Jojo Little Kitchen @ Kuchai Entrepenuer Park

Well, for no reason, I’ve got like don’t know how many so-called spam comments from valid commentors in my blog post about Miharja Pan Mee..

Not really spams, but, they discussed bout Kuchai Jojo Little Kitchen in my Miharja Pan Mee entry..Weird..

Anyhow, the comment thingy was quite effective wtf..So I went to try it out with both of my sisters..

If you know where is Kuchai Entrepenuer Park, then I shouldn’t be a problem to locate Jojo Little Kitchen..

It’s behind a row of shoplots nearby well-known shops like Winson Fish Head Noodle and Wingz Cafe..

*Jojo Little Kitchen*

If you are not familiar with the place, you might missed the corner shop with its not quite striking signboard..

But that’s not really a problem to them coz they have quite a lot of regular customers..

*The place and my two younger sisters, Min and Shan*

Then we ordered different type of pan mee..Didn’t really know what to choose, we just made random orders..

Other than pan mee they also sell other kinds of noodles and finger food..

Read on for more mouth-watering pics and pan mee..By the way, all of the pics in this entry are NOT photoshop, only resizing and watermarks..It’s all straight from my camera..

*Lat Jiu Pan Mee a.k.a Chilli Pan Mee*

I’ve ordered Lat Jiu Pan Mee, the Jojo style of making Chili Pan Mee, same shit as Kin Kin and Super Kitchen..

Well, the noodle and chili are not bad but, the noodle need a bit of improvement..The noodles actually stick together and it made me like biting on a chunk of dough..

I’m not too sure whether the noodles are stick together when they were boiling it in the hot boiling water, or they stick together because of the egg yolk..

*Knife Cut Noodle*

I don’t know why they named it Knife Cut Noodle for the torn pan mee..

Apparently, the noodles are knife-cut, and it’s not torn nor shredded..Now that makes sense..Thanks to one of the readers for clarifying it..

The soup is quite nice and it suits most of the people’s taste buds..

*Herbal Chicken Pan Mee Soup*

This one, the soup based is herbal chicken and it’s not that strong if compared to Super Kitchen’s Herbal Chicken Pan Mee..

But, it’s something of my liking as I found that Super Kitchen’s one too strong that it struck my nostrils and all every time I had it..

Although the soup is not that strong here but it’s something sweet and I think most people would like it as well..

The chicken, although they used mostly the breast part which the meat isn’t that smooth, it’s quite tender and the taste of herb really kicked into the chicken meat..

*Eat eat eat*

That’s my Chili Pan Mee after I mix the chili in the bowl ala Kin Kin style..

The chili I must say it’s quite hot but it’s quite dry..They should improve it on that part and providing a small bowl of soup would be sufficient enough..

*The soup is nice*

Both of my sisters got a bit into drink soup frenzy as they found soup of both their Herbal Chicken and Soup noodle are very nice..

The time that we had lunch didn’t really helped as well as we had it at about 3pm..LOL~!!


Last but not least, the Chili Pan Mee taste good as well..Just that, really, I have to stress that it’s a tad bit too dry..

And the noodle stick together and all, I really don’t know how’s that happened but it never occurred to me whenever I had it in Super Kitchen..

IMHO, the noodles should be separated for better chewing..All stick together, a bit not so chewing-friendly..

So yeah, all in all, it’s a place that’s worth to check out..

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28 thoughts on “Jojo Little Kitchen @ Kuchai Entrepenuer Park

  1. ink27 >> lol yeah..
    Autumn Babe >> hahaha..btw since when you are a babe? :P
    Simon Seow >> yeah..Face To Face..

  2. Hey, I remember you =)
    Jojo Little Kitchen and Jojo Pan Mee are different.
    Lat Jiu Pan Mee, is special for its stickness. The egg yolk is the only ‘gravy’ for it. I just love LJPM. =D
    The noodles of Knifecut Noodle are ‘knifed cut’? ‘knife cutted’? . It’s not torn or tear. =S
    Thanks for visiting us. WHEE!!!

  3. Hi guys, JoJo Little Kitchen (Kuchai Lama) is opening its branch in Puchong Jaya this Sunday 28th June and officially open with special opening promotion from Monday 29th June onwards. Just RM5.00 for any noodle of your choice plus a drink or its delicious homemade tau foo fa!!

    Address: 51, Jalan Kenari 21, Puchong Jaya…opposite IOI Mall, same row with Pizza Hut.

  4. your service not really good…
    i ask a meal “ma lak pan mee”…. once important things that the menu not mension is beef… when it serve in front of me n i ask 1 of the waiter (fat lady) she also don’t know the menu serve to me and scoop up the food in front of me…. no manners !
    as i test it….. bad taste. very disapointed !!

    Kuchai Lama Branch (HQ)

  5. Regular customer, very sorry to hear that u did not have a pleasant visit to our shop.
    As for “malak pan mee” (Hot and Spicy Pan mee), it’s actually pork, is it not beef.
    We do serve Stewed Beef Pan Mee once in a blue moon.
    I sincerely apologize for the unpleasant visit u had.

  6. I always go for pan mee when I want to eat spicy stuff. But after being disappointed a few times, I don’t think I will actually go there anymore. I ordered cry curry pan mee and they gave me wet curry pan mee. When I told the waitress about it, she took it to the back and came back with “dry” curry pan mee. But it was obvious she just threw the curry away, rather than giving me the actual “dry curry”. It’s such a difficult experience getting the waiters/waitresses to understand your order just because they don’t speak our language well. Bad English, Bad Malay, Bad Chinese. Waited for so long, the service was so slow. I am so cheesed off.

  7. customer >> wow..that’s quite a bad experience..well i’ve just tried like 2-3 not comment bout their customer service..and coming to chilli pan mee, i still prefer Super Kitchen :D

  8. Just wanna Ask .. The JoJo Pan mee izzit a Franchise ??? im really interested about it !!
    u can email to me ( Or call me directly 012-385 6448.
    Thank you ~

  9. Hi Yatz, I am interested with Jojo little kitchen fanchise if it is a franchise business.
    My mobile: 012 2849 718.


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