PC Fair April 2009

Last week on 10th-12th of April 2009 was the week where the first PC Fair of 2009 is being held, in KL Convention Centre, again..

Once again, Jonathan somewhat organized a LYN Bloggers gathering and roamed PC Fair together, which is a good idea..

We had Saimatkong, Danny Foo, Bryan, Aaron, Jonathan, and I walking around searching for things..

Now regarding products and items being sold in PC Fair, nothing is especially cheap..Most items are almost the same price with the market price or what people called Lowyat-price..

I actually got myself a Seagate 3.5″ Hard Disk Drive (HDD) of 500GB to replace my soon-to-crash Maxtor HDD of 80GB..

How much was it? Just RM185 for a 500GB HDD..Yes, same price with Lowyat shops..Now I have more space for animes and movies..Muahahaha *devilish laugh*..

HDD is crazy cheap now due to the introduction of Solid State Drive (SSD)..

Okay I know, enough of bullshits..All you want is girls from the fair right..Here you go..

All photos credit to Aaron..

*The two gurus..LOL*

Well, as a photographer, it’s a norm for them to carry their big ass DSLR around and shooting girls people and all..

As for me, I’ve already shy-ed myself away from taking photos of girls that I snap clouds in the last PC Fair..This time, I didn’t even got a camera with me..LOL..

*Hui Wern*

Ok, I just got to know this girl’s name is Hui Wern..Don’t ask me how I know it..Take it or leave it :P

*Panasonic Lumix*

If you are smart enough you would know their name IS NOT Panasonic and Lumix..Lumix is the flagship camera model of Panasonic god damnit..

*Ruumz and Lumix*

If you guys didn’t know, Ruumz is actually a social-networking cum photo-printing website, where you can make friends as well as to get the photos that you want to be printed out, and will be mailed straight to your door step..

Lumix girl, Yvonne, a friend of mine, and many other people, that’s for sure..LOL

Bumped onto her that day and was it pure luck or what..She’s working for only 1 day, in replace of her friend..It’s nice to see you again Yvonne :)

*Sony and PDA Arena*

This girl from Sony is very sweet~~!! Me like..Hehehe..Okay, too sweet is not good, beware of obesity and Hepatities C wtf..

Tzia, again worked for PDA Arena..It’s been quite some time since I last met her..Okay, I met her at Nuffnang Music Bash..Oh well..

*Err..Forgotten which booth*

Yeah sorry..Forgotten which booth these 2 girls belonged to..Enlighten me if you know..


Actually there were 5 of them but the time we reached the booth, only these 2 girls were there..And I got to know the girl on the right named Gloria..LOL~!!

Oh, I actually bumped into Poh hong and Pay Shuen as well..LOL..Tedewein, Han Joon, and Keat Kian were with them too..

Old friends back in school days..Aaahhh good ol’ days..

Mika Nakashima – Sakurairo Maukoro

Well, I first came to know Mika Nakashima was her Gundam SEED’s ending track, “Find The Way”..

Other than that, she also acted in Nana – Live Action, a movie of a manga adaptation of the same title, Nana..

In the movie, she performed “Glamorous Sky”, which is one of her greatest singles as well..

The movie further cemented her career as a singer and also ventured more in-depth into acting as well..

This song, “Sakurairo Maukoro”, a single from her third album, “Music”, released on 9th of March 200..

“Sakurairo Maukoro” is loosely translated as “When We Dance in the Cherryblossom’s Color”..

Up to date, in my opinion she’s one of Japan’s most successful female artistes considering her huge fanbase all around the world..

Anyway, here’s the video and lyrics..

Enjoy the song, it’s a slow, serene, nice melodic song..


Mika Nakashima – Sakurairo Maukoro

Sakurairo maukoro, watashi wa hitori
Osae kirenu mune ni tachi tsuku shiteta

Wakabairo moyureba omoi afurete
Subete wo miushinai anata he nagareta

Meguru kigi tachi dakega
Futari wo miteita no
Hito dokoro ni wa todomare nai to
Sotto oshie nagara

Karehairo someteku anata no tonari
Utsurui yuku hibi ga ai he to kawaru no

Douka kigi tachi dake wa
Kono omoi wo mamotte
Mou ichido dake futari no uede
Sotto ha wo yurashite

Yagate toki wa futari wo
Doko he yakonde yuku no
Tada hitotsu dake tashikana ima wo
Sotto dakishimeteita

Yuki keshou madoe wa omoi hagurete
Ashiato mo keshiteku otonaki itazura

Douka kigi tachi dake wa
Kono omoi wo mamotte
“Eien” no naka futari todomete
Koko ni iki tsudukete

Meguru kigi tachi dakega
Futari wo miteita no
Hito dokoro ni wa todomare nai to
Sotto oshie nagara

Sakurairo maukoro, watashi wa hitori
Anata he no omoi wo kamishimeta mama

Nuffnang Music Bash 09 Powered By Maxis Broadband @ Maison – Contests & Games

Make love, not war..Check out Red Carpet if you have not..

Okay, here’s what we got from the games and contests..

By the way, I went as John Lennon okay..Some came up to and asked, “Who are you ah?”..I stared cock at them..How can you not recognise the hippy style?!?!

Okay fine..One came up to me and said to me, “Are you a Red Indian??”..I stared cock him as well..I mean, which part of me look like Red Indian, other than the head band..

Then, Germaine asked me, “Are you Pocahontas??”..I was like WTF~?!?!! Which part of me look like Pocahontas and which of Pocahontas looks like music celebrity to you??? =_______=

Photos credit to Aaron, by using Andrew‘s Nikon D300..

Not any great games as compared to previous events but I must say that it’s relatively relevant to its theme, Music Bash..

So everything that we’ve played, we’ve done, we’ve enjoyed, we’ve laughed, all based on music thingy..

So first off, Liang picked up 6 contestants, 3 girls and 3 guys, to compete in the sing-your-lung-out contest wtf..

*The participants and Liang the funny guy*

Well, not that I know who are they, I only know Bryan and Zach, and the eventual winner for guys was Bryan and the winner for female was Natalie..

They won a pair of sunglasses from…..I don’t know what brand is that..Ask them yourself..

Then, another game went on..Another 4 participants went up the stage..

They were Jeffro, Jason, Hitomi, and, the girl in that sexy dress, I’ve forgotten her name..Yvonne or something? LOL wtf..

*Jason and Jeffro showing their thang*

Okay, the catch was, they have to follow the dance or the moves in the MTV of Single Ladies by Beyonce..See the screen on the background..

*Hitomi and the other girl, is it name Yvonne?*

Even Hitomi couldn’t resist laughter and all coz it was so funny and hilarious that the whole club laughed at it..

*Liang doing it..Then Evelyn and Ben went on stage*

The Liang gave another chance to other bloggers and it was Evelyn and Ben’s luck to win an Armani belt..Is it Armani? Or CK? Forgotten..Bummer..

Okay, it proves that Evelyn did better than the other two and Jeffro still kicked ass..Ben, apa la luuuu..

More about The Nuffnang All Stars, Jai Ho dance, and most rationale reason why I got nominated for Best Impersonator..

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Nuffnang Music Bash 09 Powered By Maxis Broadband @ Maison – Red Carpet

MUSIC BASH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It’s already a week after the event and I still feel the fame of a music celebrity in me *beams*..

Well okay, not really..Not that I splurged a lot on my attire for that night..I made use of my own clothes and be what I can do best, with my long hair..

So it was Nuffnang Music Bash ’09 and it was held in Maison, Jalan Yap Ah Shak a.k.a Heritage Row, the clubbing haven..

*Emcee, Liang and the security girls guards*

It’s no stranger for long time Nuffnangers to see Liang as the emcee for another Nuffnang event once again..

The security girls guards were hot as well, enough to fend of die hard fans who might sabotaged the event wtf..

*The Holograms, of Jem cartoon fame*

The Holograms, were no other than Anne Marie, David, Hsu Jen, Nigel, Kelli, Joshua, and Andrew, the bloggers themselves..

They got the idea from Jem and The Holograms, a 1980′s animated television series, which I watched every Sunday morning back then..LOL~!!! I know it sounds gay but SERIOUSLY~!!!

*L>R – PPC’s friend, Chu Pah Pink Pork Chop (PPC), Joanna, Zoe, Sue*

Well, I don’t know what they dressed as but according to Zoe, she went as Paris Hilton..EPIC FAIL~!!! LOL~!!!

Okay, I was a bit late due make-up and all (not me of course)..With my long hair, one could have guessed I’m going to go as a rocker..

Everyone was wrong..I went as John Lennon, an image of his hippy era, not the Beatles era..

You’ll be seeing lots of it..LOL~!!

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4Play Feat DJ Noodles & Cat Got Your Tongue @ Zouk & Barsonic

Yes baybeh..If you want to get some amazing foreplay, get your ass up and pats off the dust, head over to Zouk this coming Thursday people..

This week’s 4Play’s highlight is where DJ Noodles, all the way from Taiwan, will be performing alongside Double the beatboxer..

*DJ Noodles, taken from Facebook event page*

She’s a so-called party queen and a great turntablist..Check out her Myspace @ DJ Noodles..

To add to the 4Play line-up it’s no other than resident DJ of DJ Goldfish, Luqe, and MC Point Blance themselves~!!

I must say 4Play is an awesome night where I’ve celebrated my 25th birthday there, thanks to my beloved friends~!!

Other than that, it’s another installment of Cat Got Your Tongue (CGYT) series, brought to you by Kinkybluefairy a.k.a Joyce Wong and Rudy of Hitz.fm..

Vibrant colour and kiddo is the theme for CGYT, where youngsters, or should I say youth gather around in colorful attire ala 80′s and Katy Perry style..

To add to its flavor, clubbers need to bring a toy to gain entry..Any toy will do, from plushie to Transformers mini toy..


Yes, colourful and toys are mandatory..No lame excuse but of course, take good care of your own toy..There’ll be no babysitter around to look after your stuffs..

This time around, CGYT will be partying with the DJ line-up of SalahWrong, Chaseylaine (of TAG) and iLLKiDD (of Vice Modern Disco)..

By the way, there’s free flow for girls on EVERY THURSDAY~!!!

A specially created bar to knock you out some yummy free drink between 11pm and midnite and also between 1am to 2am..No lame T&C nor any strings attached..

As for 4Play at Zouk, there’s members privilege (BEFORE 11pm) where you would gain free entry and sign in up to 3 guests~!!

Else, you want to look classy and perhaps to treat some hot chicks a couple of drinks, open up a bottle and here’s the catch..

Standard Admission Details:

Access Barsonic only: RM20 (F) / RM30 (M) inc one drink
Access all 4 rooms: RM28 (F) / RM 38 (M) inc one drink

Bottle admission (At the door):
RM 288nett / 4 pax

?: 03-2171 2075 (12pm – 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm)
?: rsvn@zoukclub.com.my
* 15% discount on BOTTLE purchase with more pax entry, only through reservation
* applicable to 21 yrs old and above

Check out their Facebook event page for more great deals~!!

Malaysian School Bully Continues

I’m proud to be a Malaysian..Yes, I’m telling the truth, of course, minus all the corrupted authorities and our future leader, school bullies..

Back in 2006, I’ve blogged about the St. Joseph school bully all the way from Miri, Sarawak..

Then came the Singapore girl bully video few days after the St. Joseph mishap..

I don’t know whether the school children was trying to ride on the fame of instant hit via Youtube, another 2 clips unveiled days after that, again..

All these 3 incidents happened in 2006, within 1 week, that is..

I don’t remember any actions taken against the St. Joseph bullies as according to rumour, the parents of one of the bullies are gangster or some shit..

So I guess everything is covered up very well that it left no trace which I guess most people didn’t remeber a thing from it..Mind you, I still have that clip..

Early this year, Wingz told me something happened to his 7-year old son and it was quite serious shit..

Apparently, a classmate of Wingz’s son Lil Devil, wanted to take his pencil and Lil Devil didn’t let him take it..Then the alleged “bully” took his own pencil and poke Lil Devil’s left eye..

That incident left Lil Devil an eye with injured cornea, which could lead to blindness..What does the school authority did? I don’t know..

Fortunately Lil Devil is now recovered, what if he went blind and cuckoo? He’s just a 7-year old kid and just started his schooling days..He’s hot long way to go..

Just yesterday, another 2 serious school bully incident happened..Okay maybe there were others that led to death as well in the past 2 years but I got no motivation to blog about it..

The recent incident, a Form 4 student fell victim to school bullies last year and it was video recorded by one of the attackers..

The video has leaked out and it causes so-called trauma on the victim..

*Taken from The Star Online*

According to the news, the victim had been “harassed” by the bullies for quite some time..The victim also had lodged police reports as well as reported it to the school authority..

After the bullies found out that he reported to the authorites, they beat him up and that led to the recent surfaced video, which I’ve yet to watch it..

Worst of all, Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah said that although the school had summoned the culprits for questioning, no action had been taken..

Now don’t you love to live in Malaysia? You beat up a student, you get to escape the punishment..So you get to keep on bully again, again, and again..

So if the video clip hadn’t surfaced on Youtube or the Internet, the authorities will just remain silent on this matter?

After the clip is revealed, only they tried to take credits or take the blame by saying they are already doing their “job”?? Nonsense bullshit~!!!

Then another case, a 14-year-old boy is in a coma at the Penang Hospital after his classmate allegedly hit him on the head with a plastic water bottle..

The mother said she was told (by the doctor) her son suffered excessive internal bleeding in his brain and that his skull was cracked, which might end up partially paralysed or experience frequent fits as his brain had been badly damaged..

*Taken from The Star Online*

Well okay, I know the bottom of a plastic bottle is very hard, especially soft drink kinda bottles, where as mineral water type is a bit soft because most of it are now recyclable..

Okay this one might have been a bit accidental but anyway, this shows that friends shouldn’t act too harsh among friends..

On a side note, I still remember my time that a lot of Indian and Malay students liked to mock wrestling in the class..

Yes, with all the “choke slam“, “stunner“, and whatsoever finishing moves done by the pro wrestlers a.k.a Oscar-deserved-winner actors and actresses..

There were twice serious shits happened during my time and of course, the friend involved got so scared because a junior blacked-out after he choke-slammed the little guy or something..

But those are accidents where when you apply a bit of logical and sane thinking, you wouldn’t involve yourself in silly wrestling mock-ups..

As for real school bullies, I do believed at least 50% of them are real secret society a.k.a gangsters a.k.a triad gangs..

Therefore, they thought they have the upperhand and back ups..That’s how all the bullying started..

I wonder how long does the authorities, whether from the Education Ministry or PDRM or any other affiliated authority, needed to curb all these failures in our society..

It’s been quite some time since my last rant on current issues..It felt so good after doing so..

Now, do your part, lodge police reports, again and again until they take action..No one should get hurt in school because school SHOULD be the safest place for any child..

I’ll be the happiest man on Earth if all these fucktards are sent into rehabs or any jail or prison if it’s within the country’s jurisdiction, that is..

It’s where children learn things and gain knowledge, not to get hurt..Thank you..Sekian..