MyoJo Mee Goreng Pedas

As a Malaysian, Maggi Mee is very synonym to our culture..

As much as I like Maggi goreng, to find a nice Maggi goreng is difficult task..

Indo-Mee wise, I don’t buy it coz I usually it out at mamak stalls, other than Maggi goreng..

The Cintan Mee Goreng Pedas is one of my favourite in terms of mee goreng..But the epic of all hot and spicy mee goreng is from MyoJo..

The MyoJo is back with a new branding and new look..How much I miss it, cannot describe at all..

MyoJo has been missing in action for few years and it was the best mee goreng ever..

I still remember when I first ate it when I was in Primary 2..For that one packet of mee I had to drink at least 3 glasses of water..

Now that it’s back, it brings back old memories, though the taste has differ a bit, it still taste good..

*MyoJo Mi Goreng Pedas*

This is the new packaging of MyoJo..It’s slightly more expensive than usual  Maggi/Mamee instant noodles, where 5 packets of MyoJo cost RM6..

Just put the noodle in hot boiling water and cook it as usual..

*After cook*

That’s the usual thing that you get after cooking/boiling the noodles..

Then, mix thoroughly with the MSG powder and all that is provided..

*Delicious Mi-Goreng Pedas*

Shit, now I feel like having one..

30 thoughts on “MyoJo Mee Goreng Pedas

  1. I know what you mean, I’ve been asking around about Myojo for awhile now and I can’t believe they’re back!

    Are they being sold at all major supermarkets now?


  2. Nadia >> AH HAH~!! i remember that’t know what happened to that either..where got so wet? little bit only :P
    KY >> aaahhh..stimmmm

  3. yea man! KY says it!! add another telor mata kerbau!! best!! LOL +D

    since yat say until so best!! must buy and try d!! haha… then i let u know my verdict.. LOL

  4. marogal >> hahaha..go get one! :D
    andrew >> must try!
    Jolene >> that time i was still young a bit low tolerance in taking hot and spicy food..

  5. Most delicious instant noodle ever, yummy… hungry already!!!

    I saw it in June, borong 10packs haha, my bf says im gila. I dont care!! now cannot find it again, there are other flavour but not this particular mi-goreng pedas. do u still buy it? mind telling where?

    please mail me? thanks!! ^^

  6. wen pink >>’s late wee hours..lazy to heat up the wok and then have to wash the oil and all just for a midinhgt supper! >.<

  7. I’ve tasted the new Myojo Chicken Tianmen and Chicken Curry. Taste pretty much like the old Myojo CHicken & Myojo Curry. But the curry is a bit thicker, spicier, too ‘curry’ to me. I have learnt that Myojo Sarawak was taken over by Nissin Noodle in 2007. No wonder it’s different now, and made in Singapore some more.

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