KLUE Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 1 – Booths And Friends

KLue Urbanscapes 2009 was quite a bomb~!!

I’ve missed all of the previous Urbanscapes events and I’ve heard so much about it especially the one held last year, the feedback was not bad..

This year’s Urbanscapes has expanded at least twice of last year’s area where more stalls or booths have been set up, and more performances by independent groups have been displayed..

IMHO, I would say it’s one of the biggest local arts festival that has ever held in Malaysia..

As I’m very much of a local scene supporter, I thought it would be quite fun to be there..

Initially I didn’t plan to go but after few invitations from friends, I actually gave in coz I really felt like going in the first place..

The down side of Urbanscapes 2009 was the ticketing system..I didn’t see any significant indications that the entrance fee is NOT compulsory..

The flashing button or “Pre-sale ticket for RM25″ being shown on the website is the main problem as it has misled people that they have to pay to enter KLPAC, or at least, that’s what MOST of my friends and I thought..

So I went in without a ticket and ABLE to access almost 80% of the whole event, except for watching independent local films and some local bands..

But soon after that I’ve managed to grab a pass from Nuffnang, thanks to Jestina :)

80% of the photos in here are NOT photoshopped and the 20% of it have gone through very mild of colors and levels editing..

*Baju Cap Beruang PopMalaya*

I approximated there were at least 50 stalls/booths at the bazaar/flea market near the ticket counter..

All of them selling clothes, accessories, and many other things such as memorabilia items, arts, poster, etc etc..

*Hot and crowded*

I reached there around 3pm and it was a bright sunny day..Sweat like hell in there with the crowd..

As expected I knew I would meet a lot of familiar faces there but I was not sure who I would meet..

As soon as I reached KLPAC walking into the bazaar area, I saw Jen‘s white-firing Neo parked on the roadside, so I gave her a call..

*Jen with her sweet 50D*

Of course, she’s not the only one who was there..Let’s see more..By the way, I like the vivid and bokeh of this pic..Nice..

*Barry and Suet Li*

Saw Barry and Suet Li there, and Suet said Su Ann was there too, but I didn’t managed to see her, somehow..

*Edward Choo, co-founder of Lah’ Lah’ Land*

Old secondary schoolmate Edward Choo, one of the 2 founders of Lah’ Lah’ Land, a so-called community where they share their passion in fashion and music..

*Prakash Daniel*

Prakash, an ex-UCSI-an, who’s with the bunch of KL Performing Arts group..

*Sharon and friend*

Then bumped into Sharon and it’s nice to see you there :D

Continue on for more photos and familiar faces..

Sorry if I ter-skodeng some of the pics here but I couldn’t resist it to capture “the moment” with the Sigma 70-300mm that I’ve borrowed..LOL~!!

*Some other Nuffnang familiar faces*

Hitomi, Jacquelyn, Bryan, Ewin, Nigel, Suresh, Jackie, Samantha, Dusty, Jamie, Jan-e, Simon, Ren, and few others were there too..Sorry if I didn’t mention your name coz I could really remember who was there..Too many people..

Of course, the DGMB few wouldn’t miss such local scene as we are a bunch of local scene supporters!

Didn’t managed to snap their pics so yeah, the usual bunch of Kelli, Hsu Jen, Pamsong, Linora, Thomas, Nigel, David, Aaron, and Joshua were all there..

*Joshua and Natalie*

*Yee Hou and Anne Marie*

Also met few others like Carol, Tim Teoh, Akiraceo, and Doria later in the evening..

*Cherry Lui, another fellow UCSI-an*

*Bryan Chin*


Okay I know this photo is literally out of focus but I couldn’t resist to post the one and only Bollywood-influenced Malaysian Indian blogger Rames wtf..LOL~!!

The usual gang of Jason, Amanda, Joyce, Mikel, and many others were spotted too..

*Ben and Steph*

That’s all I have to share for now..Stay tune for more pics..

25 thoughts on “KLUE Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 1 – Booths And Friends

  1. Nigel >> skodenger :P
    kellster >> LOL :P
    yapthomas >> do it!
    KY >> ahahha the circles very striking indeed
    Rames >> hahahah! thank you!
    ewin >> wah u skodeng me..LOL
    a@ron >> yeah man u’ve missed it..
    Zues >> oh really? lol sorry..people mountain people sea..didnt see u..

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