YCOM @ Mist Club FTW

Young Comedians Of Malaysia is on the move again yo..

Went to Mist Club last Thursday for the YCOM Comedy Thursday..

Although, honestly, the crowd wasn’t quite pleasing but on the positive side, it’s getting better compared to their first appearance~! :D

It’s not a weird sight, considering Mist Club is relatively new in this clubbing industry so it’s all understandable it needs some time to build its fan-base here in Bangsar..

I guess it’s a matter of time for YCOM to create a new fan-base in Bangsar, after much success in KL and Damansara area..

*The dedicate fans*

These are the dedicated fans, like *cough* me *cough*..The familiar we see them in most of the YCOM’s acts..


Prepared with his Indian jokes to counter the so-called Indian-filled area, Bangsar, but most of the patrons that night made up of Chinese, so he said..


Jenhan, IMHO, one of the talented ones who always come out with fresh jokes and very much to our roots, which is easier to digest for certain groups of people who sometimes couldn’t understand jokes that are a bit Westernized..

It’s not easy to come up with fresh ideas and all..So more often, I think it’s definitely fine to put in some Western jokes that are much general so that people could understand more..

It’s a waste to think of something new but the crowd doesn’t understand the whole thing..FLAT~!!

*L>R – Alfred, Jenhan, Faisal, and Sri*

The usual bunch in Mist Club..If you happened to be somewhere around Mist Club say, Midvalley after work or after dinner, got no where to go, do head to Mist Club..

The YCOM Comedy Thursday is on every LAST THURSDAY of every month..

So the next comedy night would be on 30th July 2009..Mark down your calendar would ya?

But before that, do take note that this coming Thursday, 2nd July 2009, is YCOM’s first night at Velvet Underground, Zouk KL..Suppose to be in Little Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang but Little Havana is not under renovation..

I heard they’ll be trying out a whole new concept, just like “Whose Line Is It Anyway” style..

Be there yo~!! Check out the Facebook for more info..

Smirnoff Manchester United Limited Edition Launch @ Quattro, Avenue K

Two weeks ago, Joshua invited me to go to the Smirnoff Manchester United Limited Edition Launch at Quattro, Avenue K..

Thanks to Xaviera for inviting us to the event on 18th June 2009..

The event is actually the launching of Smirnoff limited edition promotional pack design that celebrates its partnership with Manchester United Football Club..

Photos credit to Joshua..

*The Smirnoff Manchester United Limited Edition Bottle*

So here’s the look of the bottle where you can see the faces of Park Ji-Sung, Ryan Giggs, Dimitar Berbatov, and Rio Ferdinand..

I would say Smirnoff (or maybe Man Utd) is pretty smart in here for not including the most high profile player in the package, that is Cristiano Ronaldo..

It’s like they already knew he would leave the team for good..I feel happy for Man Utd for offloading such arrogant and self-centered player, even if he’s a great player on-field..

*United Against Drink Driving~!!!*

Well for a moment I thought Smirnoff is promoting football hooliganism, where it’s one of the most serious issues in UK, I guess I was wrong..

One of the reasons behind this partnership is also to promote consciousness and awareness, that is to drink with responsibility and not creating chaos..

Continue and join contest to win weekly prizes!

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KLUE Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC, Part 1 – Booths And Friends

KLue Urbanscapes 2009 was quite a bomb~!!

I’ve missed all of the previous Urbanscapes events and I’ve heard so much about it especially the one held last year, the feedback was not bad..

This year’s Urbanscapes has expanded at least twice of last year’s area where more stalls or booths have been set up, and more performances by independent groups have been displayed..

IMHO, I would say it’s one of the biggest local arts festival that has ever held in Malaysia..

As I’m very much of a local scene supporter, I thought it would be quite fun to be there..

Initially I didn’t plan to go but after few invitations from friends, I actually gave in coz I really felt like going in the first place..

The down side of Urbanscapes 2009 was the ticketing system..I didn’t see any significant indications that the entrance fee is NOT compulsory..

The flashing button or “Pre-sale ticket for RM25″ being shown on the website is the main problem as it has misled people that they have to pay to enter KLPAC, or at least, that’s what MOST of my friends and I thought..

So I went in without a ticket and ABLE to access almost 80% of the whole event, except for watching independent local films and some local bands..

But soon after that I’ve managed to grab a pass from Nuffnang, thanks to Jestina :)

80% of the photos in here are NOT photoshopped and the 20% of it have gone through very mild of colors and levels editing..

*Baju Cap Beruang PopMalaya*

I approximated there were at least 50 stalls/booths at the bazaar/flea market near the ticket counter..

All of them selling clothes, accessories, and many other things such as memorabilia items, arts, poster, etc etc..

*Hot and crowded*

I reached there around 3pm and it was a bright sunny day..Sweat like hell in there with the crowd..

As expected I knew I would meet a lot of familiar faces there but I was not sure who I would meet..

As soon as I reached KLPAC walking into the bazaar area, I saw Jen‘s white-firing Neo parked on the roadside, so I gave her a call..

*Jen with her sweet 50D*

Of course, she’s not the only one who was there..Let’s see more..By the way, I like the vivid and bokeh of this pic..Nice..

*Barry and Suet Li*

Saw Barry and Suet Li there, and Suet said Su Ann was there too, but I didn’t managed to see her, somehow..

*Edward Choo, co-founder of Lah’ Lah’ Land*

Old secondary schoolmate Edward Choo, one of the 2 founders of Lah’ Lah’ Land, a so-called community where they share their passion in fashion and music..

*Prakash Daniel*

Prakash, an ex-UCSI-an, who’s with the bunch of KL Performing Arts group..

*Sharon and friend*

Then bumped into Sharon and it’s nice to see you there :D

Continue on for more photos and familiar faces..

Sorry if I ter-skodeng some of the pics here but I couldn’t resist it to capture “the moment” with the Sigma 70-300mm that I’ve borrowed..LOL~!!

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RIP King Of Pop Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

Got up at 10am today, got prepared and went for class..

On my way driving to uni, I tuned in to Mix FM, as I usually do..I felt kinda weird listening to it..

It’s actually kinda rare to listen to Michael Jackson’s song on Mix FM, even though it’s a variety radio channel playing mild-oldies to current hits, what’s more it’s old song like “Thriller”..

The next song was another old song by Michael Jackson, I couldn’t really remember, say “Remember The Time”..

Never felt something amiss, reached uni in less than 10-minutes, and that’s also the amount of time for 2 songs..

Finished my lab session at 1pm, left uni and drove back home..Tuned in to Mix FM again, still airing Michael Jackson’s song..I was like “WTF?!?!”..

Okay fine, tuned in to Fly FM, same shit..Hitz FM, same shit..All I heard was Michael Jackson’s songs and nothing much from the DJ..

Only thing I heard from the DJs was, “Here’s Thriller, to celebrate his 50-years of life”..Hmm, so I guess it’s either he died, or it’s his 50-years of career anniversary thing..

Got home, logged in to Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, MSN, all paying tribute to Michael Jackson..Okay, so he’s dead..

The legendary King of Pop is dead..The paedophile is dead..The walking plastic legendary musician is dead due to cardiac arrest, which has yet to be confirmed the details..

I know his death might be insignificant to some and even to myself, but watching him and listening to him since I was young, damn young, definitely leave a tiny scratch in my heart..

He’s at least, an influential musician who take music industry to a whole new level with his songs and dances, especially the very famous Moonwalk..

In the past 10 years his career has been eclipsed by his controversies of child sexual abuse, marriage problems, and many others..

For him to die in the current situation when he has got no chance to redeem himself, it’s actually much more saddening than his cause of death..

However his bad image is, he’s still the only King of Pop that has ever lived, and his legacy will be remembered for at least another half century..

It’s not only rubbish talk, IMHO, he’s THE ONE AND ONLY musician who is able to make his fans cry just by looking at him, watching his concert, and faint for no reason at all..

Suddenly flashbacks playing in my mind, remembering the old days when I sat in front of the TV set watching Michael Jackson’s MTVs like “Beat It”, “Bad”, “Smooth Criminal”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, etc etc..

I remember I had a VCR tape, yest he black one, I used to record Michael Jackson’s MTVs whenever I see it on TV..

*Michael Jackson in his “Billie Jean” MTV*

I grew up listening to the old Michael Jackson’s of “Billie Jean”, where all the things he stepped on will light up..

Continue on for more of my dealings with Michael Jackson during the peak of his fame..

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Transformers 2 – Revenge Of The Fallen, No Spoiler

Was sulking last week coz couldn’t join Nuffnang‘s Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen premiere screening at Cineleisure on Monday, 22nd June 2009..

Then on Monday at 7pm, Ren phoned me..

Ren : Eh Yat, tonight you free?
Me : Free ah..Why ah?
Ren : You are not going to Transformers is it?
Me : Nope..No ticket..
Ren : Oh, you want to go?
Me : Got extra ticket meh?
Ren : I got..
Me : Eh? You didn’t invite anyone?
Ren : Got..I’ve invited Andrew but he’s sick..So now I find you to replace him..Want?
Me : The movie what time again? Venue?
Ren : 9.30pm..Cineleisure..
Me : Ok set..I’ll be there late a bit maybe around 9pm..Having dinner at home..
Ren : Ok see you there later..

So I had my dinner as fast as I could, get readied, left home at 8.20pm..Sped all the way to Cineleisure..

Reached there at about 9pm and got no problem to find parking in The Curve..

*The Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen premiere screening ticket*

The movie continued from where it left off in Transformers 1..It’s a 2 and a half hours movie..

No worries no spoilers ahead..

In the middle of the movie, I wanted to go to the toilet but afraid if I’ll miss some of the actions, although at the moment when I thought I should coz there’s not much actions going on..

But what if I walked off and then the action starts? Shit, I just glued to my seat til the movie ends..

One word to describe and many of them..




I’m so gonna watch it again..

Laugh With FUSED Comedy Night @ Mist Club

Yes people, it’s the last week of the month again and it’s time for some laughing stocks..

Young Comedians Of Malaysia (YCOM) is bringing us FUSED Comedy Night at Mist Club again this coming Thursday, 25th of June 2009..

I’d been to their debut night one month ago and it was quite the bomb that I laughed all the way to my bed, and even in my dreams wtf..

Here are two videos that Joshua had recorded on that night..

*The reason Malaysian Kabinet is so lousy*

*Malay language is also known as English Beta Ver2.0*

I bet there’ll be much more funny and dying jokes that will make my tali perut pecah..

If you wish to die faster laugh all night long, be there at Mist Club this coming Thursday, 25th June 2009 before 9pm to get the best seat..

Club cover charge applies, RM35 inclusive of 1 drink if not mistaken..

Mist Club is just beside NSTP building at No 18 Jalan Liku off Jalan Riong, 59100 Bangsar..