Freedom 09 Music Festival

How do you define freedom? Freedom of course is very subjective depending on the individual’s mindset..

According to Princeton Online Dictionary, freedom means

  • the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints
  • exemption: immunity from an obligation or duty

My definition of freedom, to be able to escape from the hectic city life and of course, the life as a uni student..

The best of all, to be able to run away from the busy life for a while, even if it’s just one or two days, and listen to live music performance just to ease my mood..

I do believe music is a kind of remedy to boredom, and the outcome would free one’s mind before the reality check comes again..

To support my belief, 2 Days of FREEDOM music festival is here in town for music lovers to enjoy to some live music performances..

And the manifesto of FREEDOM is none other than the way of life, of how one wants it to be, rather than follow by the rules, in one particular time..


The best thing to start with is, check out their website at www.freedom

Now, the most important thing is, the line-up of the 2-days music festival..

The main act has to be Ferry Corsten and Above & Beyond..

*Ferry Corsten*

This 36-year old Dutchman rose to fame in the late 90′s when his solo project of System F gained recognition in the UK Chart..

His popularity further improved when he collaborated with famous DJs and musicians like DJ Tiesto, Vincent de Moor, and Robert Smit..

*Above & Beyond*

Above & Beyond, a trance music group formed in year 2000 by Jono Grant (British), Tony McGuinness (British), and Paavo Siljamaki (Finnish)..

Despite the slow start of their DJ career, they are now considered headline acts and make regular appearances at some of the worlds biggest music festival..

*Markus Schulz*

Next up, one of the international acts, Markus Schulz, a German trance music DJ and producer who is best-known for his weekly radio show entitled “Global DJ Broadcast”..

Now you’ve know all of the main acts, FREEDOM is bringing in 2 special guest DJs to make the music festival livelier..

*16 Bit Lollitas*

16 Bit Lollitas, from Netherlands, played a very niche music of their own creation, which they showcase their talent in mixing rhythm and beats and express it through the turntable..

Although I’ve not really heard of their bits but I’m expecting something as good, or niche, as our homegrown group LapSap, which plays hard-funky-retro-mix..

Do check out their MySpace : 16 Bit Lollitas..


Australian DJ and producer, tyDi, currently listed as Australia’s #1 DJ according to a Top 50 DJ Poll conducted by Sony..

In 2008, tyDi was invited by ID&T, a Dutch entertainment and medium enterprise that organizes the largest dance events in the world, to close Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve party..

Later on, tyDi was again invited for another worldwide event which saw him share the stage with international acts Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, and Tiesto..

I can’t wait to see these 2 DJs to perform live at the 2-days FREEDOM music festival..They are simply sensational..

Now, with all these world-class DJs, I definitely hope it would be a world-class music festival that would gain recognition around the globe and put Malaysia in the limelight..

*Festive info*

Like what you can see, it’s going to be a 2-days music festival, for you to experience the FREEDOM that is being pushed by the organizer..

First thing off, I know it would be a nice proper music festival as the organizers reserve the right to deny entry to any individuals with attires deemed improper or indecent..I don’t really hope to see any havoc to be happening inside..

REMEMBER to check out the DO’s and DON’Ts as you might have to face legal action should you break the law and I guessed that’s the last thing you want it to happen on you..

A music festival is still, a festival with laws to obey..Just because we have FREEDOM doesn’t mean we should abuse it..We still have to obey the law..

If you really thought so, then I’m sorry you are at the wrong place my friend..

*Ticket prices*

Tickets are on sale now at participating Axcess Ticket outlets..

Do check out the official site for more info, fun-filled games and also some photo galleries..Furthermore, there is member privilege where FREEDOM members enjoy ticket price up to RM30 per pass..

Just log on to to find out how..

I can already imagine the success of this music festival despite the global economic downturn issue and also the competitiveness of music festivals in Malaysian-shore in the recent years..

All images above are screen-captured from Freedom 09 Official Site..

See you guys there!

Twist It Up By Hydro Phonics And DJ Tob @ Mist Club

Twist It Up, a famous Hip Hop Party by Hydro Phonics that has been going on around some parts of Asia, including Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong, and now in Kuala Lumpur..

Well, not that I’ve heard of Hydro Phonics but since they are playing something “in” and the theme is Hip Hop Party, I don’t see a reason why I don’t like it..LOL~!!

FYI, Hydro Phonics is actually one of the MCs for the duo group 4Dub (Four Dub)..The other one is MC Akil..

MC Akil is former member of Jurassic 5, a world-renowned US hip hop group whose songs and albums reached the top of the Billboard charts..

Together with Jurassic 5, Akil has collaborated with the likes of Dave Matthews, Nelly Furtado, and Ice T #5..

Check out 4Dub’s 2009 electronic press kit..


Check out their website at MySpace at 4Dub Thailand..

Their website is actually Asia’s #1 most played hip hop group on MySpace with over 1-million plays..

Not to forget, DJ Tob of Bangkok Invaders will guest dj for Twist It Up, just for the KL scene..

Make yourself free this coming Saturday, 23rd May 2009 and head over to Mist Club, Bangsar..

Tickets @ Door: RM35 inclusive of a drink
EARLY BIRD: RM25 inclusive of a drink

Call 017-3731307 for enquiries or Chee Ching at 012-5320733 for earlybird tix purchases..

Else, you can check out the Facebook Page at Twist It Up or Mist Club’s blog at

Make sure you know your way to Mist Club yeah..

So see you guys there~!!

All pics taken from the Facebook page..

I’m A Standout In Life

It’s pretty obvious that I’m standout in my own league with my very own traits..

Everyone knows I have a very distinctive long hair and it’s even longer than some, if not most, of the girls that I know..

I mean, how many guys out there have long silky smooth hair like mine wtf..Muahahahaha *devilish laughter*

Somehow it’s a tad contradicting that I used to have GI hairstyle back in secondary school and now I’m all out with a rocker image..

I can even headbang like no one else did but ended up with stiff neck and shoulders..

Now that I can tell people I ROCK with an image, not just crap talkings..

*Head bang to the tune of Muse’s Time Is Running Out*

And to cap my so-called success, I headbanged at the recent Sunburst Festival 09 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club with Korn, all sing “All Day I Dream About Sex (A.D.I.D.A.S)” together yo~!!


Live it up as a rocker yo! Talk about rocker, I’ve impersonated John Lennon before..

*Make love, not war~!!*

After the event only I thought that I should impersonate Kitaro instead of John Lennon..LOL~!!

Apart from headbanging and being a rocker all, I can do just about anything with my long hair..

I’ve cosplayed dressed up as Sadako, of The Ring fame (some thought it’s of Ju-on fame, which is not) at Nuffnang’s Silent Halloween Party last year..

And how many of them actually fully utilized their body parts? I mean, hair?

*Hair down or hair up?*

If you think that’s not standout nor cool enough, I even roamed Jalan Kia Peng with the crazy bunch and created a bit of havoc on the street..


If you still think that’s not standout enough, we walked all the way from Borneo Baruk Club to Pavillion and sat down for some coffee talk at Coffee Bean..

*Queuing for some coffee and scares the customer in front of me*

Well, I don’t only have long hair but I’m funny at times, too..I dare to say it’s one of my best personalities that gets me clique and connected with friends and all..

I’ve fallen asleep in the bathroom and was captured by the camera..

*Me likes Doraemon..Doraemon likes me*

If sleeping in the bathroom and got captured by the camera isn’t standout enough, how bout sleeping in the lecture hall?

It was an early morning class and I couldn’t stand it, I just slept there and then..

*Lecture? Sleep better*

Not standout enough just yet? I sleep on the road as well, it might prevent accident..Think if you are god damn sleepy and you still want to drive..

Possibility of running into an accident is quite high..Best remedy, sleep it away..

*Sleeping on a winding road*

Standout or not, it’s up to you to decide..But then again, I do believe that everyone is standout in his/her own way, whether you like it or not..

Of course, to be an outstanding person, do it with something that is rare or get a limited edition item, such as the new limited edition bottle of Tiger Beer..

*Graphysics, Rise, and Energy*

Should the most outstanding blogger please stand up, please stand up..

Maybe it is me indeed~!!!


Til then, see you guys at Nuffnang Standout Tiger Beer Party..

Ray Of Light A New Fetish

The other day, got nothing much to do in my uni coz I only have one class on that day..So I brought my cam to uni and started to play around with it..

Saw some good shit of ray of lights..The sun and clouds were doing a great job that day..

Started to shoot around, looked good in my camera, but after I’ve transferred the photos into my pc, they looked different..Totally different~!!

Very much to my philoshophy of learning photography in trying not to photoshop my photos, but I have to do it in this batch of photos..

At the same time, I’ve included the original pic before photoshop is done..

So yeah..Comments keep coming in..Heh..

*First attempt*

My first attempt, the result on my cam is quite nice and again, it isn’t after I’ve transferred into my pc..

For this I’ve used shutter 1/40 and F36 with ISO100..White balance in auto mode..Not bad for first try I guess..

*Second attempt*

Then same setting, I only changed the shutter speed to 1/25, trying to make the clouds look brighter..

*Double ray*

Same as the second pic, shutter 1/25, F36 with auto-white balance..ISO100..

*Bigger ray*

Still the same settings as previous pic..

*Dooms day*

I quite like this pic..I took this pic by using Bracketing function, which is to shoot 3 continuous pics with a pre-set metering mode..

It’s actually a function for people to do HDR (High Dynamic Range-imaging) photo, which I’ve asked my friend to do it for me by using the 3 photos..

But for the pic above, I’ve used the photo of shutter 1/25, F32, ISO100, manual settings for white balance, 6500K with Magenta compensation of level 5, exposure compensation of -0.3..

*Lights of heaven*

For this, I’ve used shutter 1/40, F25, ISO100, white balance of 5500K and zero for color filter (green and magenta compensation)..

*HDR of the Dooms day*

It’s done by my friend, by stacking up 3 pics of different exposure and some minor post-process work resulted a HDR photo..

Well, not my best attempts..I’ve more to share but yeah, wait till next batch..

Til then, see you guys and have a great week ahead..Do comment and give your say..

Tagged Update

Well, I don’t really do tags or meme ever since like, 1-2 years ago?

Now I’ve been tagged by Ai Leng and it’s about 16 random things or something..So coincidentally Catherine also tagged me some times back and it’s almost the same thing..

I think it’s time for me to update my friends and all..

1. I’ve just bank-in my Nuffnang cheque few days ago..

2. Before I received my cheque in my mailbox I’ve already spent 80% of it..

3. After I got my cheque, I used up everything to buy DSLR, and I got myself a SONY A200..


4. Many known me for being a fan of either Nikon or Canon and quite look down on SONY, and yet I still buy a SONY because I’ve a tight budget..

5. With the same price I could get myself a Nikon D40/D50/D70 or Canon 350D/400D, but I would rather not coz all of these models are quite old compared to SONY A200..

6. Even if I buy either Nikon or Canon, I would face difficulty in expanding my collection of lens, should I expand it sooner or later..

7. I bought it from a forum and Jolyn brought it to me all the way from Penang Island on last Friday, the day she came down for Nuffnang’s LG Party..Thanks Jolyn :)

8. I just COD (Cash On Delivery) my kitlens (DT 18-70mm) on Friday at The Curve, the day Malaysian Dreamgirls (MDG) Finale is being held..


9. I’m intended to shoot landscape photos and try to polish my skills til the extend that I don’t need to photoshop my pics and it will be uploaded into my blog as of what I got from my cam..

10. I got my DSLR for 1-week by now and I’ve already shot at least 300 pics..

11. So far I’m quite satisfied with my SONY A200 and I’m pretty sure it will serve me for quite some time until I got enough money to switch back to either the “yellow one” or the “red one”..

12. Although I’m using SONY A200 and am very satisfied with it, but in my heart I’m still with both Nikon and Canon DSLR *fist chest*..

13. Due to my tight budget, I certainly hope this SONY A200 will be my stepping stone in helping me in polishing my skills before I have enough fund to invest in Nikon or Canon..

14. I hope there is more studio photoshoot for me/us to practice..Any girls want to be a model for us, do leave me a comment and I’ll email you ;)


15. I’m getting involve in photography is because of my interest in shooting landscape photos, before I go advance in shooting people or portrait..

16. I have fetish in shooting clouds/sky, slow shutter photos, and also macro..


That’s how deep (or maybe shallow) my interest in photography..I’m still a noob and need lots of practice and training in controlling shutter speed and aperture in low light condition..

Til then, see you guys around..

Nigel VS Yatz @ Sunburst 09

Well, if you still remember that I’ve blogged about Sunburst KL 09 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian not long ago..Before Estranged performance we actually played some fun-filled games..

Guess I’ll call it The Wrestler..Kelli suggested that Nuffnang’s January 09 Featured Blogger, Nigel, should have a real fight with Nuffnang’s March 09 Featured Blogger, yours truly..

Both of us think we should have a duel to see who is better in blogging fighting..

Photos taken by David..

*Nigel and yours truly*

So, people were queueing and waiting for their turn to play the game..

It was our turn after like about 5 rounds of games from other people, so we went into the wrestling suit..

*The funny wrestling suit*

The wrestling suit is all spongy and pad-filled to avoid any unforeseen injury..


Both of us were ready to rumble in our wrestling suit and the referee blew the whistle to kickoff the game..

*Tango way*

Before us, there few players played recklessly where they actually ran towards their opponent and eventually lose balance and fell on the ground without the opponent doing anything..

So, we did it slow and steady ala sumo type, push front and back..


Then Nigel couldn’t stand it, he pushed forward and adjusted my steps a little..He actually fell to the ground..

To wrap off the wrestling game, one have to do his/her signature move..So here I go..

*BUARGHHH~!!! DIE~!!! DIE~!!!*

It was very fun and all..It would be nice to be included in any house party..LOL..

Watch the video that Christock recorded and it was Nigel who did the signature move on me..