Hennessy Artistry @ Phuture, Zouk

Last Thursday on 4th of June 2009, came another installment of Hennessy Artistry of 2009..

The first one I went to this year was at The Loft and it actually wasn’t really that fun..Maybe because of the venue, The Loft..

Now that they brought Hennessy Artistry to Zouk, I felt being at home wtf..LOL~!!

All thanks to Nuffnang for the invites and I have to say it’s awesome to be a blogger..You ask why? See for yourself in a while..

Okay, the artistes this time around were homegrown DJ group, LapSap, DJ Yasmin, and Young Sixx..

Photos taken from Ren, Jess, Tallen, and Jack..

*Young Sixx, DJ Yasmin, and Xu and DJ Blink of LapSap*

Was there a bit early, around 9pm for the “Meet The Artistes” session..Food like sushi, bits of pizzas, and some cookies were served through out the whole session in Velvet Underground..

*Blogger closed area with Tallen*

Well, little did I know of the so-called VIP/media passes we got from Nuffnang was actually exclusively for bloggers..

The whole area was for us, bloggers..How awesome is that, right?

And according to Ren, some of the club-goers actually rant that they should’ve became a blogger to enjoy the privilege of being a blogger at the registration counter..LOL~!!

*Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Apple*

The highlight of the night, was the Hennessy Apple..It tastes very nice, no taste of Hennessy at all, only apple..

It’s like some kinda appetizer that makes you keep on drinking all the way without realizing how much of Hennessy you’ve actually consumed..

I guess they’ve rebranded their last year’s signature cocktails of Hennessy ShangHai, Hennessy Miami, Hennesy Paris, and Hennessy KL..

*The bloggers*

In the above pic, they are Sharlyn, Evelyn, Sue, Joshua, Jess, and Kelvin..

*The bloggers too*

In here we have Ben, Steph, David, Joshua, Jess, and Hsu Jen..

All happening bunch that most of them had been to the previous Hennessy events..

*Young Sixx doing their thang*

It was hip hop all night long until LapSap came out with their signature electro-hard-funk mix and it seemed that they would garner more fans after this..

I left a bit early so couldn’t really get into DJ Yasmin..I guess I’ve missed some good shit coz before the whole thing started everyone was looking forward to DJ Yasmin..

Should be quite a DJ I suppose..

*L>R – Griza’s bro, Griza, and Ren*

There were some others who are in the pics including Jason, Lisia, Kelli, Nigel Tee, Nicholas, David, and Jestina..

*The bloggers three*

They are Eshanz, Angel, Kristine, and Flora..

Well this group, is still on the verge to become a fan of Hennessy..Provided they have sufficient time and training, Hennessy will be one with their blood wtf..

*Old friends cum bloggers*

Needless to intro, Hikaru is in da house again, with old friend Jack, one of our kakis back in secondary school..

*The silent party-goers*

Well, I’ve invited Ade and her boyfriend Jeremy to the party as it’s their virgin visit for such Hennessy Artistry event..


The co-members of the pioneers in Coolerclub, Edmund and Howzan, had their fairshare of fun and coolness here..

*Cindy, Eri, and Ruby*

We also have MDG Season 1 winner, Cindy in the house, together with good friends Eri and Ruby..

It’s been quite some time since I last met Eri and I guess she’s doing great :D

*Sonia and Ju Nn*

Bumped into bloggers of the “darkside” and apparently they weren’t there with the “darkside”..They were on their own..

I was glad to know that and nice to meet them as well, without the attendance of the CEO of the “darkside”..

There’s already a slight bit of promotion for July’s Hennessy Artistry Series and it would be something great and big, as big as last year’s Flo Rida with Machi party at Bukit Kiara..

Check out last year’s Bukit Kiara at Part 1, 2, and 3..

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