Night Watch @ Jalan Raja Chulan

Was at Pavillion the other day and it was so jam in Jalan Raja Chulan..

So with my camera, I decided to snap some slow shutter photos..

I was standing on the bridge connecting Pavillion and Novotel..Here are two pics you suppose to see at fast shutter..

*Pic #1*

*Pic #2*

By applying slow shutter, we can get something as below..I’ve used a few SONY digicam and none of it has shutter settings..Perhaps not all models are like that?

But anyway, I just love slow-shutter photos..Slight edit with Photoshop..

*Slow-shutter #1*

*Slow-shutter #2*

*Slow-shutter #3*

*Slow-shutter #4*

To play with slow-shutter, one have to hold the camera still, else the effect wouldn’t be nice as would turn out bad just like the above..

I really need to save on to buy a DSLR to feed my slow-shutter and clouds fetish..

5 thoughts on “Night Watch @ Jalan Raja Chulan

  1. i think you are very talented in photography, i have been following your blog for some time but have never commented. keep up the good work and can’t wait to see your DSLR picture

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  3. Very informative text. I’ve found your blog via Bing and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your sites layout is really messed up on the Chrome browser. Would be cool if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the good work!

  4. Blake Schemmer >> thanks man..but i’ve got no problem on my side with Chrome..perhaps it’s your screen resolution settings..i’m using Firefox :)

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