High On Heels @ Envie Club

Last Wednesday was the day Rebellz and Plush had a joint fashion show to showcase their new summer collection..

Got invite by the designer herself, Ju Nn, one of the duo of Rebellz..

Rebellz is an online clothing line and Plush is a newly opened shop in Bangsar..

*The crowd*

The club isn’t really THAT spacious but it’s very considerate of the designers and organizers that the runway was a three-way runway..

Everyone got to see the catwalk where the runway covered most of the area, where one of it was specifically for media/photographers..

*The bloggers and photographers*

As you can see, some of them were there with me and we met some others there as well..

Those with me were Hikaru, Ren, Jun, Fattien, Ah Kwong, Ai Leng, Yiau, Jun Yan, and Heng..

There we bumped into the usual party girls, Isabella, Jacklyn, and Doreen..

We were treated with free flow of drinks before the event started and the crowd is nicely controlled, not like their first event at Goddezz at Mont Kiara..

Roll on for some pics from the runway..

*First batch*

If not mistaken there were 3 batches of catwalks of different theme or sorts..

The catwalk were nicely done and I’m quite satisfied with the media area where there were not more than 10 photographer at our area..

We can shoot freely without pushing here and there..

They even invited a guest artiste, JayOne to perform during interval break..

*JayOne in the middle*

Well most of his songs are hip-hop, rap, and intensely hyper-active, very much getting the crowd to move to the groove of the music..

After the performance from JayOne, came the gowns and dresses collection..

*Purple gown and black dress*

There are few of them are quite elegant and very much suitable for functions and dinners..

*The more casual dresses*

Of course there are some others which are less elegant-looking and still suitable for much events, nevertheless..

*The designers for Plush, Wendy (L), and Rebellz, Ju Nn (M) and Hui Jean (R)*

Overall I would say it’s  quite successful and nicely done, except for the beginning part..

The event got delayed for a bit and everyone was kinda impatient waiting for it to kick start..

Perhaps provide some games next time or something more interactive with the crowd..

Other than this flaw, it’s quite a good event, especially the controlled crowd..Like it very much..

*L>R – Me, Jun, Hikaru, and Ren*

By the way, many thanks to Yiau for borrowing me his flash..Without the flash, I might not have an album to begin with..

Check out my Facebook album HERE..

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