Accident On V-Day At Zouk

Yes, a very sad day indeed..Well not exactly on Valentine’s Day, it’s after 12-midnight after all..So it’s post V-Day..

I started off my day in Sunway Pyramid, watched “New In Town” movie screening with Nuffnang, an invite courtesy of Tzia..

*Me and Tzia*

“New In Town” starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. for both leading role..It’s another chick flick for Valentine mood..Not bad..I would give it a 6/10..

Then, was out to my relative’s house for dinner..When night came, I turned into Batman wtf..LOL..

Of course not, I went to Zouk, for second consecutive days, with old friend Ji-ann, for no reason wtf..Just don’t feel like sitting at home and it’s been quite some time since I last met her..

*Ji-ann and me*

There I met with few familiar faces, Ryan, including Andrew who took this photo for me..Best!

Everything was normal until the end..Here comes the tragic part..Parked my car in Maya Hotel..

Before that, I have to insist that I was NOT drunk and not even tipsy at all..Of course I did drink but I’m not on high or blur or anything..I was fine and conscious :)

Ji-ann wanted to go home so badly, I could have just drove off from the carpark and then got off from the accident..

I don’t know what’s in my mind at that very moment, I stopped my car for a while because of the long queue on the Auto-Pay machine at the exit..

There I stopped right before a movable ramp..Next to my car is the wall, in front of my car is the movable ramp..

*The red thing is the fucking extra metal that’s sticking out of the ramp*

I saw a quite a big metal sticking out from the ramp before I stopped my car..Then Ji-ann kept saying she wants to go home, coz she was quite drunk..

Then, I don’t know what got into my mind, I’ve totally forgotten bout the metal that’s sticking out of the ramp..On the outer part of the ramp, the size of it definitely just right for my car to pass through..

So I pulled the auto gear to D and I went off..KRAK~!! The sound I heard not long after my car moved..I knew it’s damn shitty..How could I forgot the metal stick?!?!

So I switched to R, I reversed..KRAAAK~!! Another sound I heard..I got down from my car and have a look on it..My car bumper fell off, one-sided..

I just put it on its original spot and tried to get it hung on the screw or whatever shits..

From Zouk, I drove my car pass through Jalan Ampang all the way to Ampang Point..Then turned into Taman Cahaya to fetch Ji-ann home in Pandan Indah..

From there I drove back home, pass through Taman Shamelin..The whole journey I was driving around 40-50 kmph, only..

Along the journey, there were some dragging sound, which we thought is the bumper..But I’ve checked it few times..Not the bumper..

Upon reached home, I checked on it again..The mudguard actually fell off and the thing that I was dragging all the way back home is the mudguard..

*The obvious gap*

*Jaws drop wtf*

So on Sunday, I didn’t mobilize my car, until Monday morning..Sent my car to a workshop nearby Red Sun in Pandan Indah..

Good friend Jason fetched my to uni after that..Then at 5.30pm, we went there again to get my car..Cost me RM150 to fix the bumper, the fron grills, and my old dented bonet..

Now my car is good as new again, just that the paint is fading away..I need to do a paint job, when I have the cash to do so..

*New face*

Wheeee..New face with new identity..Baru confident sikit wtf..

Cupcake Chic @ The Curve

As the shop name says, it’s not your average kinda cupcake when it comes to Cupcake Chic, where it has a sense of fashion in its own way..

I’m a big fan of cake since before kindergarten times..I still remember how I requested for one everytime I passby Angel’s Cakehouse with my parents..

Now that I’ve grown older, my consumption of cake have vastly decreased and now I only eat cake during birthdays or special occasions..

Trying out cupcakes from the chic ones, definitely make me fall in love with cake again..

The eating people, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Nigel, David, Aaron, Joshua, and me..Photos credit to Nigel, David, Joshua, and Kelli..

*The Cupcake Chic at The Curve*

Cupcake Chic has been in town for quite some time and it’s quite noticeable along the road between The Curve and Ikano..

It’s about 2-3 shops away from Secret Recipe and is just next to the upcoming new McDonald’s joint (yes! another one)..

The menu offers creativity where different colors of “buttons” are placed on the menu board to show what flavor is on-sale from the particular days..

*Joanne and husband Ben, the masterminds of Cupcake Chic*

We were served with 5 new flavors that are not in the menu, just yet..And I was glad that I was able to taste it beforehand..

Before you start ordering and if you are eating in, do take note that these cupcakes or any type of cakes or cookies, is best NOT to eat with drinks with dairy, such as chocolate..

The sweetness of the drink will affect your tastebuds and the taste of the cakes (or any food) will eventually being washed out..

I would recommend Mocha if you are a coffee person, or plain water a.k.a sky juice..Else, you can go with fruit juice as well as it doesn’t contain dairy such as condensed milk and all..

*L>R – Black Forest, Jaffa, Tiramisu*

The first one we had, Black Forest, the mini version of Black Forest gateau..

Just like a normal Black Forest cake, it’s a chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting, and some chocolate shavings..

As I’ve mentioned that I’ve loved cake since I was young, this Black Forest couldn’t go wrong in any way..It tastes great as the opener!

Yes, the cupcake is too small for a cherry to sit on it like how the bigger counterpart appeals but fret not, it has some berries inside..Lovely~!

The chocolate-orange cupcake, Jaffa, inspired by the Jaffa biscuit-like cake, popular in the UK..

Like how the Jaffa cake looks like, with a layer of orange flavoured jelly and a layer of chocolate, the cupcake is a chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange glaze..

Well, the glaze is too sweet for my consumption and it gave me a feeling of eating Smarties..Kimochi-desu~!

I would recommend Jaffa if you have no problem with with real sweet food..I’ve been told that most Malays got no problem with the sweetness at all~!!

Now comes my favourite of all, Tiramisu..Unlike its bigger counterpart the Tiramisu cake, the cupcake has no lady finger biscuits in it..

It’s a coffee cake with cheese frosting with slight vanilla flavour in it..It’s sinfully delicious and I think I can just eat few Tiramisus for my dinner!

Just for your info, Tiramisu is actually an Italian cake, not Japanese although it sounds a bit Jap-ish, if you didn’t know..

Read on for more cupcakes galore..

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I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Once upon a time, far far faraway in the galaxy, there was a magical crystal-ish ball, the Dragonball, they called it..

The ball has stars on it, from one star up to seven stars..That makes it 7 balls altogether..

*The Dragonball*

The wonder of Dragonballs, fret not..It’s not that it will make your balls turn into Dragons, but you can make a wish with it, that’s if you have collected all 7 of them..

Little did people know, the Dragonballs were originally from the Hueco Mondo, where the evil Lord Piccolo is born..

He plans to rule the universe by collecting all of the 7 Dragonballs and to make himself the ruler with 7 balls..Aren’t you scared now?

*Lord Piccolo with one of the Dragonballs wtf*

Yes, whenever you place your face near to it, the Dragonball shines just like a witch crystal ball..Then it will show you the face of your soon-to-be-not-so-favourable partner..

One day, one of the balls went berserk, for no reason, and left Hueco Mondo..

Its final destination, the planet Earth, full of weird people, different skin colors, corrupted politicians, hunger for power and land in the Middle Earth, and sick nation that worships used female panties wtf..

Out of no where, no time, no reason, no turning back, the ball hit Yatz’s balls..Yes, it hurts..

*Yatz with the ball..No not his ball..The Dragonball*

Supposedly, the Dragonball is red-orangie in color..After it fell into Yatz’s hand, it turned into purple color..Well, god knows why *shrugs*..

I don’t know, maybe purple signifies purity wtf..Yes..Yatz’s heart is damn pure okay..He don’t watch gory stuffs like Saw series..He don’t watch JAV porn stuffs like Tora-Tora Gold series..

He don’t watch unrated stuffs like Harold & Kumar’s Escape From Guantanamo Bay nor American Pie : Beta House..

Yes..I think it must be his purity, as clear as crystal wtf..

If you are familiar with any olden days martial arts movies, the lead character will eventually found a master of kung fu manuscript and learn the highest level of kung fu..

It happened to Yatz as well..The kung fu manuscript appeared just like that from that one single ball, projected to the air in a hologram style..Stylo mylo I tell you..

Then Yatz started to learn Kame Hame Ha from the manuscript..

Well, for a pro starter like Yatz, it didn’t took much time for him to master the skill of controlling Qi and manipulating the Qi’s shape..

Some people called it Qi..Some people called it Chakra..Whatever suits you best..

By manipulating the Chakra Qi’s shape, one can form the Chakra Qi into any shape that he/she desires..

Just like that someone from another comic, who has the Wind element and forming his Chakra Qi into blade is like eating kacang putih, Yatz too has the Wind element of Qi..

And his Wind element is no joke..It’s the ultimate level of Wind element users, where his Wind came out from the arse hole..Some people call it Fart..

As pro as he is, Yatz kept his Wind power in his body and fusioned the Wind with his body system, where the Wind is flowing everywhere in him..

From there, he learned how to release the Wind power from his palm, that’s where Chakra Qi manipulation comes into play..

*Kame Hame Ha from Yatz, the Wind element user*

Like I said, Yatz’s heart is as clear as crystal, thus the Qi a.k.a Wind a.k.a Fart that came out from his hand shines like a blood diamond..

He was so frustrated because the glow of light wouldn’t do anything good..It will not kick bad people’s asses..It will not slice Hollow nor Arrancar into two..

Nor it will bring down the organization of Akatsuki..With the help of Freeza, Cell, and Majin Buu, the Akatsuki Org is impenetrable wtf..

Fearing the Earth would fall into the hand of Akatsuki, Yatz mastered his Kame Hame Ha in less than two semesters..It’s already very fast, compared to many people have to finish it in a 4-years course..

The time comes..

*The real deal of Kame Hame Ha*

Now that Yatz has mastered the skill of manipulating his Fart into a ball-type of cannonball, the most tragic incident has come to town..I mean, Earth..

Lord Piccolo came to Earth with his imaginary friend side-kick a.k.a Personal Assistant, Son Goku, to retrieve the lost Dragonball..

*Lord Piccolo (well hello? differentiate the color of the jacket will ya?) and his imaginary friend side-kick Son Goku*

Will Yatz ever save the Earth from being destroyed by the evil Lord Piccolo?

Will evil Lord Piccolo able to retrieve the Dragonball and rule the universe with 7 dangling balls?

Will Yatz’s artsy Farty Kame Hame Ha able to shoo Lord Piccolo away from the Earth?

Watch Dragonball Evolution in cinema near you~!!! KAME HAME HAAAAAAA~!!!!

PS : No photoshop editing at all, except for the Kame Hame Ha Fartball fireball..All Dragonballs are real thang..


Nike Football Ignite – Ronaldo Kicks Again

Here’s another great video from Nike, yet again..

For a very long time, they have not bring upon some of the most prolific footballers around in one single TV ad..

This, it features Ronaldo, yet again, Manchester City’s forward Robinho, magician Ronaldinho, talented Cesc Fabregas, hard-tackling Gennaro Gattuso, and castaway Reds Robbie Keane..

Once again I’m amazed with the skills of few of the best players around..The fast dribbling skills, fake movements, paced running, it’s totally mind-blowing..

Check it out..


Check out also Ignite Legend, and another called Pro Albert..

Jaguar Double-Lot Parking

Well, this happened quite some time ago..

If not mistaken, it’s the week before CNY..It was in Taman Midah, where you can see the Restoran Dhurbar a.k.a mamak shop from the road side..

I was there with my dad for dinner at the Pig Organs Pepper Soup wtf..

Then, I saw this and I was furious..I was armed with a camera with me at that time being..So I flashed it out and here’s the result..

*It’s a Jaguar, WRW 2*

As you can see, it’s quite a big car indeed, Jaguar..And the driver parked in on two parking-lots..

I couldn’t help it but to take a picture and show it to everyone how dumb this person is..

If you think your car is THAT BIG, don’t ever go to that area to eat coz it’s just normal road side rundown food stalls..

If you think why you cannot eat there like anyone else, then why can’t you park your car like every other car?

*Metallic green Jaguar – WRW 2*

So, recognize this car and give the driver a cock stare the next time you see him/her..

My Birthday Celebration @ Zouk, 4Play

Near to one month ago, that’s on 22nd of January 2009, the DGMB-ians hosted a surprise belated birthday party for me in Zouk KL..

Add to the happiness, we have used the privilege of being a “friend” of Zouk in Facebook, where we get to hold birthday parties for FREE~!!!

Yes, that means we got 6 Jugs of Whisky/Vodka to choose from~!!

And the best thing was, it was on Thursday and it’s 4Play night, where DJ Goldfish spinning for it..

Actually the privilege of having the FREE birthday party is only on Friday and Saturday, not Thursday..

We got to do it on Thursday is because no one ever tried it before us..So we were actually the white mice of this privilege..

Check out the whole Facebook privilege thingy HERE..

*The peeps*

We were hanging around before DJ Goldfish performs..How nice is that..

It was Thursday night and most of them had to work the next day..I’m really grateful to have such nice group of friends, will try to make everything possible..

I’m already happy for those whom had send a wish via SMS or write on my Facebook Wall..For them to host such surprise party, I’m very very happy :D

Attendees were Nigel, Joshua, David, Stanley, Thomas, Jason, Kelli, Hsu Jen, Lisia, and Mandy..

*The Complimentary Jug Coupon*

This is the complimentary jug coupon, courtesy of Facebook “Friend” privilege that we all have..We had 6 jugs of it..Hahaha..

*Now this is my trademark, unofficially*

Well, my favourite tagline, that is using Borat’s tagline, “Nice..I like..How much?”, must be accompanied with the double thumbs up sign..

*A cheezeburger~!!*

Another favourite tagline, “I can has cheezeburger”, must be accompanied with REAL cheezeburger from McD..

They made me finish the whole thing and as much as I wanted to finish the whole thing, which I couldn’t coz outside food aren’t suppose to be in the club..

It was so difficult to eat it when bouncers were everywhere..So, I ate half of it..

More of the happening crowd and I just love it~!!

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