Plane Spotting @ KLIA With MAS

PLANE SPOTTING FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise your hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*..

It’s been some time since my last Hard Gay gesture..FUUUU~!!!!

Last Saturday, 22nd of August 2009, was the day where I go against all odds to wake up at 5.30am, instead of going to bed at that time (which I’ve been doing in recent days)..

That is also the day after I’ve awaken for 32 hours for my final 2 papers, before going to bed at 1.30am on Friday midnight..

Dale was the driver that day, fetching Wingz, Jess, and yours truly, from Cheras all the way to KLIA..

Million thanks to MAS for getting permission for some of us, so-called photographers to shoot at KLIA runway..

By right and by law, pedestrians are prohibited from stopping at the roadside and taking pics of the hangars and runway in KLIA..

With MAS’s PR department, we were able to do so, and to be able to attend it, MAS selected a group of about 20 so-called photographers for this event..Thanks a bunch..

The meeting was suppose to start at 7.30am but due to the early-ness of the meeting, some of us arrived a bit late and some got lost..

Then we gathered up on a hill facing the runway..

*Some of us*

The hill was quite strategic because it covers the runway..Unfortunately, we couldn’t really see planes taking off nor landing because it’s in the middle of the runway..

*MAS Kargo hangar*

Soon after that, the PR people, Jonathan, Jung Yee, and Salina, asked the officers on-duty whether we could go to another site that could feed our fetish, somewhat..

The officers right on asked us to hop on our cars, drove all the way to somewhere behind LCCT, where we were just beside the runway..

Quite close indeed..

*MAS plane taking off*

This photo is taken from my many batch of bursting photos..Very hard to capture it as it was moving quite fast, very good for panning..

With the range of our lenses, even zoom out to maximum of 210mm or 300mm, we couldn’t really focus on the plane..

A lot of cropping needed to be done..

*High up in the sky*

The weather on that morning was quite gloomy all the way..It made the background wasn’t really that great due to the dark clouds..

So the photo above is the result of cropping, level adjustment, and curves adjustment as well..

*Some snack courtesy of Salina from MAS*

Thanks a lot to Salina from MAS for preparing the snacks, home baked orange and chocolate muffins, and some hotdogs..

It’s very nice of her for doing it, and she’s the one who’s fasting! LOL~!! STIM~!!


Caught it maneuvering, somewhat..

Other than all these highly processed photos due to the weather condition and usage of lenses, I’ve played a bit with Continuous Shots a.k.a burst mode..

With this Continuous Shots and with the help of Photoshop, I’ve made them into GIF images..

Recently I have a new fetish, that is Continuous Shots, or Stop Motion or Time Lapse works..Whatever you call it..

*Aaron skodeng-ing the plane*

Aaron was standing at the edge and I saw the plane incoming..So I tried to get a bit of angle from this photos..

Continue on~!!! There are 5 more GIF images..

*The cacated plane due to photoshop error*

This GIF image here is a bit cacated due to my photoshop skill..I’ve to crop the photos to make the plane looks bigger..

But due to the inconsistency of my cropping on the photos, the plane is like taking off, then disappearing for a second and appearing again after that..

I’ve learned my lesson, either to brush up my photoshop skills, or don’t crop at all~!!! Use your photos as it is..

*Bottom’s up*

I was focusing horizontally and burst my way up to the sky..Making the sky seems wide and very high up kinda effect, if you get what I mean..

*Why does the chicken cross the road?*

There are vehicles passing by every now and then..So I thought of capturing it with one of them crossing the road..

*Jakun-ness takes it all*

A Concorde-like plane taking off and everyone went “Concorde~!! Concorde~!!” *snap snap snap snap X 100 times*..

There goes the jakun-ness of the photographers that day..

*Into the dark world*

See the unruly weather that day? It actually created a sight like 2 different worlds, the heaven and hell kinda effect shits..

I like this GIF very much..LOL~!!

More GIF and Stop Motion kinda works coming soon..Wah chaaaaa~!!!

15 thoughts on “Plane Spotting @ KLIA With MAS

  1. When I saw the 1st sentence..I was wondering if I was transported to 2006 when you kept saying that…LOL! Then I checked the date, correct la! It’s current. tsk..

    You and MAS! Tsk! Don’t even need to try to win the competition. *shakes head*

  2. want ur photos? :) hehe i got the individual piccie of u. I THINK U WERE EATING ahaahaha :P and also d photos of us and wings, jason n d rest. lemme know :)

    and why u take photo of me smoking in d 1st photo *smack

  3. Yattzz!

    Uber unique wei your shots! Love the stop motion, my personal fave is actually the open sky wan. Such a nice ending scene to a movie – if you get me :D

    Wonder if I can put the gifs on MAS blog anot. hmmm.

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