DGMB 1 Year Anniversary Cum Bloggers Movie Meet 3 @ Cineleisure

On 26th of April 2009, which was like 1 month ago, was the very date we “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang” (DGMB) group had another movie outing to mark our 1-year meeting anniversary..

One year ago, we watched “Definitely, Maybe” and one year after, we watched “He’s Just Not That Into You”, at the very same place, Cineleisure..

This time around, we’d opened up the meeting to more bloggers and it’s fun meeting new people and all..

Pictures all credit to Nigel, Kelli, and Joshua..95% of the pictures are from Nigel..LOL~!!

*Bloggers at McDonald’s*

We met up at Cineleisure’s McDonald’s and the turn out was quite good, about 36 of us..

It was quite a feat considering we are not any organization nor community..Actually I reckoned we could have gathered more people but some couldn’t make it or got no transport..

At about 2.30pm we roamed the cinema and took a group photo before we entered the hall and all..

*Group pic*

The movie was, nice..Simply nice, because it depicted some true events that is actually happening in our society everywhere in the world..

To find true love, involve in extra-marital affairs, and many more, that sometimes rationality couldn’t come into the picture when you are in dilemma and all..

And to my surprise, the movie has quite a number of well known actors and actresses, such as Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Jenifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, and few others..

I would rate it 7.5/10, thanks to its good plot and storyline..I just love it..

Read on for more lovely pics and a surprise marriage proposal from a guy to his girlfriend in the cinema..

*Marriage proposal*

Almost at the end of the movie, before the credits rolled up, suddenly the big screen showed some picture slides and there was a group of people singing at the front..

Candles being lit up by people standing along the stairs..

Suddenly, a pair of couple, sitting in the middle, we being flashed by spotlights..The guy, briefly told the whole hall how he loves his girlfriend and how they met and got together for the past 10-years..

Then, the guy took out a red box, believed to be ring in it, kneel down right in front of his girlfriend, and proposed to her..

Most of the girls in the hall were overjoyed with tears..Me too, was overjoy, excited, and touched by his acts..He’s one great guy..

The girlfriend then said YES and the hugged each other happily..Shit, now I feel the atmosphere again..

Here I wish the couple live happily ever after..*Sobs*

After the movie, we snapped a group photo in the cinema..

*Cinema group pic*

Right after the movie we proceed to hang around for a while at Laundry, The Curve so that everyone could know each other better and all..

Well, it’s not that we DGMB members don’t know each other and all but we have to give chance to the others to know us better and vice versa..

*Together gather*

Everyone was up for camwhoring and that’s the spirit as a blogger..Make yourself standout and get into the group..

But a piece of advice, don’t be too standout or obsessive over something..Otherwise the whole group might think you are a psycho or something..


Man, I love this photo collage..LOL~!!

There were so many of us that we could barely talk to each other coz the joint tables were so long..

To make us more standout, we were the only patrons there at that time..Okay there were like 2 or 3 more couples there but they sat inside..

So yeah, we stole the limelight wtf..

*Long table*

You see, there were like about 10 people in between both ends, how could we talk right?

But then again, it’s the outing and the people who made it to the movie that day that made it a special day and a special outing for us to commemorate the existence of DGMB for 1-year long, and still running..

*The DGMBs*

There are few more of the DGMB members who couldn’t make it coz they were studying in UK..Hwei Ming and Amy, come back and we do another gathering~!!

It was great to know all of them and we went through ups and downs, altogether..

When you are in a big group there’s always bound to have conflict of ideas and views but what’s important is share it, discuss about it with an open mind, and solve it with an open heart..

I’m proud to be part of DGMB..Long live DGMB and hope it will keep on running, as long as we can.. :)

Bloggers attended..

DGMBThomas, Pamsong, Joshua, Kelli, Nigel, David, Aaron, Linora, Dillon, Stanley, and me..

Non-DGMBHsu Jen, Andrew, Mikeyip, Steph, Chung Lern, Steph, Jeffro, Yi Shan, Tallen, Sin Yee, Jamie, Jess Chong, Jess Tan, Jan, Christock, Simonseow, Nigel, Ewin, Alex, Jack, Melvin, Alvin, Suresh, Linora’s bf, and Tim Tam..

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  1. JM >> it all goes back to 1-year ago, where we met up for a movie..and no, DGMB are strictly just us, outsiders still can join our outings though :)

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