KLue Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 2 – Performances

Okay, I know it’s a bit drifted away from the event itself, like 2 weeks ago?

Anyhow, been busy with stuffs and all and lots of pending entries..Lots of pending entries explains all, ain’t it?

So after I’ve introduced some of my friends in Part 1, here are the performances at Urbanscapes 2009..

When I arrived at the scene at about 3pm, first thing I saw, other than the bazaar market place, was stand-up comedy did by YCOM..


It drew a bit of the crowd but like I’ve mentioned in my previous YCOM entries, some of them just couldn’t understand their Westernized jokes..

More over it’s Urbanscapes, promoting local arts and culture, I believed about half of the crowd couldn’t understand, because it’s in English..

But of course, I applaud them for their good jokes because I understand most of it, and hope those who understood enjoy it as well..

Then at The Sunset Disco, Furniture played some good songs and they are really good..


Furniture has been formed since 2004 and they have been playing for so long and in so many events..Do check out at Furniture’s MySpace or the band’s site at Ear Sofa..

*X-Lawn Stage*

The it was Pop Shuvit‘s performance at the X-Lawn Stage, where ONLY pass holders were able to access that area..

Now that’s the thing, passes sold at RM25 for pre-sale and RM35 for door-sale, just to access this area..

Well I wouldn’t mind NOT paying and enjoy other stuffs..The management had misled the public that they have to buy the pass to gain entry into Urbanscapes..

*Rather Peculiar Theatre*

If not mistaken this was the sketch by Rather Peculiar Theatre (RPT), where they played random sketches that are related to our Malaysian culture very much..

I’ve always love how arts and performances being played the raw way, where vulgarities and common taboos are no longer an issue..

They’ve broken the boundaries where everything is accepted and everyone is accepting the taboos in our culture..

It’s much normal for us to swear in our daily talks, whether it’s very vulgar, or in a mannered way..Of course I preferred the vulgar way coz that’s the way it is..

Move on with more mind-blasting performances..

I’ve missed out a lot of awesome shows, especially Rendra Zawawi at The Box..

Not to mention I didn’t get to watch any of the independent local films being showed, like Gadoh, Sumolah, Sepet, and some stage plays..

*The Oral Stage*

As according to the schedule, this should be The Oral Stage, where Performing Arts actors and actresses did something like “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, where the audience give a keyword and they have to act randomly according to the keyword..

Many random keywords were thrown to the actors and actresses, such as Superman, Facebook, Chua Soi Lek, and even Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon..

The pic above shows Prakash and Alfred doing a stunt requested by the audience, Michael Jackson..

Not long after that, I left the scene and proceeded to X-Lawn Stage for Yuna..

*Yuna..Not Yuna Ito*

Yuna, also known as Yunalis, is an acoustic, folk, and indie singer..Her influences include Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, and The Cardigans..

Check out her MySpace at Yuna Room Records..

dsc03033-copy*Random musicians*

A day where you could see lots of random musicians playing randomly..

*Tugu Drum Circle*

Then around 6pm, the Tugu Drum Circle took the centrestage where these bunch of percussionists gathered a number of the public and played random percussions with drums, bongos, and many other sound equipments..

*L>R – Avril‘s sis, Aaron, Ren, and Lionel aka Dusty*

Then the people joined in the fun with kompangs, drums, and many other things I don’t know what..

Everyone was playing according to instruction and choreographed by few people from the Tugu Drum group, created quite a scene..

I must say it’s a very successful one, where strangers sat down and play music instruments blindly just followed the instructions, and they were good..

Although they were good in choreographing and all, but it was a tad bit lengthy and it gets annoyed after about an hour or so, and the performance was scheduled to last for 3 hours..

*Instrumental band, Nao*

The instrumental band, Nao hit the stage at X-Lawn Stage..Nao, only plays the music instrument and no singing whatever shits..

It’s only instruments as in bass, drums, guitars, and that’s it..It was quite brilliant at some time, and a bit lengthy after some time..

*DJ Goldfish*

At about 8pm, DJ Goldfish played at Zouk Club Tent, spinning pieces from the usual LapSap sound, and a bit of 4Play flava, the theme for Zouk’s 4play night, where DJ Goldfish spins every Thursday night at Zouk Mainroom..

*Fire twirling*

Then at about 9pm, a group of people covered their face with cloth in fear of H1N1 and started to twirl the fire balls and we have captured it in slow-shutter..

Damn stim..

Not long after that I left the scene and went for dinner, after starving for the whole day..

I shall continue, and it’s also the last part, where I skodeng-ed at the event..LOL~!!

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