Political Turmoil – Perak State, Elizabeth Wong, Toll Price, Parliament

After much hiatus on political views, here I’m back with lots of new happenings in Malaysian politics..

The Barisan Nasional somehow “snatched” the Perak state and formed the State Government based on majority of MPs on both BN and Pakatan Rakyat’s side..

You can read the full chronology here on How the Perak State Government fell, taken from The Star Online..

BN claimed that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has lost its majority because both BN and PR has 28 seats, while logically, PR only has 27 seats because the state assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar cannot cast a vote in the assembly..

Ok, it make sense, but, for the Speaker to ban the new MB, Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and his excos from the state assembly, by right BN has lost its majority as well..

Now, to dissolve the State Government and do a by-election for the whole Perak State would be the best move..

Well, IMHO, instead of trying to “snatch” the Perak State in such a manner, just go for a by-election and see what the rakyat wants..That’s the most fair and square method..

While PR claimed it’s unconstitutional for BN to form the State government and BN claimed that the Perak people is behind them, why not let the people themselves make the decision, once again..

I do believed the choice is in Perak people’s hands, instead of BN or PR scuffling for their own rights or whatsoever..

And IMHO if there is a state by-election, I reckon that PR would win with bigger margin compared to March 8th..

On Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos being circulated in the internet and news media, it’s such a bad thing to happen ever since Dr Chua Soi Lek’s sex video being circulated..

This time, it’s none other than Elizabeth Wong’s privacy being invaded in her house and it’s not any wrong-doing sex video or photos..

Where’s the law and order nowadays? MPs’ privacy or sex life is being made public and there’s nothing could be done on it..

And worst of all, the one people in BN that a lot of people hated, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has called for the resignation of Elizabeth Wong..

Other than that, there’s also Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said Wong’s decision to resign was appropriate considering her standing in politics..

Then albeit all of the accusations on our soon-to-be Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shariibuu, why he didn’t resign from his post?

He didn’t resign because he claimed that he’s not involved in the killing so he’s claiming that he’s innocent, although he’s in the limelight for more than 2 years..

So why Elizabeth Wong has to resign from her posts? She did nothing wrong and the culprit should be captured and heavy punishment should be taken against the culprit..

Even if she’s single or her nude photos being circulated, so what?? It’s her private life and she’s got her own privacy even though she’s an assemblyman..

For all those who acted like their never committed sin or have never involved in pre-marital sex before, you are just talking bullshit..The culprit should be captured instead of nailing Elizabeth Wong..

People have been gathering signatures to support Elizabeth Wong in this bad time and it’s the best support to let her know that she’s needed in the party and State Government..

*People gathering signature in support of Elizabeth Wong*

I wonder what would happened if a male MP’s nude photo of him in the shower is being leaked out..Resigning for such photos? Bad move I would say..

On the recent toll hike on 5 highways, namely North-South Expressway (PLUS), Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highways, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Expressway (AKLEH), Sungai Besi Highway and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE)..

According to Works Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohammed said the increase was minimal and hoped the public understood that the increase was stipulated in the concession agreements that the government had signed..

He also said that, “The increase was actually due in January last year but we had postponed it until now. This means the government has been paying compensation for 14 months.”..

Since it’s already stated in the concession agreements, then could you please please please tell us how much more the Government have to pay those crony companies and WHEN you guys going to increase the price again..

It’s all in the agreement, just let us know it all..Transparency is all we need..WHEN and HOW MUCH is the question for the next toll hike..Isn’t it fair for us to be ready for the next hike??

I can already expect the usual answer from the Government..They will say it’s private and confidential or they will show us but have to wait for approval..

Then the waiting is long enough for people to forget bout the thing and they also never bother to show us anymore..I “love” the Government..

Now that lots of parties objected and and complained that the hike would burden the rakyat during this hardship of economic downturn, they have showed “sympathy” by holding the hike indefinitely..

I thought it’s already stated in the agreement that you have to increase the price? Can agreement be breached just like that? I “love” my Government once again..

Lastly, in Parliament over the scuffle between UMNO Youth members and some MPs of the Opposition party..

Although it wasn’t a nice sight for DAP chairman Karpal Singh to accuse UMNO Youth for sending live bullet to him without any concrete proof, the motive is there, following UMNO Youth members paraded in front of his office for several days..

Even if the UMNO Youth didn’t really do it, they should sove it in a manly way instead of scuffling in front of the Parliament harrassing a wheelchair-bound person..

And yes, the UMNO Youth claimed they didn’t even touch Karpal Singh..

Worst of all, the most disgusting scene, not UMNO Youth trying to harrass Karpal Singh, nor Karpal Singh hurled the word “celaka” at UMNO Youth members, but it’s the securities of Parliament..

During the commotion, Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan shouted, “Where is security? Where is security?” and a reply was heard, “We only jaga (look after) inside (Parliament), not outside.”..

What an ethical security we have..They ONLY take care of things/areas under they control, and NOT things in front of them..

I wonder what they would do if a MP is gunned down outside Parliament..Guess they will just live them lying around doing nothing..

How can security of Parliament, letting the country’s MPs being harrassed right in front of the Parliament???

I guess that’s why they are security..If they were smarter they wouldn’t be a security in the first place..Bravo bravo *applause*..

I reckon that if all these stupid unnecessary issues is ever to happen again the current Government might lost its 2/3 majority or even the Government to the Opposition party..


Cova @ Gardens

If you have know me long enough, you’ll know that I usually eat out before I go to shopping malls instead of eating in shopping malls..

The reason is simple..I would prefer nicer and cheaper food..If I’m eating in malls, most likely I’ll choose fast food over other restaurants or Japanese restaurant..

Firstly, I’m not a fan of raw Japanese sushi nor sashimi..Secondly, eating in other restaurants most likely are noodles or fried rice and such..

Of course, that led to my first ever eating session in Gardens, Midvalley Megamall, in Cova, a cafe cum lounge cum bistro..

If you didn’t know, Cova is situated at the bridge connecting Midvalley and Gardens, where Cova is on the Gardens’ side..

All photos credit to Ken, Chung Lern, and David..

*Cova in Gardens..A cafe, lounge, and bistro*

As you can see, the interior design and set up are pretty cozy and I like it very much..The tables and seats are not cramped up which gives diners a tad bit of privacy..

Cova is a restaurant where you can have almost everything, from local food to Western steaks to Italian and lots more which I don’t really know their origins..LOL..

*L>R – Cova Citrus Crush and Passionate Blue*

First up, we were served with drinks to clear our esophagus before we proceeded to stuff in all kind of food..

The Cova Citrus Crush, a favourite among the diners that night, a non-alcoholic drink with lemon and lime juice, and soda water..

As much as I wanted to like it but I have very very very (repeat 100 times) low tolerance on sourness..So, I guess it’s not my glass of drink wtf..

Passionate Blue, if you didn’t know, most blue color drinks are made with blue caracao..This blue caracao drink, is an alcoholic drink, with rum and pineapple..Somehow, it gives a different feeling when I drink it..

*L>R – Chocolate Crazy, Strawberry Surprize, Cova Evergreen*

Both Chocolate Crazy and Strawberry Surprize are non-alcoholic and they are normal smoothies..Of course, I love smoothies! Chocolate Crazy made me go crazy..

The Cova Evergreen, an alcoholic drink with Midori, soft liqueur made of melon, vodka, and Triple Sec..It’s a pretty good drink with slight taste of vodka, just like the color itself, I feel so green..

*Hot Mocha, Hot Latte, Heavenly Hot Chocolate*

If you are not in the mood for cold drinks, Heavenly Hot Chocolate is very good and I definitely love it a lot..Hell, I love chocolate drinks since I was a kid!

If you are a coffee-lover, Hot Mocha and Hot Latte are good to drink..Both are too bitter for my liking and my taste bud can’t really take it..So yeah..

Beverages are priced between RM6.50 to RM12.50, applies to Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, and Soft Drinks..Not quite sure bout the Cocktails..

*Soft Shell Crab Salad, Cova Nasi*

For starter, the Soft Shell Crab Salad would kill anyone with its creamy cilantro dressing, together some mixed greens and cucumber..How could you not love the soft shell crab?!?!

Next, Cova Nasi..No, it’s NOT nasi lemak..It’s ulam rice with the choice of beef rendang or dried chicken, salted egg, mango salad, and some veggies..

Well I don’t know bout the others but for me, the rice and beef rendang, mm-mmm~..It’s so, so, Asian! And I love Asian food, win hands down..

*Portobello Mushroom Salad, Barbeque Beef Ribs*

Portobello Mushroom Salad, another starter, is cooked with balsamic vinegar, grilled potatoes, and butter lettuce..Being a carnivor, I found myself quite fond of this salad especially the fried potatoes..It’s just lovely..

Barbeque Beef Rib, a new dish that is not in the menu at the time we ate it..Not quite sure bout now and god, it’s so nice that it’s finished in no time..It was everyone’s favourite!

It comes with tortilla chips, mashed potato, and tomato salsa..Yes, the mashed potato..You gotta love the chef’s mashed potato..It’s heavenly, kimochi-desu~!

Available Salads are priced between RM18.50 to RM27.50..

Scroll on for more mouth-watering food and desserts~!!

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Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight

This is quite an old song, Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader,an English back from Eastbourne, formed in 1997..

It’s one of the soundtracks from A Walk To Remember, a 2002 romance movie starring Mandy Moore and Shane West..

In that movie as well, Switchfoot begun to gain mainstream recognition and also in Contemporary Christian music..

“Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live” are two of the few tracks being used in the movie..

“Dancing In The Moonlight” is actually covered by Toploader, where the original song was sung by King Harvest back 1973..

This single is featured in Toploader’s debut album, Onka’s Big Moka, in year 2000..After they have only came out with second album entitled Magic Hotel, in year 2002..

Now, enjoy the song if you have not listened to it..Enjoy again if you already know the song..


Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight

We get it on most every night
when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

we get
everybody here is out of sight
they dont bark and they dont bite
they keep things loose they keep it tight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybodys feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

we like our fun and we never fight
you cant dance and stay uptight
its a supernatural delight
everybody was dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybodys feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

we get in on most every night
and when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybodys feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

Night Watch @ Jalan Raja Chulan

Was at Pavillion the other day and it was so jam in Jalan Raja Chulan..

So with my camera, I decided to snap some slow shutter photos..

I was standing on the bridge connecting Pavillion and Novotel..Here are two pics you suppose to see at fast shutter..

*Pic #1*

*Pic #2*

By applying slow shutter, we can get something as below..I’ve used a few SONY digicam and none of it has shutter settings..Perhaps not all models are like that?

But anyway, I just love slow-shutter photos..Slight edit with Photoshop..

*Slow-shutter #1*

*Slow-shutter #2*

*Slow-shutter #3*

*Slow-shutter #4*

To play with slow-shutter, one have to hold the camera still, else the effect wouldn’t be nice as would turn out bad just like the above..

I really need to save on to buy a DSLR to feed my slow-shutter and clouds fetish..

MyoJo Mee Goreng Pedas

As a Malaysian, Maggi Mee is very synonym to our culture..

As much as I like Maggi goreng, to find a nice Maggi goreng is difficult task..

Indo-Mee wise, I don’t buy it coz I usually it out at mamak stalls, other than Maggi goreng..

The Cintan Mee Goreng Pedas is one of my favourite in terms of mee goreng..But the epic of all hot and spicy mee goreng is from MyoJo..

The MyoJo is back with a new branding and new look..How much I miss it, cannot describe at all..

MyoJo has been missing in action for few years and it was the best mee goreng ever..

I still remember when I first ate it when I was in Primary 2..For that one packet of mee I had to drink at least 3 glasses of water..

Now that it’s back, it brings back old memories, though the taste has differ a bit, it still taste good..

*MyoJo Mi Goreng Pedas*

This is the new packaging of MyoJo..It’s slightly more expensive than usual  Maggi/Mamee instant noodles, where 5 packets of MyoJo cost RM6..

Just put the noodle in hot boiling water and cook it as usual..

*After cook*

That’s the usual thing that you get after cooking/boiling the noodles..

Then, mix thoroughly with the MSG powder and all that is provided..

*Delicious Mi-Goreng Pedas*

Shit, now I feel like having one..

Club Le Blanc @ Heritage Row

Oh my god..After I’ve searched through my folders only I realized I have yet to blog about this one..

It’s a new club in Heritage Row..Formerly Atrium, just located next to Sunshine, opposite Buharry mamak shop..

Went to its grand opening launch back in December wtf..Ya I know..Damn long ago right..LOL~!!

Photos credit to Jason, Chung Lern, Kevin Hann, and Celine..

*The front porch and inside the club*

From what you can see, the place is renovated to something more classy and of course targeted at different crowd than most clubs around that area..

It’s all targeted at corporate levels instead of college students but of course, no one would stop you from entering if you don’t feel out of place and all..

I myself have a tiny bit of phobia in entering clubs for VIPs and high-level corporates but I think I can fit-in in this club..

*The vibrant ambient*

The vibrant colors make the club so alive..It has 2 floors, the ground floor and first floor..

The DJ-platform is on the first floor where you can see from the ground floor as well..

A so-called bridge is built across the dance floor and it’s made of glass or something..So yeah, it’s see through from below..LOL~!!

*Dancers heating up the scene*

Dancers were hired to heat up the opening launch..Quite grand I would say..

*The happening crowd*

I would prefer to see this kinda crowd instead of those I saw in BarCelona in Sunway..Seriously, those need a bit of strict rulings to control their standard..

*Look down below*

This is how it should look like and choose your drinking place..Up? Or down?

Well, it depends..I would run around and go for both whole night long..LOL..The nice comfy seats upstairs, and great dance floor down below..

*Thomas, Me, Fuzz*

Thanks to Thomas for bringing us to this nice elegant club..Well, I wouldn’t mind to bring my friends here for some fresh feeling..