DGMB One Year Anniversary Bloggers Movie Meet

Before I missing in action (MIA) for my exam for the next 3 days straight that is second paper on 21st, third paper on 22nd, and fourth paper on 23rd, this is what you get..

Time flies and what do you know..DGMB has been in existence for 1 year, unknowingly..

For those who doesn’t know anything about DGMB at all, here’s what DGMB stands for, “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang”..

It’s an excerpt from the movie “Definitely, Maybe”, which we added in the word “Gang Bang” to make it look awesome like that..

That’s us before we went into the hall for our movie, “Semestinya, Mungkin” wtf..LOL..

Hmm, if it’s in Malay, then it will be “Semestinya Geng, Mungkin Langgar/Tembak”..LOL WTF~!!!

I still remember how we conquered Innit Top 10 Board and it feels like just yesterday *ponders*..


And from that day onwards, we’ve tagged ourselves DGMB for numerous outings and events..

Well, we started off DGMB as a 17 people group, but due to unforeseen problems and arguments, people come and people go..

Now we are left with 7 REALLY active people, 3 try-my-best-to-make-it people, 4 inactive people, 2 studying abroad, and 1 left..

Anyway, to commemorate such incredible feat, we are doing it again, another movie outing on 26th April 2009, Sunday..

This time, the movie would be another click flick, He’s Just Not That Into You..


This time we are hoping that other bloggers could join us~!! Who knows we might clique together gather and have another orgy session wtf..

So who’s coming for the movie? Let us know and we’ll book the tickets..Do let us know in advance please..

Don’t last minute FFK~!!!!

Okay, don’t treat this as DGMB 1-year anniversary if you don’t want to..Just treat it as another random movie outing..

Confirm your attendance at David’s entry by leaving a comment there..

Cun? Cool? See you guys there~!!!!

Check out other DGMBian’s version of stories..All different one okay..

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David – After A Year, Here It Comes Again (RSVP HERE)

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11 thoughts on “DGMB One Year Anniversary Bloggers Movie Meet

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  2. woooot~ I’m glad that in the past one year!! I was made possible to be part of the fun tooo!! hhehehe… go go DGMB!! LOL and i must say, its a bunch of really crazy yet cool friends to hang about.. haha.. i think so far, the craziest is the music bash make up that i had.. LOL

  3. Jolyn Goh >> gangbang is nice~ *wink wink*
    kenwooi >> thank you :)
    Jian aka miao >> come join us wei..
    drewnity >> hahahaha bagus..come join us ok..remember to RSVP~!!

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