Rachel Studio Shoot @ Sony Style, The Curve

This was like…….(right-click on pic to see the date)……more than 2 weeks back..LOL~!!

Okay this is the first we shoot at SONY Style Studio, a studio inside of SONY Style shop at The Curve..

Invited Rachel -my junior in both secondary and university and also a cousin of an old friend- to do this photoshoot and I guess it was quite an experience..

Rachel is of Chinese-Filipino parentage, so her skin tone is slightly darker and we had a hard time to fix the backdrop color..

We use colored translucent paper a.k.a tang lung paper to do the job, by using the colored paper as filter on the flash..

*#1 – Rachel Muriel*

We tried to put a bit of color on the backdrop with color paper and it seems that blue color is a bad choice, indeed..

By the way, the shadow shown on the back drop is purposely done..Yes although some might say it’s quite a mistake to have shadow at the back but we find it fine..

*#2 – Mysterious*

Then we decided to take a short break while Rachel change her clothes, to flowery dress..

So we removed the blue filter and blast the flash on the white-yellowish backdrop to eliminate the yellowish color..

*#3 – The long wait*

We even used a bit of props, considering it’s SONY Style shop, so there’s lots of things that can be used..

At least, we got a nice couch..

*#4 – Teh happy*

Now this was the first time we use the studio, we did lots of mistakes on the backdrop..Hope we can fix it in our next shooting..

*#5 – Laid back*

I could only post fit-size photo of hers because of the floor..There’s a black lining on the floor so the whole pic is not that white nor concentrated anymore..

*#6 – The new A230*

We used few props, the couch, new A230, a steel chair, and an old Cybershot digicam..We somewhat had fun shooting Rachel with the props in hands..

*Rachel and I*

Last but not least, here’s a photo of me and her..

You can view the full album on my Facebook Album, Rachel Muriel Studio Portrait..

I’ve another album coming up very soon..

10 thoughts on “Rachel Studio Shoot @ Sony Style, The Curve

  1. Elaine >> hohoho
    KY >> stim!
    Mellissa >> believe it or not i’m trying to find a suitable font to put it BW..but at the meantime,i’ll just stick with green! :P

  2. Agree with a@ron…WB out and skin tone too warm…it looks burn…and over saturate…u can try to smooth a little of the photos…too sharp and harsh flash..jz my 2cent… :) keep it up bro…

  3. How I lost 30 Pounds >> you are welcome? :)
    a@ron >> uh huh..noted!
    Andy >> i didnt saturate it..i’ve just did some minor adjustments on curve and level..that’s all..thanks anyway. :)

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