DGMB Pot Luck + BBQ @ David’s House, Klang

Two weeks ago on 29th August 2009, the night where Diaby scored an own goal that caused Arsenal lost 2-1 to Man Utd, we, DGMBians had a somewhat annual private BBQ cum Potluck at David‘s house in Klang..

The house is rather big and a bit far from KL..We’ve planned that for almost one month and boy, glad we made it..Of course with a bit hassle here and there, on and off, but it doesn’t matter anymore because we’ve made it..

*Early birds*

Some of the early birds, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Jamie, Nigel, and Andrew were there to help out the chores and preparations..

Andrew became a fireman that night, literally..No, he’s not a fireman who puts out the fire but put on the fire on the BBQ pit..Well done Drew! :P

*Some of the foods*

Since it’s a BBQ cum potluck dinner, everyone brought their best choice of food..

On the pic above, that’s Jamie’s mashed potatoes, Kelli’s fried bee hoon, Andrew’s cai kueh, and Chung Lern and Stephenie‘s brains otak-otak..

That’s not all..We also have Chris Tock‘s raw squid for BBQ, Ren‘s Ramly burger patties, Joshua and Aaron‘s chicken wings, and my mini egg tarts, to name a few..

*Makan time*

While I was BBQing the chicken wings, everyone was chit-chatting around, and waiting for my chicken wings at the same time..

Well it’s not that I’m complaining because BBQ chicken wings is my forte, so it’s my pleasure to serve them with my stim chicken wings..

Not to mention PinkPorkChop (PPC), Vivien, and Linda were literally sitting there and waiting for the chicken wings..LOL~!!

There’s more collage images, a group pic GIF, and we played some games of course..

*Photo collage*

David and his sister Alison had been a good hosts, but basically Alison did most of the things as David seemed to not quite familiar with his own house as compared to the sister..

By the way, Sheon brought a friend named Gina, and I thought I saw Maria *cough* Ozawa *cough*..

Everyone was having a great time while waiting for the night to past, and of course waiting for the time to come..

Not long after that, we proceeded into the house for some video watching, the chronology of DGMB 2008/09 parties and outings..

*Everyone in the living room*

I bet everyone enjoyed seeing me eating the cupcakes sloppily as one of the highlights in the video alongside others..

The video was compiled by Kelli and edited by Nigel..The video is teh stim!

While each one of us was enjoying the video inside, some “friendly neighbours” helped us to BBQ the chicken wings and squid on the outside..

It’s the Hungry Ghost Month anyway *evil grin*..

*Group pic*

Yeah, we did it the gambar kelas (class photo) style..Gambar kelas usually associated with nerdy, polite, and very normal pose which doesn’t really gives any impact on the photo..

Fret not, we are new age people yo..New age people like us do it the new age style..Below is the group pic GIF images that I’ve compiled from 3 photos we’ve taken..

*Group pic GIF*

How’s that for a GIF? We did a gambar kelas, a random pose, and a ganas (anger) pose, somewhat..

After much silly stuff, we proceeded to games, drinking games of course, and some of us continued to BBQ the leftovers..

*Games games games*

Some of them played and laughed like never before..

On the other hand, the big eater like me, of course, stayed out of the house and continued BBQ the otak-otak..

I’ve finished like what, at least 30% of the whole box of otak-otak? Did I, Chung Lern?

At about 11.30pm, we, Joshua and I, had to send Linda back in Teluk Pulai, which is like another side of the Klang world from David’s house in Aman Perdana, is quite a challenging journey for us..

The sending home part was quite an easy task though, thanks to Linda who knows the way back home..Which is a good thing..

The biggest problem was on our way back to David’s house, with David in our car, and we got lost~!!!!!!! Klang resident in my car and we got lost, big time~!!!!!!

We were driving around town area for about 15-20 minutes, without any road sign heading to KL or Aman Perdana or even Berkeley..That’s it!

Fortunately, we managed to come out of the Klang maze after making few courageous turnings..We actually took about an hour to send the girl back to Teluk Pulai and going back to Aman Perdana..

It was very challenging and we learned a lesson..Never travel in Klang without any TRUE Klang people escorting your way..

By the time we got back to David’s house, most of the people already left the place coz feeling tired and all..Hence we made our move as well..

Indeed, it was a tiring day, and night..

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