KLue Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 3 – Random And Skodeng

Now, the skodeng part..Muahahaha~!! Check out Part One and Two if you haven’t..

So what is skodeng? Skodeng is actually a Malay slang for peep/peek from afar..How to peep from afar?

Common sense, by using a telescope, or binoculars..So in the modern day, we can actually use DSLR with tele-lens of say, in the range of 18-200mm, 70-200mm, or 70-300mm, to skodeng and to capture the image..

Okay well, tele-lens is not meant to be used in that way but of course, it’s very useful during events especially concerts or anything that is concentrated on the stage..

You don’t have to squeeze into the crowd and might ended up with your camera being smashed to pieces..

Here’s what I got from a Sigma 70-300mm..

*Girl in red*

Caught this girl walking around at the foyer with the guy in black..Just snapped it for fun..

*Amanda with her tattoo*

That’s Amanda selling clothes with Joyce at their stall of Tongue In Chic..

Tongue In Chic is a local clothing line co-run by Joyce Wong a.k.a Kinky Blue Fairy and Amanda..

*Wei Wei a.k.a Kimz, whatever you like*

This is total failure~!!! Skodeng from afar and got caught by her..So in return she smiled at me..LOL~!!

The art of skodeng must NOT get caught by the subject, else, it’s not that skodeng anymore wtf..

*Melody and boyfriend Leonard*

Saw these 2 familiar faces and they were fooling around with their camera..So with the art of skodeng, I snapped away their candid moment..LOL~!!

*Tiga sekawan*

Saw these 3 ducks swimming in the lake, and they were cute! So I just snapped it..Yeah, ala skodeng..LOL~!!

*The cute girl with DSLR*

A lot of girls nowadays carrying DSLR despite its bulkiness..I was surprised..But of all, not many of them as cute and fair as this one :P

Her expression looks angry in this pic though..Perhaps she noticed I was skodeng-ing somewhere around her wtf..

Roll on for more interesting skodeng pics..LOL~!!

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Graduation, Mines, Birthday, And Edison Chen

It was the day where all these 3 things happened in a day, Joshua’s convocation, Jess and Evelyn’s joint birthday party, and soft porn star Edison Chen was in KL, 20th June 2009..

The day started like this, was still sleeping around 10.30am that day..The night before, Joshua told me to be there around 11.30am..

So I got up around 10.40am to get ready and all coz TARC is just 15-minutes drive from my house, so yeah..

When I was brushing my teeth, a text came and I picked up my hand phone and read, “Come at 11am..Gonna end soon!”, or something like that..

So I sped all the way to TARC..Well, not that I don’t speed even if I’m not in a rush..

I was quite on time and it was like, a short moment thingy..So congrats to Joshua..I know, it’s like damn old story right wtf..

By the way, none of the photos below are taken by me because I just realized that my Adobe Photoshop is not anywhere around me now..

And the bad news is I just formatted my PC..I know, it sucks..

Photos credit to Nigel, Wingz, Jess, and Eri..

*L>R – Nigel, Kelli, Me, Joshua, Joshua’s friend, and David*

In the evening, I went to The Heritage at The Mines for a bazaar opening event with some mild catwalk thingy..

Went home after Joshua’s convocation and rested a while, before headed out for that event at Mines..

*Taken from HERE*

The catwalk thingy started around 8pm and ended around 9.45pm, just in time that I need to leave for Zouk..

Jess and Eve had a joint birthday celebration at Zouk, as in Velvet Underground to be precised..

There were like, slightly more than 30 of us were there to celebrate their birthday..

*Pic taken from HERE*

Okay, I was not in the pic because I was walking around from Velvet to Phuture to Zouk and back to Velvet and Phuture and Zouk and bla bla bla..

Met a lot of friends including Weng Yew, Jacklyn and her gang (as usual), Diane, Kenny Sia, and few others that I can’t really remember now, it’s one month already anyway..

It was quite a wrong date and unexpected, because Edison Chen and a few HK celebrities were in Zouk mainroom for their CLOT JUICE KL After Party..

A lot of people were there just to see Edison Chen and Sam Lee, part-time member of LazyMuthaFucka (LMF), a Hong Kong hip-hop/rap group..

Okay, sad to say a lot of them were quite jakun, all went there just to see the Gutterpost superstar wtf..

*Pic taken from Eri*

It was quite a night..

It ended with a boom when a girl, name Rachel came over to me and said hi to me while I was waiting for friends at Zouk’s jockey area..

Then I was like wtf? I don’t know her..She asked whether I am Jenkin Yat, I said yes! So she introduced herself as a friend of Daniel Lau..

Funnily, I didn’t know who is this Daniel Lau guy, whom she claimed I know him and he knows me..So I thought he might be a blogger, but she said he’s not!

Apparently he’s a musician for the group Edge of Fire, and because of that, I’m more confused than she was at the time..So I just said no, I don’t know who is Daniel Lau..

So I guess at that very moment she thought I was like very lansi because I don’t remember old friends..

Then I got so curious, I came back home and I did whatever I can to find out who is this Daniel Lau guy..

After much helps from Su Ann, I think I know who is this Daniel Lau guy already..

He was my junior back in Cochrane and TARC..Well, the reason I didn’t know him was, I never really knew his name, until now, which I won’t ever forget his name anymorewtf..

Yeah, we talked and all, but I’ve never really came across his name and all..Or maybe I did but I can’t really remember..

So Rachel, or any friend of hers of Daniel Lau’s, if you are reading this, let them know that I’m sorry, Rachel for embarrassing yourself and embarrassing myself too wtf..

Next time come up and say hi to me again yeah..LOL~!!

Now that’s all for a little update..

Say NO To H1N1 Scare

The pandemic influenza A(H1N1) scare is on the rise and never been better..

Death tolls around the world such as The States and some other places are on the rise..Sorry, I didn’t really update myself on the outbreak..

I just know that it kills, it’s another flu outbreak with the name of swine flu and also codenamed A(H1N1), the danger is now labeled Level 6 or something by World Health Organisation (WHO), and umm, etc etc..

The outbreak also has reached our shore and yes, the first case ever heard in KL was in Sungai Buloh or something, and I was at The Curve within that week..

As time past by, rumors spread and all, the flu eventually reached my uni, UCSI..Yeah you read that right..

Heard that a student and lecturer from the main campus, Taman Connaught were infected or suspected with symptoms of H1N1..

The moment some of the close friends of the suspected victim heard about it, some of us from the branch campus already took pre-cautions..


On the other hand, there’s no notice nor alert from the uni to warn us about the suspected case..

Think twice, it’s a bad idea to alert the students as it might cause unnecessary scares among themselves, causing classes to be halted for no reason..

Of course, on the positive note, those who were suspected to have infected with the flu have been quarantined..So it’s definitely fine and all..

Then 1 week after the suspected case in the main campus, it has reached our North Wing campus, said to be 3 of them..

Of course, they were quarantined already, long gone..

Funnily, after the news has spread to our campus, none of the people wear mask already..LOL~!!

IMHO, the suspected ones already being quarantined, there’s nothing to be scared of, until the next victim comes..

I know it kills, but from what you can see in the news, those who got killed are either toddlers or elderly people..

If you are an active and healthy youngster, teenager or young adult, there’s nothing to be scared of because good and strong immune system in your body can actually fight it off..

On top of that, those who were suspected of H1N1 infection have already been quarantined..

If you are really afraid of it, then you should be very afraid of your health, as in do more exercise and live a healthy lifestyle..

So umm, say NO to H1N1 scare, only if you think your body immune system is good enough..

I think mine fares pretty well despite my constant nocturnal life..What about you?

Tapau Curry Mee When I’m Alone

Sometimes, when I’m all alone and it’s too late to find kaki for lunch a.k.a 3-4pm, tapau is the best..

Tapau is a Malaysian Chinese slang that is a synonym word to take away that Malaysians are much accustomed to, even to Malay..

When you are buying food from a Chinese food stall, you say “Tapau yat gor chow kuey teow” (Take away one fried kuey teow)..In Malay, you say “Bungkus satu chow kuey teow” (Take away one fried kuey teow)..

Of course, don’t use the word tapau when you are in Hong Kong because tapau in Hong Kong slang means to wrap a dead body or similar to cursing someone to die..

So when I’m alone for lunch, I’ll just drive out to the coffee shop nearby my house and get myself Curry Wantan Mee..

*Curry Wantan Mee*

It’s quite hard to find Curry Wantan Mee around my housing area nowadays, let alone nice one..

But I find this pretty good and it’s of very reasonable price..

I tapau-ed this Curry Wantan Mee, BIG, as in double wantan mee, for just RM5.50, or maybe cheaper than that..

And the taste? Nice~~ *wriggle eyebrows*..The curry is quite thick but it won’t go any further that might tick off your taste bud..It’s just nice..

The chicken pieces are chops of chicken drumstick, which is very common to use that in a curry mee, are tender and smooth..Yummy yum wtf..

What’s more enjoying than eating at home alone, connect the 32″ LCD TV to my computer and watch Gundam 00 on it..


Nigel’s Birthday @ Carnaval Churrascaria @ Damansara Jaya, SS22

Two weeks ago, on 4th of July 2009, the DGMB celebrated Nigel‘s birthday with a bomb in the afternoon..

First off, few of us went to One Utama to play a bit of Treasure Hunt plus Hide & Seek..

The trick was, Joshua, Andrew, David, Hsu Jen, and I were hidden at a designated location for Nigel to find, based on the clue given on each of his findouts..

First was Joshua, hid in Padini Concept Store, then Andrew in Action City, third was me in Rock Corner, fourth was David in MPH Bookstore, and lastly Hsu Jen in Toys ‘R Us..

Then we blindfolded him at Toys ‘R Us and let him be the blind man to walk around One Utama and eventually to the car..

It’s actually a surprise for him to not let him know where are we heading for dinner..

*Carnaval Churrascaria, Brazilian Restaurant*

We went to Carnaval Churrascaria, a Brazilian buffet restaurant that of course, serves Brazilian food..

The restaurant is at a corner lot nearby Atria Shopping Mall in Damansara Jaya, SS22..It is on the same row as GSC cinema’s HQ, 7Eleven, and few doors away from Maybank..

Not that I know how Brazilian food looks like or tastes like, but I heard it’s quite a good deal to eat in here, hours before we arrived..

Continue for some mouth-watering pics and also an awesome video about the whole celebration ordeal..

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KFC Flava Roast Contest Prize Giving

Yesterday, Friday was the prize giving day for the winners of KFC Flava Roast contest that I’ve joined few weeks back..

You can check my entry HERE..

Rushed from uni in Cheras to Wisma KFC at Jalan Sultan Ismail during after-lunch is not a good deal at all, especially it’s on Friday..

*Jerry, Vice-President of KFC*

Nicholas was the host and Jerry, the Vice-President of KFC gave the opening speech on how people nowadays hook up with online news, blogs, and micro-sites such as Twitter or Plurk, and many others..

In fact, online networking is so efficient that news and feeds travel so fast that you might know the death of Michael Jackson the moment the doctor officially announced he’s dead..

That’s one of the new approach that KFC is trying to get to its customers..

*Consolation Prize of RM100 KFC Cash Voucher*

I won myself a consolation prize of RM100 KFC cash voucher that I could eat KFC for the next 10 weeks..LOL~!!

*The winners*

You can check out the full list of the winner HERE..

There are few other winners but they were unable to attend the prize-giving ceremony..

Right after the prize-giving, we were given some refreshments and also, somewhat a food review on the new menu..

*Refreshments and Cheezy Chickaroni*

Refreshments a.k.a tea break were served with the usual KFC menu such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, fried chickens, and a new menu, Cheezy Chickaroni..

*Cheezy Chickaroni*

Cheezy Chickaroni, by the name itself, one could’ve guessed that it’s cheesy macaroni with something chicken-ish in it..

Yes, it’s actually macaroni with the usual pasta’s white creamy sauce, chicken balls, and of course, the cheese~!!!

It’s the cheese from the Cheezy Meltz yo! I must say I like the cheese a lot and it complements very well with the macaroni..

IMHO, the only bad side of this pasta is the white cream sauce..It’s a tad bit watery that it’s not creamy enough..

Not that the white cream sauce watery is bad because you might get jelak if the creamy sauce is too thick..Perhaps it’s just me who love it to be thick, rich, and creamy..

Other than this Cheezy Chickaroni, I hope KFC will retain the sells of the Flava Roast Burger..It’s damn nice okay~!!