Hamster On The Run

Okay a very random post that I’m trying to do a GIF animation..

So I burst on my hamster..Too bad it didn’t really run around so this is what I’ve got..

And I tried so hard to figure out how to do GIF animation with my old version of Adobe Image Ready 7.0 wtf..LOL~!!!

*My hamster*

One of my two remaining hamsters..Used to have up to 11 hamsters..

All died, for no reason..Or maybe I didn’t care to know..Oh well..

4 thoughts on “Hamster On The Run

  1. Duh~~ obviously U tak jaga diaorang!! *grr.. gigit!

    I had two, then it become eleven oso. Then too many, mom ramble.. Then i sell four of them, then got seven. Went for Astro to compete, came home for few days holidays.. Guess.

    ..left two. My maid is really a ‘good’ caretaker huh?


    p.s: i’m an animal lover! don buli them! smack U arh stoopid yatz!! Grrrr..

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