obtain more tickets to the DiGi Music Live – The All-American Rejects (AAR) and AAR merchandise..

Users stand a chance to redeem DiGi Music Live tickets based on number of referrals, that includes 1 and 2 referrals get to win 1 and 2 DiGi Music Live tickets and GOODIE BAG, 3 referrals or more to win 3 DiGi Music Live tickets and GOODIE BAG, and the Top 20 referrers will stand a chance to win DiGi Music Live – AAR “Meet-and-Greet” passes..

All of the redemptions are strictly based on a first come first serve policy..

Now what are you waiting for? Sign-up and become a member of DiGi Music Unlimited now!!

I’m DEFINITELY signing up this package and get some of my friends to sign-up with me as the referrer..Then I can go to concerts with my friends!

Good luck and Move Along the trend! The program doesn’t Ends Tonight and will definitely ends with Happy Endings~!!


Now would you please excuse me coz I want to sign-up to DiGi Music Unlimited and get some free passes..

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  1. I have already allowed the What I’ll Do For Music apps on facebook, then what should i do? i don’ know how to the the referral thinggy.. ajar me pls!! i’ll love you to death if get the meet n greet passes!!

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