Nuffnang Standout Party With Tiger @ HQNine

Two weeks ago, Nuffnang once again organized another party, after the recent Maxis Music Bash and the joint collaboration of LG Party, came Standout with Tiger Beer..

The theme was quite easy, but it’s really hard if you planned to win some prizes and all coz standout is very blunt and has a vast option of being standout among the standouts..

Again, not having enough time to get some really standout costume, I’ve just decided to play with my long hair a bit..

I donned a double ponytail with my hair and I guess I was already standout among the guys..How often do you find a guy with double ponytail?

Liang again was the emcee for the party, but this time he has a co-emcee, that is Jojo Struys, the host, singer, actor, whatever..

*Liang and Jojo*

I must say they made quite a partnership emcee-ing together..One, who is already very familiar with Nuffnang events, another one who is very experienced in hosting shows and all..

*Jojo Struys and I*

Being a newbie as a Nuffnanger, I must say Jojo made quite an effort to talk around with other people despite her celebrity status..

Something I’m quite surprised and actually looking forward to..LOL~!!

*Vivien and I*

Vivien was there with the boyfriend, Dexter..I want to applaud her for her bravery in telling the other fella to buzz off, or something like that..Nice~~..

*Su Ann a.k.a Pinkpau*

Su Ann is back in Malaysia and wil be staying for 3 months then head back to The States to resume her study..

It’s been quite some time since our last supper at Steven’s Corner eh..Shall we? LOL~!!

*Flora and Kristine*

I don’t know why but people seemed to be amazed with my double ponytail..

I know right, not many guys have double ponytail..I’m just standout wtf..

*Kimberlycun, Mellissa, and KY*

That’s Kimberlycun, my biao jie giving me lessons on how to pick up gwai lous..Unfortunately, there was only one gwai lou in the party..

Mellissa, came back from Melbourne and KY will be busier than ever..LOL~!!!

I shall skip all the stories which I bet you’d already read them somewhere else..I’ll just share the pics I’ve snapped on that night..Continue for more random pics..

*Michael, Dusty, Horng, Biao Jie, and Su Ann*

See how my biao jie taught me how to smooch with the gwai lous, and the guys want to have to some fun too wtf..

*Wenpink and Ren*

Wenpink actually wore a hanbook, a Korean traditional costume or something..Initially I thought people did some typo that she’s having a handbook..

I thought like wtf, a handbook? I didn’t see any laptop, nor notebook, nor handbook, only I found out it’s the robe =______=

*Carol, ad-ops #1*

This is Carol, the ever drinking walking machine that will drink no matter where she goes..But it’s quite surprising that she’s got quite a good body figure, I suppose..

*Jestina, ad-ops #2*

This is Jestina, I always have difficulty in recognizing her..Somehow I always couldn’t really figure it out whether the girl is her or not..

*Cathy and Teck Weng*

Now that’s quite a couple matching clothes..Maroon shirts and red-black checkered dress..

*EV a.k.a Yenniedoll*

Evelyn a.k.a Yenniedoll, the ribbon on her head quite standout though..LOL~!!

Here are 2 fellow UCSI-an..

*Alvin, the bio student*

*Angela the music student*

The strange thing is I’ve never met Angela in uni before..Strange..

Long story short, the Best Dressed for Female went to PinkPorkChop and Best Dressed for Male went to Edward Scissorshand..

By the way, it was also Boss‘s birthday, it’s the exact date and the Nuffies planned something special for him, and glad he liked it..

I guess that’s all for Standout post..


Tiger beer FTW~!!!

Check out my Facebook album at Nuffnang Standout Part @ HQNine for more pics..

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  1. bio student @.@ sounds lk i’m a nerd!!! u din meet angela before in uni?? try to attend the music concert organize by ucsi den. she is the vocalist ^^

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