Corntoz Pillow Fight By RandomAlphabets

I guess you guys have heard of KL Freeze In Unison project around April 2008, where everyone gathered at one particular spot or shopping mall and freezed for a eriod of time of between 1-5 minutes or something..

Then came Read While Waiting Project few months after that..

Now, the group that brought us both events, RandomAlphabets (RA) is back with Corntoz Pillow Fight~!!

In conjunction with International Pillow Fight, come 4th April 2009, RA will be organizing Corntoz Pillow Fight, where at present 75 cities are participating it~!!

You can check out the event on Facebook HERE..

Date: April 4, 2009

Time: 4.00pm

Venue: A secret till 2am April 2, 2009

As with events by RA, the location is often only made known much closer to the date..

Things you must know :

  1. The location of the Pillow Fight Point, will only be revealed at the Gathering Point.
  2. The Pillow Fight Point, will not be at the Gathering Point. It will be a different place altogether. They are two different places.
  3. The Pillow Fight Police, will be clearly marked and you will know them, when you see them.
  4. Members of the Blue team, and the White team, will be distinctive and clearly marked as well. The Pillow Fight Police will help you with this, on the day itself.
  5. Bring your own pillow.
  6. Do not carry them around. Keep it in a bag, until it is time to ‘Pillow Fight’.
  7. Only ‘Pillow Fight’ with someone who has a pillow.
  8. Keep your cameras and spectacles safe. There will be a team of official photographers, and photo will be uploaded and available for all.
  9. Have fun!

New Zealand Natural Dessert Workshop @ The Cooking House, Desa Sri Hartamas, Part 2 – Baking

Here’s the part where the attendees have to make the dessert in groups formed ourselves after Mr. Lee the chef showed us of the way to do it..

So randomly, I was in the group with Joshua, Serene, and Irene..It was quite messy in the beginning..But later on, we got the hold of it and we managed to finish our job..

Now, to show you guys part of the process of baking and the fun of it by doing in a group instead of doing it alone..

Photos credit to David and Dwayne..Not to forget camerawoman Hsu Jen..LOL..

*The so-called kitchen*

This is where the participants had their hands on baking and I as a first-timer, were somewhat belittled by the kitchen and the equipments..

With 4 tables (or whatever you call it) around, it can accommodate for about 20 people, which made of approximately 5 people in a group..

*The ingredients and how to measure sugar*

Ingredients were provided for 2 recipes, which are the Chocolate Chiffon Cake and Soft Butterscotch Cookies..

Actually there were additional ingredients for Tiramisu as well but we didn’t have to do it :P

Okay now it reminds me of Gym Class Heroes’s Cookie Jar song..

*The process of weighing and mixing whatever powder*

When measuring the weight of powder, sugar, or whatever, remember to minus the weight of the bowl..We called it compensation..Haha..

*Other noob participants having fun..Hahaha*

Yes, only noobs can have fun but if you are a professional, you can make fun of others..LOL~!!

*I’m trying to separate the egg yolk and the white*

Separating egg yolk and the white is no easy task, for a noob, of course..LOL~!!

But with the high level of experience in cooking instant noodles with extra egg is no problem for me to at least break the egg shell into half :P

Now see how I break the egg shell into half, the half pro and half noob way..


Check out more for more funny mments..

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I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Everyone wants to be a music celebrity, just because they are cool that way..

Anyone can be a music celebrity, from Youtube fame Marie Digby to you-wouldn’t-understand-a-single-word-he-sings Sean Paul to you-hate-him-after-listening-his-song-for-50-times Sean Kingston..

But, no matter how annoying or how infamous that person is, music celebrity is always cool with the way they look..

They can dress anything they like, they can put whatever accessories they want, but no people cares..They even called it fashion and trend..

Think Nelly with his golden grillz..

Think hip hoppers like Snoop Dogg and their big ass bling blings..

Think Lady Gaga..For her, less is more..

Don’t you think it’s cool? Their fashion sense are a bit haywired but still it’s some big thing that people would remember for the rest of their life..

As for me, if I’m a music celebrity, I would party all the way, and to feed my fans with bottomless of gigs and concerts..

Well, with my outlook and with people’s impression, I can’t even start off with a boy next door image..It’s just wrong..

As a fan of rock genre, I’ve always got associated with it because of my hair..

You will see me headbanging every once in a while, and that’s when I’m in the mood to do so..

It’s no secret that my initial intention to keep long hair is to don a cool hairdo, like corn-row braid or dreadlock kinda thing..

Now talk about dreadlock, I’ve always like Korn and the hairdo of the vocalist, Jonathan Davis..

I don’t know why but his dreadlock simply looks clean to me, if compare to many other dreadlockers wtf..

If I’m a music celebrity, I’ll simply hold gigs every once a month, entry is just for people with long hair, and dreadlockers would have special treatment..

Now I’m setting a trend of my own..Hahahaha..Yeah call me a hair-cist or whatever..How’s that?

Who cares about red carpet? Everyone is talking about green now..On a side note, rocker like me won’t care about Earth Hour..FUCK HELL YEAH~!!!

I’ll just jam whole day long in gigs and let the people bang their heads, pun intended..

Then I’ll be in on stage and see what Jonathan Davis is seeing..I wonder how does it feel to see people headbang like how I did during Sunburst KL 2009 when Korn was performing and they were playing A.D.I.D.A.S..


Now, who doesn’t want to be a music icon? At least I want..

So umm..See you guys at Nuffnang Music Bash 2009, powered by Maxis Broadband..

New Zealand Natural Dessert Workshop @ The Cooking House, Desa Sri Hartmas – Part 1

Well, this happened one day after my birthday, which was on 17th January 2009, and it was a Saturday..

I still remembered I got up a tad bit early for a Saturday and yet I was late for the Ice Cream Dessert Workshop, organized by The Cooking House in partner with New Zealand Natural (NZN)..

It was a bit difficult to locate The Cooking House, lucky I was not too late for the workshop..

New Zealand Natural had invited Mr. Lee, a senior lecturer of KDU College in School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, to conduct the workshop..

It was attended by students of The Cooking House, media, and some foodie bloggers, namely UGWUG, Precious Pea, Eatfirstthinklater, Babe in the City, and Fat Boy Bakes, to name a few..

I also got to meet Dwayne Foong and Serene..All of them were fun and hilarious..Haha..

Thanks to Hsu Jen, all David, Joshua, and I were able to attend this wonderful workshop..

We were shown how to make Soft Butterscotch Cookies and Chocolate Chiffon Cake..

*The preparation*

That’s Mr. Lee in white and the attendees all surrounded him for some tutorials on how to bake Chocolate Chiffon Cake and Soft Butterscotch Cookies..

*The starting point*

Like how I did my engineering lab experiments, read recipe carefully and do it step by step accordingly..

One mistake might ended up being electrocuted in the engineering lab, luckily one mistake in baking might just ended up eating some weird-tasting cookies only..

*Chocolate Chiffon Cake in the making*

In a bowl, combine cocoa, instant coffee and hot water until smooth, add in the oil and vanilla..

Then in another bowl, combine flour, baking soda, salt and two thirds of sugar (70gram)..

The chocolate thingy is actually egg whites whisked with cream of tartar until frothy..Then the remaining sugar is added and continue to whisk until stiff peaks form..

Then whisk until light and pale, combined into a paste with the cocoa and flour mixture..

Fold in the egg whites and pour into a ungreased round tine (6″x6″ or 9″x9″)..

Bake at 180 degree Celcius for 20-25 minutes or until cake is done..Voila..

Check out for more of Soft Butterscotch Cookies and Ice Cream Tiramisu recipes..

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Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

How many of you know Jon Bon Jovi? I guess many of you do know Bon Jovi..

Did you know that his name is actually John Francis Bongiovi Jr.? Yeah I know..He got a Bong in his name wtf..LOL~!!

I remember I first knew Bon Jovi was back in somewhere 1995 or 1996 where I bought the “NOW! That’s What I Call Music” compilation album..

Bon Jovi’s “Always” is the second track in that compilation, and yeah, that’s how I was introduced to Bon Jovi..Then came “This Ain’t A Love Song” and “Something For The Pain”..

Then they went on hiatus for quite sometime until 2000, they released the album Crush and “It’s My Life” is the album’s first single..

Most younger generations associated Bon Jovi with that single instead of older tracks like “Always”..

Talk about that, “It’s My Life” is being compared to their all-time 1986 signature song, “Livin’ On A Prayer”..

“Livin’ On A Prayer” is the second single from Bon Jovi’s 1986 album, Slippery When Wet..

This single spent 4-weeks at #1 on Billborad Hot 100 in 1987..

Here’s their live performance in London Wembley Stadium back in 1995..


Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

Tommy used to work on the docks
Union’s been on strike, he’s down on his luck
It’s tough, so tough

Gina works the diner all day
Working for her man, she brings home her pay
For love, mmm, for love

She says we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We got each other and that’s a lot
For love we’ll give it a shot!

Oh, we’re half way there
Oh oh, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear
Oh oh, livin’ on a prayer

Tommy’s got his six string in hock
Now he’s holding in what he used to make it talk
So tough, mmm, it’s tough

Gina dreams of running away
When she cries in the night, Tommy whispers
“Baby it’s okay, someday”

We gotta hold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We got each other and that’s a lot
For love we’ll give it a shot!

Oh, we’re half way there
Oh oh, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear
Oh oh, livin’ on a prayer
Livin’ on a prayer!

We gotta hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got

Whoa, we’re half way there
Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear
Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer

Whoa, we’re half way there
Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear
Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer

Whoa, we’re half way there
Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear
Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer

Zouk Vth Anniversary Presents Fantasia

LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! *raise your hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Yes you read that right..Zouk Vth Anniversary on 26th March 2009, this coming Thursday..Okay it’s 5th anniversary and that’s the romanized number, V for 5..

And so, the name for the birthday event is called Fantasia, not Fantasia Barrino..And the dress code is dazzle and bedazzled, put up all your bling blings and all..

*Zouk Vth Anniversary Presents Fantasia*

The anniversary is themed Fantasia, loosely based on the epic Disney cartoon Fantasia, featuring Mickey Mouse, of course..

Why Fantasia you say? Zouk will transform all its new areas into a huge party, just like how Disney made one of its greatest animated film of all-time, consisting only classical music and no dialogue..

If you ever remember, Zouk has been organizing events like Speedzone, Hennessy Artistry, and the annual event Heineken Pioneer Pro DJ Battle..

To gain an entrance into Zouk is almost equivalent to a fantasy of a young kid in Neverland..

Okay I didn’t mean Michael Jackson’s Neverland..I mean Disney Peter Pan’s Neverland..

I must say that Zouk is the only club that takes its own image into serious account where they truly practise their rights to deny a person’s entry..

Which is the one thing I like in a club where they have crowd control and to set a standard of its own instead of letting all sorts of unruly people go in and out and make a mess in the club..Ugh!

Zouk went through almost 2-months long of makeover in late 2008 and after its Grand Relaunch party, Zouk has again re-established itself as one of the most happening clubs around, if not the best..

*The Grand Relaunch scene*

Not long after the Relaunch, Zouk has collaborated with RedSessions and brought in world No.1 DJ Armin van Buuren to fulfill the appetite and cravings for trance..

I must say it’s a great event considering it’s an indoor thing..Of course you can’t compare it with any other outdoor raves or DJ-acts..

*Armin van Buuren the man in Zouk KL*

Many have come and go and it’s quite a wonder that Zouk has done so much in the recent years and they did it!

After the Relaunch and the introduction of the new rooms of Phuture, Barsonic, and VIP room Aristo, I frequent Zouk like nobody’s business..

Not to mention they have rebranded their Zouk Mainroom and Velvet Underground, it gives more choices for the clubbers to choose from and, to attract more people of different levels and taste in music..

On its anniversary party day, Zouk has planned a vast party in all of its rooms, to make it another reason to hold another big event in almost everyweek..

In Zouk Mainroom, themed Fun House! i’s another night for Lapsap and Terence C to rock the house down with their electrofunk-retro-new age-mix  or whatever you call it..


In Phuture, themed Sky Kingdom where DJ Goldfish, Luqe, Ray Rox and MC Point Blanc are ready to blaze the night with their R&B and hip hop mix..

*MC Point Blanc the man*

As for so-called oldies music lovers but are into serious party shits, should just head over to Velvet Underground’s Deep Blue Room for its Mambo Jambo where legendary DJs Leonard T and Alex will bring you back into the 80′s..

Never failed to live up to its Mambo Jambo name, Velvet is the place for you to reminisce to old songs of 80′s medleys..

Meanwhile in VIP room Aristo, resident DJ Shazz will be performing alongside special guest DJ Gregoire Pagnoux with the latest house and electro mix..Come dressed as fabulous as you can in the theme of The Golden Bubble..


The niche-electronfunk room Barsonic, is given the theme The Music & Magic Room hosted by Twilight Action Girl (TAG), featuring KL’s first ever indie karaoke room..

Make yourself free on that day and find your ways to be there because admission before 11pm is strictly by invitations only!

Else, be there when the place is opened to public after 11pm, where cover charge is at RM28 for ladies and RM38 for men, inclusive of 1 drink for ALL ROOMS ACCESS..

If you just want to go to Barsonic for TAG cravings, RM20 for ladies and RM30 for men inclusive of 1 drink, entrance for Barsonic only..

But above all, make sure you make reservation to avoid standing in the jam-packed crowd..

Bottle entry of RM382++ for 4 pax is just for advance booking..

Do call 03-21712075 (12pm-6pm) or 016-3323191 (after 6pm) or email for reservations..