I Don’t Want To Rest In Pieces Like Final Destination

This is a true story..Seriously..

Few years back, my friends and I had BBQ with few friends of mine..That time my hair was still short, spiky short..

We set up the fire pit on the roadside in front of the house gate..Everyone gathered and we talked, ate, and laughed..

Then a friend, I shall call him Mr C, suggested that we have a bit of ghost stories..

Considering he was in the boys scout, there are plenty of eerie ghost stories to be told..

Then, he started with something like this, I couldn’t really remember..It’s definitely not the same story but about the same concept, I guess..

Once a upon a time there was a hut in the rubber tree plantation cum thick forest..

In the hut, occupied by a mother and the daughter..Both of them were isolated from the others as they are rubber tappers and were given the hut to stay in..

So one night, after the mother and daughter finished their dinner, they cleaned the dishes and going to call it a night..

Suddenly, someone knocking on the front door..Knock knock..They got curious because there weren’t many people visit them unless it’s the end of month to collect the latex from the trees..

The daughter opened the door, peeked out..No one was there..Maybe it’s just some twigs or branches dropped from the trees, they thought..

Soon after they closed the door, someone, or maybe something, knocked on the door again..

Felt weird, this time the mother opened the door..Again, no one was there..

The mother thought it must be some wild animals running around and hit the door, just to make her and the daughter feel relief a bit..So she closed the door..

Not long after that, a knocking sound is heard again..They got scared, really scared..Goosebumps all over their body..

“Who’s there??”, the daugther asked..No answer..Knock knock, again..

“Oi chee bye..Who’s there lah??!?!??”, the daughter yelled a bit..Still no answer..Knock knock..

More goosebumps..They looked at each other, nodded, a sign of agreement to look at the door together gather..

They walked slowly to the door, the knocking sound is getting louder and harder..

The closer they got to the door, the louder and harder the knocking gets..

Frightened and trembling, they mumbled some verses from the Quran, braved themselves to open the door as there’s nothing to be afraid other than the Almighty God..

The daughter placed her hand on the door knob, the knocking sound stopped..

Then she opened the door, both of them peeked out of the house, slowly, slowly, slowly..

Then suddenly..


Mr C shouted ‘WAAHHHH’ and I got frightened coz I was too concentrate in his story..

Worst of all, another friend, Mr P, sitting beside Mr C, was holding a camera, it was a film camera..Snap snap snap..

It was a planned ghost story just to scare people and at the same time snap pic of the people to see their reaction..

SHIT~!!! Caught in the act~!!! Few days after that, he got the films developed, and the result?


It’s real yo..Look at the tense nerves on my neck wtf..

19 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Rest In Pieces Like Final Destination

  1. whitney >> my suffer is your happiness :)
    littlepolaris >> do you know who is that Mr C? hmph!
    jean >> :(
    Danny Foo >> the chair is 4-legged ok..very stable!
    Ren >> that i add myself geh >.<
    Linda >> chadou =.=
    wen pink >> long hair nicer kan? :P
    kim >> yes it’s me =.=
    renaelyng >> thank you..

  2. drewnity >> wtf =.=
    Charmaine >> the story is just to scare people only la =.=
    elaine >> where got people knock on the door..it’s just to make the WAH sound only
    MsXeRoZ >> wtf =.=
    alli >> another one ask =.=

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