Nuffnang Ogawa @ Pavillion

Last week on 12th August 2009, Ogawa brought about a group of bloggers for a get-together dinner to introduce its new massage chair..

First we were treated with dinner at TGI Friday’s in Pavillion, buffet style..

A brief introduction by Robb and Ogawa rep about what can be expected on that night..Sounds fun..

*Thomas sharing his thoughts*

After the dinner, the whole bunch was split into 2 groups..One group headed to the Ogawa shop and another stayed to play some games, which I was in the second group..

*Ogawa EyeTune*

The two eventual winners, Pamsong and JunJun-Riko, walked home with an Ogawa EyeTune, an eye massager with a built-in MP3 player..

Then it’s our group’s turn to try out the massage chairs! Wooo hooo..

*That’s me trying out Smart Mate and Jun trying out Sensual*

The one I’m trying, Ogawa Smart Mate, has Dual Action Massage Mode, which combines kneading and tapping actions together with simultaneous rolling actions to work on the body’s main reflex points..

It also has Air Bag Massage, a total of 10 air bags concentrated on the calve and leg areas and 2 on the seats to relieve aches and tiredness on the lower body and legs..The Vibration Mode also gives almost the same function as the Air Bag Massage..

Ogawa Sensual, is a massage chair that is targeted on patients suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism..

The massage chair has the benefits of prevents computer-related ophthalmic diseases, soothes osteoarthritis, and restrains neurasthenia, helps improve sleep quality..

Move along to see the newest massage chair in their product-line..

*Wei Zhi and me*

The Smart Mate definitely makes me feel good..

Both Smart Mate and Sensual are included in the Ogawa Mega Raya promotion which offers up to 50% off on selected items..

*Trying out SmartAire*

Ogawa SmartAire Zero Gravity, the newest Ogawa massage chair that is ergonomically designed with the shape and curvature of a human spine..

The SmartAire, offers the most correct reclining position, virtually taking all the burden of gravity of ones’ spine..

It cradles you like a baby and make you feel weightless and in your most relaxed state..

Now talk about that, I got a bit shoulder and back ache after my tensed finals..

The zero gravity position helps relief back pressure, reduce muscle tension, correct spinal alignment, expand lung capacity, and reduce stress on heart..

The SmartAire is now on promo with FREE one-year instalment, additional 10% discount, and costs just RM233/month~!!

*Eve, Zach, and Wenpink*

From the face of these people you can see they are having fun at the shop with all the ever-tech savvy massage chairs..

But that’s not all..

*Thomas, Pamsong, and Saimatkong*

They are really feeling good and it just proves they wouldn’t want to leave the shop, if it’s not for the shop is closing at about 10pm..Vivien felt the same too..

*Me with Carol and Su Ann*

Thanks to Nuffnang for bringing Ogawa closer to us, bloggers..

Man, now I want to sit on that SmartAire..For more info, check out Ogawa World, its official website..

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