Modern Samurai Isao Machii

Here’s a video that was shared by Ren on plurk the other day, Isao Machii, a modern samurai..

Yes, how often do you heard of samurai or ninja other than anime or japanese movie or drama? The answer is none, most likely..

But this fella, Isao Machii, holds 2 Guinness World Records in the somewhat samurai category..

The first one was in 2007, 1000 rolls of straws are cut in 36-minutes and the second one was in 2008, to have 7 cuts on a roll of not fixed straws (mat), without dropping it from its standing position..

By wielding his zanpakutou samurai sword, he’s almost invincible, by cutting anything and almost everything in every way..

The most incredible thing are his eye sight, accuracy, speed, and strength..It’s all simply amazing shits..

Now watch the videos as accordingly..


*Behind the scene*


*Japanese game show challenge Part 1*


*Japanese game show challenge Part 2*

Now, aren’t you impressed?

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