Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Telok Gong, Klang

Two weeks ago when everyone was at Sunway Lagoon Beach for the very first MTV World Stage gig, I was at Telok Gong with my family for some seafood galore at the famous Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant..

Although Telok Gong is in Klang but it’s not a far-reach place..Just go all the way on Kesas highway, follow road sign, and you’ll reach Telok Gong or this Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant..

The name Coconut Flower is direct translation of todi (is it?) in Cantonese, “yeh fah jau”..

*The place*

So there were 10 of us, my dad, sis and I, my cousin and girlfriend, and my aunts with their family..

If you want something special for a drink, order the Coconut Flower, “yeh fah jau”..You’ll get a bottle of todi, and a bottle of Guinness Stout of your preference, large or small..

Then we ordered about 7 dishes, including sotong (squid), fish, crab, long beans, prawns, and lala (mussels/clams)..

*Fried Sotong (Squids) With Oats*

We ordered this Fried Sotong With Oats instead of the usual butter fry because it’s less oily than the butter ones..

The fried oats are definitely FTW~!!!

Continue on for more drools~!!!

*Coconut Tom Yam Steamed Prawns*

I’m not sure what is this dish called, I’ll just name it Coconut Tom Yam Steamed Prawns because of the coconut and tom yam..

The two coconuts consist of the prawns and tom yam in it, where you can top up into the bowl after you’ve finished the ones in the bowl..

The tom yam is very appetizing that I can just eat the rice with the tom yam only..Stim!

*Steamed Lala (Clams) With Chilli*

This Steamed Lala With Chilli is also not bad..The size of the clams are quite big or rather above average, made every bite of it quite mouthful of the clam meat..

I’m not sure if this is the only lala they have but I would prefer this type over the smaller shell ones..

*Long Beans, Fish, Kam Heong Crab, and Salted Egg Crab*

The reason I put these 4 dishes into one collage is because of its taste, nothing much to compliment about..

The fish, I don’t know what fish was that as I’m very noob in fish names, but I know that it should be a favourite among eaters but the meat and taste weren’t up to par..My dad can do much better than that..

The Kam Heong Crab, very nice of the kam heong taste, on the shells, that is..The crab meat, couldn’t absorb the kam heong flavor, made it not as tasteful as it should be..

The Salted Egg Crab I would say it’s not bad but still, much like the kam heong, the taste of the salted eggs are just on the shells..

The only good thing about the Salted Egg Crab was the shells, they were so soft, just like soft-shell crab..I actually bite and ate most of the shells from the Salted Egg Crab..


Although the crabs and fish didn’t really taste that good, with my bottomless stomach, they were all gone nevertheless..

That total up to RM300 only..I must say that it’s quite an average or cheap price with an average food quality..

I’ve been there few times and IMHO the food quality has been dropping that I no longer go there for its great taste but the price..

For some good food, I believe there are other place which is nearer and taste better than this but if you are on a high for some adventure, no harm for you to come here and have a try..

18 thoughts on “Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Telok Gong, Klang

  1. Arranged a lunch outing with my family to celebrate Father’s day today and as we arrived and sat down to order, the order taker had the cheek to tell us that their speciality dish, crabs not available !!(reached the place 12.40pm)
    This was depressing as I booked the place 2 days in advance. Since we travelled all the way from Ampang, we decidede to try other dishes.
    Service was slow and 2 dishes we ordered did not turn up.
    I was shocked to see the bill as they charged RM53 for butter prawn (small size and I have tasted better)and hiked up most of the other dishes!
    Was very disapointed and guess what explanation I got about no crabs when I went to the cashier to pay the bill?
    They used up all the crabs the day before!
    C’mon , being in the business for so long, this answer is ridiculous !!!

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