Hikaru and Kate Featured In Gutterpost

After I was being featured in Nuffnang as the Blogger of The Month for March 2009, Hikaru and Kate‘s face came out in The Gutterpost, now known as Gutter Uncensored..

I’m surprised that some of my friends still don’t know what is Gutterpost or Gutteruncensored..Gutterpost is being viewed by tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe..

Generally, Gutterpost is a sex-related blog that supports voyeurism and will not hesitate to expose any photo or video that might tarnish one’s image..

It doesn’t matter if you are just a normal human-being studying in uni/college or celebrities from HK or Hollywood, everything will be exposed when the author gets a hold of it..

Few of the well-known posts, Edison Chen’s sexcapades with few well-known female artistes from HK, Chye Ting Lih’s video, three former Lim Kok Wing students who ended up in a triangle affairs, as well as one of Malaysian politicians Elizabeth Wong’s photos, and many more..

Okay wait, talk about that, actually the Lim Kok Wing scandal has happened around 2006, or maybe earlier than that..

Emails have been circulating it ever since then and I’ve seen it numerous times..I don’t know why after 2 freaking years only Gutterpost got a hold of those photos..

Gutterpost supports any form of file especially images (jpeg) and videos (3gp, wmv) and I had NO idea how he got those materials..

BUT, he will not tolerate with anything that is deemed forcible or simply put, rape or molest case..

Okay, enough of fun facts..Let’s get down to real thing now..Two nights ago, a friend called me up..

Friend : Hey Yat..Did you check out Gutterpost?
Me : No..Why? (coz I rarely check out the blog, not like many people visit it EVERYDAY)
Friend : WTF faster go check! Got Hikaru’s face it in..Damn fehmes!
Me : WTFCBK?!?! Now even Hikaru got a leaked video or something???? *type on gutteruncensored while chatting with friend*
Friend : I don’t know..You go check see..
Me : Seeing..

Then voila..This is the post, The Sons of Malaysia’s Rich and Powerful Politicians..

*A screenshot taken from Gutterpost*

So basically, this entry is about the sons of Malaysian politicians, namely our soon-to-be Dato Seri Najib’s son and few others, whom I don’t really know coz I didn’t really read it..

I went all the way to search for my friend’s face and I found it!

*The middle pic*

There’s no mistake about that pic and I definitely recognized that photo because, I WAS THE ONE WHO TOOK THAT PHOTO~!!!

I was like WTFCBK~?!?! Why is that photo is in there??

Fortunately it’s not any explicit pic or video, just a normal clubbing pic took by me at Poppy~!!! Refer HERE and check out the photo in my Facebook album Poppy Garden 2..

It was a club outing where my friends and I went to Poppy for somewhat high school reunion shits excuse..LOL!

Well, I am very proud to be his friend, in a way..He got into the blog for no reason and yes, it’s damn random and all..

I would think that it’s a thing that we can be proud of, featured in Gutterpost NOT because of sexcapades photos or any leaked videos..

How often will you get to into this kind blog eh? LOL!


The photo of Hikaru and Kate has been removed for god knows what reason it is..

Maybe this blog entry has helped him, in a way..But he’s no longer THAT fehmes :( I don’t like you guys anymore..LOL!

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