KLue Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 3 – Random And Skodeng

Now, the skodeng part..Muahahaha~!! Check out Part One and Two if you haven’t..

So what is skodeng? Skodeng is actually a Malay slang for peep/peek from afar..How to peep from afar?

Common sense, by using a telescope, or binoculars..So in the modern day, we can actually use DSLR with tele-lens of say, in the range of 18-200mm, 70-200mm, or 70-300mm, to skodeng and to capture the image..

Okay well, tele-lens is not meant to be used in that way but of course, it’s very useful during events especially concerts or anything that is concentrated on the stage..

You don’t have to squeeze into the crowd and might ended up with your camera being smashed to pieces..

Here’s what I got from a Sigma 70-300mm..

*Girl in red*

Caught this girl walking around at the foyer with the guy in black..Just snapped it for fun..

*Amanda with her tattoo*

That’s Amanda selling clothes with Joyce at their stall of Tongue In Chic..

Tongue In Chic is a local clothing line co-run by Joyce Wong a.k.a Kinky Blue Fairy and Amanda..

*Wei Wei a.k.a Kimz, whatever you like*

This is total failure~!!! Skodeng from afar and got caught by her..So in return she smiled at me..LOL~!!

The art of skodeng must NOT get caught by the subject, else, it’s not that skodeng anymore wtf..

*Melody and boyfriend Leonard*

Saw these 2 familiar faces and they were fooling around with their camera..So with the art of skodeng, I snapped away their candid moment..LOL~!!

*Tiga sekawan*

Saw these 3 ducks swimming in the lake, and they were cute! So I just snapped it..Yeah, ala skodeng..LOL~!!

*The cute girl with DSLR*

A lot of girls nowadays carrying DSLR despite its bulkiness..I was surprised..But of all, not many of them as cute and fair as this one :P

Her expression looks angry in this pic though..Perhaps she noticed I was skodeng-ing somewhere around her wtf..

Roll on for more interesting skodeng pics..LOL~!!

*Dance dance revolution wtf*

Three friends here fooling around around the Urbanscapes words on the higher ground..

*Ketuk ketuk ketuk*

This guy here looked damn serious in playing the wooden sound instrument when he took part in the percussion activities by Tugu Drum Circle..

*SMS on the way*

Saw this girl among the crowd surrounding Tugu Drum Circle..She was so busy SMS-ing on her iPhone (I think) and that’s it..

SMS better than phone calls when you are at a percussion performance..

*Got X, got it all*

This “X” was the cables tying the tent for performances at X-Lawn Stage, sponsored by Celcom X-Pax..Got X, got it all..

The people behind it were the crew member of Yuna or maybe staff at the X-Lawn Stage..

*Stopping time*

In this photo, the two girls seemed like stop in time as you can see the people/crowd around them were either walking  very fast or rushing to other scenes for the variety of performances..


These two people here were not couple..They were just posing for the camera (which is not in the frame)..

And last but not least..

*Sentul Park, KLPAC*

The night falls upon and I saw the reflection of the Sentul Park on the pond..

Took a slow shutter shot of it..I know it’s not a very nice pic and it’s not my best pic at all..A slight problem with the lighting and I shall try to improve in that area..

Til next year’s Urbanscapes, ciao..

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